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Scime, Danya

CaptureI have had the pleasure of speaking with many of you ~ on your doorstep during my 2010 Campaign, in strolling through our streets, at your businesses and in many local gatherings.

The candid discussions with our Seniors, our working Families, our less fortunate, confirmed my convictions. Dundas’ voices need to be heard and I want to be your voice!

My informative postcard will be arriving shortly at your home, please read it and ask yourself, who else has continued to be passionate about Dundas?

I am committed to take care of what matters most.

Resolving our High School issues, retaining our unique historical Town, addressing our New Urban Official Plan to ensure that we are not being forced into changes that do not reflect what Dundas is and has pride in being.

My goal is a sustainable, healthy, vibrant, green community.

My promise, as your elected Councillor is simple…Engage openly and honestly with my Constituents, work with you side by side to resolve conflict, stay passionate and protective of our uniqueness, our heritage, our environment, our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

I will be there for the ‘little’ issues as well as the big. I will hold my stance ~ “Our Town cannot be painted with the same brush”.

Your perspective and opinions are my guide and I will have open public Town Hall meetings monthly to stay connected with all of your concerns. Together we will make the difference.

I am here for You, as Your Voice, for Our Town, to retain our Dundas and to enrich our City. Your confidence, YOUR VOTE for DANYA SCIME, is needed to secure my promise!

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