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Pinho, Carlos

cp“While running a $0 campaign, I prefer to meet each and everyone of you in ward three in person. Would rather see corporate sponsorship go to our parks or feed the less fortunate. I have always believed in public service and volunteering my time to make this community a better place. born and raised in Hamilton for 44 years and have raised our three children in this community.

As your elected Councillor I will be vigilant and considerate of all the issues while handling them responsibly. I am ready to work in a change driven environment in order to respond in a timely manner. I will be part of a team, which believes in transparency and integrity in governing Hamilton. My focus will be to make Ward 3 a better place to live for your family and for generations to come.

Fixing our roads & stopping backed up sewer flooding by investing in long term and innovative solutions to fix pot holes and to repair the obsolete drainage system. I plan to be an advocate for Ward 3 in City council to ensure road maintenance and snow removal is a top priority for the City. I am in favour of ideas such as conducting more blading in the winter months and using less salt because it undermines the integrity of our roads.”

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