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I have reviewed all available online materials related to the AEGD/Aerotropolis at and I wish to register my opposition to the project.

Hamilton taxpayers cannot afford the Aerotropolis especially when our City’s infrastructure maintenance deficit is growing by nearly $200 million a year.

The priority for spending taxes should go towards improving existing neighbourhoods, upgrading existing infrastructure and creating jobs by supporting existing local businesses.

I do not support the use of taxpayers funds to purchase foodland for industrial purposes when available greenfields already exist in Glanbrook and Ancaster.

I seriously question the shortage of available industrial employment lands as justification for the Aerotropolis.

I believe job creation strategies should be implemented where people live and have access to reliable public transit services, and am supportive of green economy jobs within the existing urban boundaries where people already live, work and play.

I am supportive of initiatives to reclaim brownfields and permanently resolve the related issues so these properties can be used to increase the tax base.

I call upon the Mayor and all Councillors to immediately withdraw support for the Aerotropolis, to avoid spending $300,000 to defend this financially irresponsible project at the Ontario Municipal Board.




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