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Let's Call City Hall

Let’s Call City Hall is a Hamilton Civic League initiative designed to increase Hamiltonians’ understanding of and participation in local government. City government is the level of government that is closest to its citizens – it is responsible for making policies and decisions that directly affect daily life in your neighborhood.

City government builds and maintains water, sewer and road systems that we rely on every day. It manages garbage collection and emergency services like the police, ambulance and fire services.

City government affects the form and layout of your city and neighborhood through its zoning bylaws and land-use policies. It designs and maintains transportation systems including road networks, public transit, and walking and cycling space. Through its decisions, city government determines our patterns of movement and the shape, feel and form of the places where we live and work.

City government also has an important role delivering social services that all of us use. It operates public health programs, libraries and recreation facilities. It administers social assistance and school breakfast programs. It’s one of the largest landlords in the city, operating over 6,000 rental units.

The City’s tax and licensing policies affect businesses and help determine the business operating environment in Hamilton.

Do you dislike something that City government has the authority to change, or do you have an idea that could be the solution to a problem? Please share your ideas and provide our community the opportunity to act by calling City Hall to show support. After all, it is the City’s job to work for YOU. The City of Hamilton collects over $500 million in taxes every year and employs more than 6,000 people. As a resident, it is your right to expect that these resources are put to work in your interest, and calling City Hall is one of the most effective ways of expressing what your interest is. Please join the Hamilton Civic League to receive weekly LetsCallCityHall action updates!

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