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Butt, Ejaz

Capture.PNGMy name is Ejaz Butt and I am running for Mayor in the city of Hamilton. I have been living in Hamilton for the past 27 years, as I immigrated from Pakistan in 1987. When I first arrived to the country my responsibilities as a husband and a father was to be able to provide the best I could for my family. Once all of the financial responsibilities were fulfilled I decided it was time to become a servant of the great city of Hamilton.

I have committed myself to charitable organizations throughout the city. The hardest barrier I have ever faced since becoming a civil servant was establishing the Taxi Union in Hamilton, where I served as President for many years. For my dedicated service to Hamilton and the people of Hamilton, I was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee award in 2010.

Since 2001 I have attended many city planning meetings and I have given my input. I voiced that if our city continued spending large sums of money we would be going from a good credit rating city to a city with a bad credit rating, which we have become.

I am motivated to continuously help the city of Hamilton. I have created a platform, which consists of 23 steps. Through these 23 steps I will be able to change the city for the better. I do hope when you vote on October 27th, 2014 that you remember to vote for Ejaz Butt.”

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  • roger dykstra

    What is your position on the following?

    1 LRT for Hamilton
    2 Mid-Peninsular Highway to link 407 with 403 south of city

    Also what do you define as urban sprawl?

    I’m an Ancaster resident since Jan 2010. Looking forward to your reply.

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