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our vision

All eligible Hamiltonians will vote in the next election as informed, empowered and engaged citizens in order to bring about positive change to our city.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an all-inclusive, non-partisan civic league representing Hamilton community stakeholders to encourage and inspire our community to become informed about local issues, to raise community involvement in local democracy, and to promote accountability, accessibility and transparency in our municipal government.

Members of The Hamilton Civic League are passionate about Hamilton and the potential our city offers. We want to ensure all Hamiltonians have the opportunity to play a role in the exciting future that lies ahead. What type of city do we want? What is the long-term vision? Do we have the best people leading us to our goals?

Voter participation reached a low of 37% in 2006’s municipal election, but if we all want change then we all have to get involved, and we all have to vote in every election. The Hamilton Civic League wants to encourage all Hamiltonians—-regardless of political affiliation-—to become informed about local issues, get involved in their community, and promote accountability, transparency and accessibility among our local officials.

If you want to see Hamilton at its very best then your first step is to join the Hamilton Civic League, a group of like-minded people who are intent on making a difference quickly. Click here and join today. Tell us what role you can play. And don’t worry if you’re not conversant in local issues; some of us are just learning, too.

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