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Iachelli, John F.F.

CaptureMission Statement:

To be attuned with the needs of the residents of Ancaster and fight to uphold their interests at City Council. To collaborate with all stakeholders to negotiate the best possible outcomes for all.

· Born and raised in Hamilton
· My mother was born in Port Hope Ontario and my father in Sicily Italy
· Hold a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
· Hold a Masters of Education
· Married with 2 children
· Self-employed as a Paralegal for several years
· Teacher with the Brant Haldimand Catholic School Board
· Resident of Ancaster since 2009




Things I want to achieve:

  • Work to maintain tax increases between 0-1%.
  • Expand transportation to reduce congestion, increase accessibility for seniors and youth and ensure it aligns with urban sprawl.
  • Improve infrastructure to address increasing congestion on Ancaster especially those affected by the Linooln Alexander Parkway and Hwy 403 over-flow. And to increase sidewalks to allow safe passage to and from public transportation.
  • Find a means of communication so that people are more involved in the process and are aware of what is happening in their community.

2 comments to Iachelli, John F.F.

  • roger dykstra

    What is your position on the following?

    1 LRT for Hamilton
    2 Mid-Peninsular Highway to link 407 with 403 south of city

    Also what do you define as urban sprawl?

    I’m an Ancaster resident since Jan 2010. Looking forward to your reply.

  • Hello. to answer your questions

    1) LRT – do not support it. I don’t see a value for Ancaster. Ancaster needs to fix or enhance it’s existing transit system. This is what I am hearing at the door more and more
    2) Mid-Peninsula Highway to 407 south of the city – I do not support it. Actually this topic I haven’t seen too much of. I made a point of asking people in this last week what they thought and really they either did not know or have an opinion about it. It might have been the demographics, so will continue to ask.

    Urban sprawl, to me refers to the fact that Ancaster is growing out beyond the core and meadowlands. In L9K and L9G postal codes here are 12,000 plus households. We need to ensure we have a transit system and infrastructure to support growth.

    Hope that helps.

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