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Sheils, Stefanie

imagePersonal Profile:

Wife and Mother of three children in elementary school | Costco Wholesale Assistant Warehouse Manager in charge of Fresh Foods and Ancillary Businesses | Education background in Business and Economics | Active community and corporate volunteer

Priorities :

Advocating for the needs of our students above all other considerations. Every child has the right to a quality education and we have an obligation to provide programs and facilities that offer equal opportunities and are prepared to address all of their unique learning needs.

Taking a proactive approach and finding sustainable long-term solutions to the challenges we face rather than reacting by closing schools. Schools are the foundation of healthy neighbourhoods and have value that cannot be counted in dollars and cents.

Ensuring all of our children have access to a school that is safe, accessible and well maintained with facilities equipped to offer a variety of extracurricular activities and equitable programming.

Ending the disconnect between the public and the board. Making the public consultation process more accessible, accountable and transparent by bringing all of the stakeholders in a decision to the table. Giving families and communities more opportunities to participate in the process and have a voice in policies and decisions.

Responsible spending that is focused on priorities like proper maintenance of our facilities and improvements to learning environments that will drive student success and are equitable across the board.

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