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We have an endless amount of work ahead to build an informed, empowered and engaged electorate and to promote transparency, accessibility and accountability in City government. The Hamilton Civic League welcomes new ideas, volunteers and leadership skills to advance current projects. We also welcome proposals for future projects.

The following tasks and projects are currently underway or planned for the near future:

Growing Membership
The Hamilton Civic League is powered by volunteers. At times we simply need members to contribute to a cause by sending an email, making a call or signing onto a petition. When we act together in large numbers, our message has much greater potential to receive priority attention and achieve the results we all desire. Ask your family and friends to join the Hamilton Civic League to ensure they receive project updates and notifications when opportunities to take action arise. Please ask someone to join today.

Growing Partnerships
There are many organizations working on projects to make our community more inclusive, safe, equitable, sustainable and prosperous. These organizations often have a wealth of expertise and yet may be short on resources. They could benefit greatly through the support of Hamilton Civic League members. The Hamilton Civic League is very interested in partnering with these types of organizations to act a as conduit of information and to rally support when needed. We rely on the expertise of partner organizations to gain a more complete understanding of the issues our community faces and to develop campaigns to help address these issues. Please download our partnership request form and feel free to forward it to organizations that could contribute to or benefit from a partnership with the Hamilton Civic League.

Values & Priorities Survey
The Hamilton Civic League will attempt to conduct a community-wide survey every second year to establish a set of common values and priorities. We will then compare the voting records of our councillors to these widely held community values and priorities to assess the decisions made by City government. The results will be posted in the form of a councillor report card as a measure of accountability. Volunteers went door to door to administer our 2010 survey however we may also accept online survey responses in the future.

Let’s Call City Hall
We often hear councillors say they have received many calls and emails which clearly illustrates that communicating with City Hall captures their attention and increases the likelihood of action being taken. Our Let’s Call City Hall initiative should keep their phones ringing. Every week we plan to communicate an issue of municipal significance and ask our members to call City Hall to voice their opinions. We will keep track of how many members have committed to calling each week and report on the results. We will also provide updates to our members to let them know what actions were taken by the City to address the issue. Our partners and members are welcome to suggest topics for this campaign. We will have free lawn signs available to help promote this initiative but would appreciate receiving donations of any amount to help cover the related production costs. We will also make downloadable posters available to provide our members the opportunity to spread this program throughout our community.

Let’s Follow Our Money
With an annual City budget of more than $500 million dollars and a deficit that far exceeds that, it is in our best interests to closely monitor how our tax dollars are being spent. The Hamilton Civic League calls upon members of the community with corporate finance experience to join our team and to develop a plan to move this project forward. Once our experts have established a plan of action, there may be many volunteer opportunities for members with less financial expertise but equal interest to take part.

Let’s Vote Alongside Council
The Hamilton Civic League would like to provide citizens with an opportunity to watch Council online or on TV, discuss the issues that Council is debating in real-time and vote on the very same issues when Council votes all from the comfort of their homes. Please contact us if you can offer technical expertise to this project. Once fully implemented, we should be able to compare Council’s vote to that of citizens in real-time.

Civics 101
The Hamilton Civic League plans to assemble and distribute education and outreach materials to engage youth, newcomers, tenants, those living in poverty and the general public. Our goal is to provide free tools to allow any individual or organization to introduce others to the import role City government plays in our lives. We sincerely hope our work in this area inspires all members of our community to take interest in local government so that all residents feel connected, informed, empowered and engaged to help make Hamilton the best it can be.

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