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Dimillo, Mark

md“It’s Time for A New Beginning in Ward 3. This moment is real!

October 27th will not just be another day in time, but a day in history.

We have some tough challenges and decisions to make that will affect our Ward and City.

In the face of these challenges before us is myself, a candidate who will Represent the ideas, shared views, and values of the residents of Ward 3.

The Era of absolute leadership in ward 3 is no longer the norm. We are All Stakeholders and Leaders. Together we take ownership of our streets, Our neighbourhoods, and our ward.

I care more about Doing Something, than Being Something.

I see myself positioned as a transitional figure for Ward 3.

I see myself as being young enough to relate to the younger modern Generation, helping them lay the foundation for future generations and future Leaders of Ward 3.

I Believe In Term Limits

I see myself also as being old enough to relate and respect those that served our Great City and our Ward, as well the ones who laid the foundation here long before I was present.

I grew up beside my grandfather, a sheep herder from Italy, who instilled in me Traditional Values of hard work, integrity, respect for others, and appreciation for What I have.

As you get to know me, you will get to know these values are not preached only, but lived by me. My values, my experience are the foundation of my Campaign for City Council, and will be what measures the success of its outcome.

On October 27th, I am asking you to align yourself with the Candidate who shares the same values as you. I am asking for your trust, I am asking for your Vote.”

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