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Pattison, Michael A.

mpNative Hamiltonian and local businessman Michael A Pattison will be on the ballot October 2014. Well known for his entrepreneurial success and creative approach to problem solving, Michael is available for in-person and telephone interviews.

Michael A Pattison: The Right Direction for Hamilton.

Using his business experience and innovative ideas Michael will bring Hamilton together, positioning our great city as a leader in economic development, environmental policy and civic engagement.

A large part of Michael’s platform is to encourage informed civic engagement. All voices deserve to be heard. Michael A Pattison understands and appreciates that above all.

“I will take this city past its current divisions; resolve the issues we are struggling with today, and position Hamilton as a destination for businesses of all sizes.”

Michael brings a fresh approach to all issues facing Hamilton

“Michael’s reason for vying for a public position and his aspirations for what he will bring to our hometown, are from the heart, from the experience of a life lived within our municipal borders, and from a great seeker of knowledge and sense of community.” Larry Pattison, Ward 3 Candidate Public School Trustee

Michael will be participating in all debates. Call today if you would like to talk one-on-one with Michael. Please check his website frequently for updates on events and appearances.

Michael A Pattison: The Right Direction for Hamilton.

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