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Pearson, Maria

Pearson 09-679-26 5x7Thank you for your ongoing support. I am pleased to seek re-election as your Ward 10 Councillor.

Another challenging and rewarding 4 years has passed. I have addressed numerous issues for residents and am proud to have achieved many improvements including resurfacing areas of King St., major water main improvements at Green Rd. and Hwy No. 8, resurfacing Hwy No. 8 from Grays Rd. to beyond Fruitland Rd., the addition of paved cycling paths along Hwy No. 8, the installation of underground works and above-ground pedestrian access lights at Kilbourn Ave., Spartan Plaza Tim Horton’s/Pine Villa, and Envoy Blvd. Urbanization of Kilbourn Ave., Elm Dr., Southmeadow Cresc., and Pine Dr., ongoing parks upgrades, new play equipment at Mapledene and Dewitt Parks, expansion of the Eastdale and Memorial Bocce facilities, numerous sidewalk and accessible sidewalk ramp installations and repairs, 3 new bus shelters, and upgrades to landscape islands. I continue to work with staff on future plans for new community opportunities at The Creek Community Center on Hwy No. 8, and future road and park upgrades.

Earning the respect and trust of staff and knowing the historical background of by-laws and zoning in Stoney Creek has allowed me to resolve numerous by-law enforcement, parking, policing, and parks issues. I have been involved in many by-law reviews, re-zoning applications, committee of adjustment applications, and development and site plan reviews.

In order to best serve the Ward and the City, over the past 10 years, I have been a member of 4 of 6 standing committees and served on numerous subcommittees. I have diligently worked to achieve over $50 Million in upgrades and works improvements in Ward 10.

Once again, I have knocked on every door, in order to better understand your issues and concerns and am always pleased to hear from you. I am encouraged by many residents and friends, who continue to trust my judgement and commitment to the Ward, to seek your support for re-election. Having represented this Ward for the past 10 years (and Stoney Creek-Ward 3 for 9 years), I am confident in my experience and ability to continue to represent you.

Fiscal restraint, improvements, and service continue to be my mandate as your representative. With your support, on Monday October 27, 2014, I will continue to work for you and pursue accountability and teamwork from all members of council and staff.

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