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Sculthorpe, Ed

web resolution0004As a father, neighbour, veteran, and now a candidate to be your next School Board Trustee, Ed Sculthorpe has always been one to stand and be counted.

In his youth he received several awards and accolades for his leadership and integrity. In 1992 he joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Electrical Mechanical Engineer in Hamilton and embarked on a 22 year military career. In that time, Sculthorpe became very familiar with the downtown and harbourfront armouries and grew to love the vibrant surrounding neighbourhoods and developing creative arts culture in our core.

Sculthorpe was quickly identified as a highly effective instructor and became staff on a diverse range of courses teaching leadership, instructional technique, equipment maintenance and recovery, advanced driving, and occupational safety to name a few. He was a key contributor to the development of a nation-wide training model for the Electrical Mechanical Engineers in the Primary Reserve and also established a highly successful satellite campus for introductory trades training in London, Ontario. Sculthorpe received both Battalion Senate and Commander’s Commendations for his contributions.

While serving on peacekeeping missions in the Balkans and the Middle East, Sculthorpe dedicated much of his personal time to further contribute to the communities surrounding the camps.

As part of a group of volunteer soldiers, Sculthorpe helped re-construct playgrounds and refurbish a fire engine for the Bosnian towns of Kljuc and Drvar.  He also helped organize fundraising events for the Children’s Cancer Clinic at Afula Hospital in Israel and for the Convent Saint-Paul Dans Les Murs, a Christian Orphanage and Rest Home in Damascus, Syria.  Within the camp, Sculthorpe sat on entertainment committees to help plan recreational events for his fellow soldiers, in addition to receiving a Commander’s Commendation for his skill as a tradesman.

In between missions, Sculthorpe took a hiatus from full-time military life to complete his diploma in Public & Private Investigations at Sheridan College as well as a minor in Creative Photography.  He spent the following three years gaining valuable experience as a contracted investigator for insurance and software fraud and licence infringement.  He remained part-time with the military, sacrificing most weekends to train and teach.

Sculthorpe spent the remaining ten years of his military career teaching new tradesmen, co-ordinating the career progression of almost 300 personnel, and as a unit operations manager.  He was selected to participate in Lt. Gov. James Bartleman’s book drive, delivering thousands of donated books along the ice roads to remote First-Nations settlements in Northern Ontario.  He also oversaw major renovations and fundraising events as President of the senior non-commissioned officer’s committee at the home station of the Royal Canadian Regiment.  His final post was with an Integrated Personnel Support Unit overseeing the career transition of members with physical and Post-Traumatic Stress related injuries, working with their families and community to create awareness and ensure proper care was achieved.

A proud homeowner in Hamilton since 2001, Sculthorpe has also remained committed to his local community.  He has participated in many food drives for Good Shepherd Centre, sat on the Ward One Participatory Budgeting Advisory Committee since its inception, and established a steering committee for the soon-to-be Ainslie Wood Community Centre on the site of Prince Philip School.  He is an avid musician and is now a practicing Luthier (stringed instrument builder/refurbishment) and small business owner.  Sculthorpe is an active member of the Electrical Mechanical Engineering Association, the Royal Canadian Legion and the Hamilton Musicians Guild.

More than any of his experiences, Sculthorpe counts his amazing wife and two children as his most significant inspiration.

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