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The Hamilton Civic League is powered by volunteers like you and membership is free. There are however real expenses related to email, website, business cards, postage, administrative supplies, promotional materials, meeting space, advertising, attending public events and raising funds to support civic education, awareness and outreach campaigns. Everything we do is intended to help improve your City, so please consider donating to the Hamilton Civic League today.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated however a donation of $35 entitles members to receive a Hamilton Civic League T-shirt. T-shirts can be picked up at our meetings. Donations can be made with a credit card through Paypal or by cheque payable to Hamilton Civic League and mailed to 17 Head St., Hamilton ON L8R-1P8, or delivered to one of our meetings.

The Hamilton Civic League is a non-profit organization, but we are not a registered charity and therefore cannot issue tax receipts. Please contact us for larger donations requiring tax receipts, as one of our charitable partners will be able to assist.


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  • Nas

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