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The Hamilton Civic League is powered by volunteers like you. One of the most important volunteer activities that you can perform is to ask your family and friends to join the Hamilton Civic League. Membership is free, so please join today and be sure to invite your contacts as well. As our numbers grow, so does our ability to inform the community and to ensure that City government is accountable to and acts in the best interests of all citizens.

The Hamilton Civic League seeks community partner organizations that share our vision. We are much bettered prepared to take on challenges when we work together and support one another. If you know of an organization that can contribute to or benefit from a partnership with the Hamilton Civic League, then download and distribute our Partnership Letter from the Partner Organization link on the left of the screen. We welcome partners with expertise in all areas including agriculture, arts, business, culture, education, entertainment, environment, government, healthcare, labour, neighbourhoods, recreation, social services and more.

Please consider attending a meeting to learn more about volunteer opportunities related to ongoing projects such as our Values and Priorities Survey, Let’s Call City Hall campaign and Let’s Follow Our Money initiative. Bring your ideas, passion and commitment to the table to assist the Hamilton Civic League in developing new initiatives. For additional volunteer information, please contact us.

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