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Allen, Jason

jasonprofileFor the past five years Jason Allen has been at Metrolinx as a Quality and Training Leader, but you’ve seen him around the neighbourhood. While he has spent his days as one of the key members of a team that shifted the focus at GO towards customer service and cross-departmental cooperation (he was awarded the Linx Award for Innovation for his efforts) Jason has dedicated his evenings and weekends to Ward 1.

From his regular articles on local issues for Raise the Hammer to his morning traffic reports on Twitter from the GO Bus, Jason has long been an accessible, knowledgeable commentator on Ward 1 issues and current affairs.

Jason has sat on the Participatory Budget Advisory Committee for the past two years, helping guide the process where Ward 1 residents first suggest and then vote on ideas for spending the $1.5 million area rating fund. He is also a member the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association’s Development Review Committee. Here, he has contributed to the oversight of several condo developments in Kirkdendall, as well as aiding with the drafting of their terms of reference.

Jason has worked hard to for people of all ages and abilities. He joined the executive of the Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton after the birth of his youngest son, and was the Chair of the Association from 2011 to 2013. He is also a strong supporter of youth, and as long-time Beaver Scout Leader is known to many neighbourhood children as Ringtail.

Jason has worked hard for both Ward 1 and the city of Hamilton for many years, and will continue to work hard for many to come. He’s flipped burgers at BBQs in Victoria Park, shovelled piles of compost for the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association, provided electricity for the Hill Street Community Garden, been a part of the Westdale Teaching Garden, been an active part of the arts community and has leant a hand to his neighbours in many other ways. A vote for Jason as your Ward 1 Councillor puts this commitment, energy and passion to work for Ward 1 residents where they need it most – at City Hall.

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