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GOTV is completed for the season,  please view  shows on Civic Engagement, City Finances, Women in Politics at
Each week, the Hamilton Civic League  invites different community leaders to discuss the key barriers to greater citizen involvement in local elections. The guests will include university experts, current elected officials and influential citizens in the community.
The shows will touch on local current events to illustrate the impact that local politics has on the community. GOTV  strives to discuss subjects designed to generate lively and controversial discussions. 
We  will have the unique objective of informing voters why it is important that they are a part of the process, why elections are important to them and how they can get involved.




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  • Mary Lou Reiman

    It has always been my belief that those who really need government to help with their needs are the ones who don’t vote because they do not understand the importance of their voices. They become distrustful of governments (naturally so) and haven’t the emotional energy to get involved. Can we not go to them and help them to understand the value of their input and vote? They most likely are not reading online blogs or attending meetings. Just a thought. Thanks, m.l.reiman

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