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Hamiltonians Democravise!

The Hamilton Civic League (HCL) is crowdsourcing questions for our 2013 Community Values & Priorities Survey. HCL has partnered with Democravise, a Hamilton-based company with an online solution that permits users to pose new questions and to vote up questions to appear on the final survey.

The City of Hamilton attempted a similar initiative to . . . → Read More: Hamiltonians Democravise!

City Finances: Police Board Needs to Take Financial Responsibility

The Police Services Board has several healthy reserves available to cover certain costs. Some of those are for Vehicle Replacement costs, Sick leave, Tax Stabilization, Capital Expenditures, Vacation Pay, Police Litigation, Special Events and Police rewards. These reserves are intended to spread out fluctuations in costs or reduce pressures in current operating expenditures.

The . . . → Read More: City Finances: Police Board Needs to Take Financial Responsibility



Our response to

Another $400K, this time invested in consultants, outside our borders, for what appears to be a fairly straight forward information gathering IT project. This is in addition to the salaries paid to the City’s IT department. That should not be taken as a shot at the hardworking, frontline IT . . . → Read More: ACCOUNTABILITY 2014!