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Moreau, Lorna

Capture.PNGI worked and now live happily in ward 4 for 35yrs. I am a proud grandmother of 3. I have always been an environmental, community advocate. Belong and founded different groups, associations C.L.C.s Represented ward 4  on the Citizens Forum for area ratings. I must have done something right I received a Lifetime achievement,

Innovative awards from the City of Hamilton, also Queen Elizabeth 11. Diamond Jubilee Medal.

The city of Hamilton  is almost 1 billion dollars in debt. Almost 2 billion deficit for infrastructure, 89 million for social housing.

Reckless irresponsible spending has to end. Grants, funding, consultants, legal monies just fly out of the door with no checks or balances, accountability. Our city council is dysfunctional one hand does not know what the other one is doing.

Business, property taxes are to high. one of the highest in Ontario. Stop urban sprawl, developers must pay the proposed fees.
Transit, do we need better yes. can we afford L.R.T. no. Better service across the whole city.

Seniors,  deserve better, lets assist them is staying in their homes longer. Nurse practitioners  would greatly cut expensive hospital visits. Seniors are dying in hospitals due to lack of long term facilities.

General issues I hear from residents. Roads, sidewalks, 2 term limits, darts, animals ongoing problem, mail service door to door.

Youth, employment,we need well paid full time jobs. Help youth get into apprenticeship, trade programs earlier.
Save our schools, history, utilize the spaces more efficiently, churches too are valuable spaces that also could  be utilized better.

Environment, Air quality is getting worse, what have the city, Clean Air Hamilton, Public Health done. They are in denial, and pass the buck, again we as residents are not HEARD.

I will utilize by life experiences and  community actions to make ward 4 a model community one we can all be proud of.
We cannot afford four more years of the same.
Let our voices be heard loud and clear. Shake It Up! with me Lorna Moreau ward 4. Thank You.

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