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Gibson, Sean

sg“For those that don’t know me; my name is Sean Gibson. Many residents know me as the local Barber and social activist, but at this stage of my life I hope to represent and serve constituents’ in a different capacity at City Hall. In 2006 & 2010 I heard loud and clear what our community needs and now this year if you’ll have me, we can achieve a better tomorrow together. I believe in making decisions that reflect the will of the residents and businesses of Ward 3 and taking quick action on those decisions is essential to the growth and development of our community. As a product of Ward 3, I have lived and grown up in the neighbourhood, continue to operate a business in the community, and would bring a unique and bright perspective to city hall on behalf of all constituents.

I am currently working with residents in the front lines and see the need for growth in our neighbourhood.  Over the years Employment, Health and Safety, and Youth engagement are three areas that constituents have identified as needing attention.  Status quo is about to change, however we need a strong voice that will call for changes and allow Ward 3 to prosper.  For example, the city needs to revamp business incentive programs to ensure that we can be competitive with other wards in attracting businesses to the area.   I am determined and remain dedicated to continue to bring about this positive growth.  The entire City of Hamilton will benefit if the residents of Ward 3 have improved employment prospects, better health, feel safer in their neighbourhoods, and have more opportunities for their children and all youth involved.  My mission is to continue to improve the quality of life for all residents in Ward 3, join us.”

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