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Miles, Al

Miles Al - 2014My family has a history of being involved in the education of children. My great grandfather, William P Miles, sold the land needed to expand the U.S.S. No 6 Glandford & Barton School in 1952. The original school was built in 1875 and was one of the first schools built on the Hamilton Mountain. My grandfather, Stanley W. Miles, was a school trustee for many years. I would like to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps by serving as a Trustee in Hamilton.


I am a born and raised Hamiltonian and have spent all of my 54 years living in East Hamilton Mountain.

I have a great deal of experience with today’s youth as I have worked with at -risk youth for 20 years. Currently, I work for Kinark Child & Family Services as a Child and Youth Worker. I work in a treatment facility with youth who are in conflict with the law. These youth have complex psychological and psychosocial disorders. My role is to assist them in achieving their treatment goals by providing them with a safe environment to explore alternative coping methods to effectively manage their emotions and impulses.

Also, I am the co-founder and co-director of Fort Rev Boot Camp. This is a wildness camp which has successfully mentored kids for 22 years.

Hamilton’s youth has always been important to me. For 10 years I worked in Barton High School and McNab High School as a councillor with Campus Life. Working with students guiding them through many issues. Also, I was an assistant coach for Water Polo at Barton High School.

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