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2014 Values & Priorities Survey Participants’ Comments

Survey participants were asked the following question: What, if anything, would you change about the City?

Residents’ suggestions submitted via the survey and comments posted below may be offensive and do not necessarily represent the values and opinions of the Hamilton Civic League. Although information submitted via the survey remains unedited, we reserve the right to remove any comments that are considered offensive.

Below, please find a summary of all comments submitted via the Values & Priorities Survey. The data represents residents’ suggestions to change our City. There were 1060 comments submitted. Each comment was assigned to one or more categories, listed below. If you type (or copy/paste) any of these category terms into the search bar, you’ll see all comments listed for that category :

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Accountability, Downtown, Term LimitsBetter administrative planning and managing Increased fiscal accountability Less focus on downtown and more on all areas of city Strict term limits for councillors and mayor (8 years)
Accountability, Recall, Traffic, TransitMake the mayor and councillors responsible for their actions, in that they could be removed from office and replaced by their runner-up. Remove the "bike lanes" from the main arteries and move them to secondary streets. Not implement 2 way traffic on the present one-way streets. Restrict the "bus only" lanes to peak, weekday traffic hours.
Accountability, Term Limits1. Accountability of all politicians 2. Recall of politicians who are not doing their job properly 3. Only two terms, then out
AirportForget the pipe dream of aerotroplis
AirportThe Aerotropolis is the most irresponsible decision I have seen the city undertake in my entire time here.
Airport, GreenI think the City should not have put so many of their marbles into the Airport Employment lands. They fly in face of the province's greenbelt and growth plan legislation and they direct capital away from our important core. I would like to see decision makers choose options for the betterment of quality of life and not simply economic numbers.
Airport, Heritage, CompensationI would like overseas flights to go from our airport. I would like more money allocated to helping keep heritage buildings in good repair. I would like councilors to be paid more so that the position would attract better educated people.
Airport, RedevelopLeave the airport district alone and concentrate on the industrial areas we already have.The new bread company on Nebo already wants to sell so take the hint and leave the green area alone!!
All GoodNot much!
All GoodNothing. I think the city is doing well from what I can see, I am not heavy into politics or the "goings on" of Hamilton, but it seems to be on the upswing and I'm reading alot of positive things in the news. Good Job so far!
All GoodNothing, I love it. love the people, culture, arts, etc
All GoodI love the City of Hamilton! There's lots more interesting things going on in Hamilton than in smaller municipalities. It would be fantastic if Hamilton was located 45 minutes north of the Mexican border where San Diego is located. I'd change our city's location.
All GoodLove it!!!!!!!
All GoodGreat city to live in.
All Goodnot much
All GoodHamilton is on the right track but needs to keeps its nose to the grindstone!
All Goodnot much, I think the city is on the right track...
AmalgamationI would like to de-amalgamate and return to Flamborough being an independent municipality with it's own Mayor and council. It worked very well in the past.
AmalgamationRe#49 - I live in Dundas but am now considered Hamilton. I've lived in this town since birth.
AmalgamationI want to have Dundas continue to be recognized as a distinct community.
AmalgamationDeamalgamation would be the best change.
AmalgamationAllow Waterdown to leave the city of Hamilton
AmalgamationDE AMALGAMATION!!!
AmalgamationCreate fairness between city core and Dundas, Ancaster etc. We continue to pay significantly higher taxes and continue to see cuts in city services
AmalgamationRevert back to de-amalgamation
Amalgamationdissolve the Amalgamation.
AmalgamationI live in Waterdown. Flamborough never wanted to be a part of Hamilton and still does not want to be.
Amalgamation, Urban and rural needs are vastly different. De-amalgamation is necessary, at least for the majority of city council business.
Amalgamation, SurveyI do not feel Flamborough is well represented at the government level. We are a good source of income for the city coffers, Questions like How long have you lived in Hamilton, Do you feel safe in Hamilton I find offensive. These questions have no relevance. The answer is I feel safe where I live in Flamborough but I don't in the city. I don't live in Hamilton, I live in Flamborough.that will never change for me.
Amalgamation, Taxesstop treating Waterdown and Dundas as piggybanks,we are our own villages
Amalgamation, Taxes, Downtown, Term LimitsDe-amalgamate, stop funding left-wing "pilot projects," reduce property taxes, clean up the downtown eyesore, fire city concil
AnimalsI would remove the breed specific ban on Pit Bulls and I would like to see something done about the overpopulation of pets, specifically cats. I would like to see TNR and protected feral cat colonies. I wish that stronger sentences could be introduced for animal related charges but I believe that is for the province to legislate. I believe that Hamilton is doing a great job in all but must be mindful of what ALL Hamiltonians want.
AnimalsSerious focus needs to be placed upon Hamilton animal control services, and the numbers if animal killed in our community. The services available now are shameful. Low cost and no cost spay and neuter must be made available to everyone within our community to curb overpopulation and to prevent careless breeding that costs the city money to handle by way of euthanasia.
AnimalsI would change the way Hamilton Animal Control is run. Adoptions should be allowed at the animal control instead of all the animals being euthanized (about 50% are rescued the rest euthanized). Make it a priority. This is wrong. Allow adoptions stop the killings. Look for assistance of other municipalities who adopt whenever possible rather than euthanize.. Only thing I care about in this election to be honest. Increase funding for animal control. Thank you
AnimalsAllow residents to keep two chickens per home in a coop in their backyards for fresh eggs. 🙂
AnimalsI would change the way the Hamilton Animal Control was operated and would like to see non-city council members operating the daily operations. This would be to ensure the proper management on the animals in their care, by offering more services to the general public including adoption programs, full time spay/neuter clinic, strictly NO KILL facility, fund raiser etc.
ArtsAdd an amusement park
ArtsMake it more artistic.
ArtsMore food and wine events like Dishcrawl or Pop Up dinners
Arts, Business, Traffic, Transit, DiversityContinue to make the city attractive to artists and entrepreneurs. Ontario has many of the technology jobs of North America, but few reside in Hamilton. Main and King streets need to become sane two-way streets with expanded sidewalks. LRT and expanded Go Train service is needed to alleviate traffic on these streets and to/from Toronto, respectively. Above all, the immigrant and refugee community needs to be understood as an opportunity and not a burden, with innovative solutions sought out.
Arts, Diversity, Downtown, Engagementcontinue to promote the cultural strengths, build downtown, strengthen neighbourhoods...
Arts, DowntownArt is not an investment in the future. "Art" cannot support families, and coffee shops bring no pensions. Let's stop pouring everything we have into this.
Arts, Finance, Green, Redevelop, housingfunding to grassroots arts organizations needs to be stabilized; one-way streets need to be converted; empty downtown lots turned into parks or housing;
Arts, Green, DiversityMore arts funding. Greater emphasis on green energy and green transportation. More bike lanes and more support/promotion of cycling. More women on city council!
Arts, JobsKeep and increase funding to support for arts and culture and work on improving jobs.
Arts, Tourism, Transit, DowntownBetter focus on the Arts community. Bring tourism back to the Core such as Festival of Friends. Also put a cap on transit fees as it is some people's only mode of transportation. Better weekend schedules for Sunday buses. I fully support the revitalization of downtown but most projects just sit unfinished making the Core an eyesore.
BusinessBring an NHL team.
BusinessOperate City as a business.
BusinessStop building walmart a and targets, and start supporting small/local businesses
Businessmake it easier to do business in Hamilton, reduce taxes for small business, less red-tape to start a business and less red tape to change or add to your small business
Business, City Hall, LeadershipMake a task force to bring new investment to the city. If Pittsburgh can do it so can Hamilton. Ask city councillors to agree to attend governance workshops, commit to getting along and start being more productive. Stop being being a killjoy on little issues such as posting signs dogs are not allowed in baseball diamonds. Enough! Lastly, I would make an audacious goal for where the city needs to be in 10 years. Then stop planning the work and start working the plan.
Business, DowntownMarket / Promote the Hamilton Farmers Market more to get the morale back up amongst the vendors!!!
Business, Downtown- reduce bureaucracy for new business - improve incentives for certain types of new business - remove businesses not suited to positive core revitalization
Business, Infrastructure, ServicesProtect local businesses and encourage infrastructure and information for projects around the city (community projects taking priority) that actually provide services Hamiltonians want.
Business, Taxes, DowntownThere needs to be incentive for companies to invest or stay in Hamilton. The company I work for moved from Stoney Creek to Burlington due to high taxes. There needs to be incentives for downtown development and development of north end especially Barton.
Casino, Roads, Traffic, Heritage, Enforcement, SafetyFirst, I support a casino on the lake Ontario waterfront park, next to the Waterpark - it would attract out of town tourists off the QEW, and not be near any residential areas. Thus it would suck money INTO the local economy. Hamilton is like a city that is stuck in the 1970's - very nice in some ways - strong local neighbourhoods, friendly people, but so backwards in others - one way streets, heritage buildings torn down, bylaw enforcement weak, the downtown / suburban divide - people are still "afraid to go downtown" - no where else will you find such a beautiful city, with it's waterfronts, and waterfalls, and victorian heritage, and the locals just think the city sucks. Like I said - they are scared of two way street conversions - country hicks stuck in the 1970's.
City HallI would cut the number of councilors in half at least. There are to many cooks in the kitchen and not enough food being cooked.
City Hallcreate a collaborative culture on city council
City Hallbickering councillors
City HallMost policies
City HallTolerance, equity, respect
City Halltoo much red tape
City HallCity Management - hiring practices
City Hall- our culture, It serves capital too much. we need to start building alternative models and hamilton could be the first to demonstrate that if we develop a counter culture that better serves our interest in the immediate and long term future.
City Hallget people in council that can actually make a decision in a timely manner
City Hallstop the stupid squabbling on council
City HallMore Councillors like Brian McHattie who communicate, are thoughtful and demonstrate integrity and accountability.
City HallStop the corruption.
City HallThe leadership or lack thereof.
City HallI would like a city council that acts in an adult manner. Currently, they act like kids who are simply interested in their own personal interests and being re-elected, not in the city's best interest.
City HallWard system encourages NIMBY syndrome.
City HallCouncil should let City staff do their jobs. In fact, if Council took the time to read briefings instead of looking for media sound bites, so much more could be and should be accomplished. Council needs less 'gotcha' and more focused, informed debate. Can you image what our City could be?
City HallProvide incentives for Councillors to focus on projects that benefit the entire city rather than pet projects for individual wards.
City Hallprogressive council!
City Hallthe old boys club
City HallCultural attitude at City Hall, at all levels
City HallMore business men and women on council like Lloyd Ferguson who know how to get the job done and under City hall reno and less broadcasters who run on name recognition and have no substantial experience. We need a big change at city hall I rarely go downtown if I do not have to and that is very telling!
City HallPRIVATIZE city council like they are privatizing city jobs and make councilors accountable for their uninformed decisions and LIES
City HallI would like to see a more professional city council.
City HallCouncillors should be more efficient and stop arguing like children. Yes, Watched Joey Coleman's video!
City HallPolicy should be progressive and evidence based, not based on fear of change.
City HallInstall a progressive city counsel sho cares about the whole city. The City has to catch up with the rest of the country and it is falling far short right now.
City HallThe Mayor and 1/2 of the councillors.
City HallTransform the culture at city hall to be more proactive and forward-thinking and cut the red tape.
City Hall-make it more responsive to residents make it more socially, ecologically just
City HallHow business is conducted at City Hall... deliberately slow and obstinate. Too much NIMBY mentality instead of thinking more broadly for the social good of all. Too business like. Not all decisions are business even if they affect how money is dispersed.
City HallMore progressive
City Hall , Diversity, BusinessHave City Management workers more willing to work with diverse communities in the development of business, structures, area improvements, too many obstacles when dealing with the City, getting permits, zoning, licensing, etc.
City Hall InfluenceThere seems to be a perpetual paradigm of contractor influenced decisions coming out of city hall. I would really like to see that change.
City Hall, Everything
City Hall, Management of city would be divided up. The needs of residents and businesses in all wards are in conflict right now and councilors seem to have to fight each other to push through their agendas rather than work together to make the city better as a whole. Hamilton seems to compete with itself first instead of other cities in Canada, or even the world, which is a shame because at one time it was a major city, and can be again with the right direction. I see Hamilton and Toronto becoming twin cities in the future, due to the increasing lack of living space around the GTA. The city should be steered to rebuild in that way, as I think there would be benefits to both cities.
City Hall, Starting new businesses should be easier. This could be achieved by consolidating licensing and other processes into a centralized office/network to cut through bureaucracy.
City Hall, A mayor who works with the councillor I elected. Tying municipal decisions not only to our needs but those of our future grand Nd great grandchildren.
City Hall, Time to get rid of the olde boys club atmosphere at city hall. We need inspired leadrships and less looking after your own backyard at city coucil.
City Hall, In the last few years the city has made good progress in economic development, the arts and neighbourhood development. I would like this to continue to improve. Sometimes this has appeared to happen in spite of City Council so I would like to see improvement in the caliber and behavior of some councilors and the mayor. In spite of some of the issues with municipal workers we also have some very able bureaucrats and should work hard to keep them and encourage them to use their talents to the city's best advantage.
City Hall, Transparency, Accountability, Term LimitsCity Hall Culture... Make them more transparent, accountable and have term limit.
City Hall, Accessibility, EngagementThe staff culture at City hall. Accessibility for EVERYONE. Real investment in engagement
City Hall, AccountabilityRun the City or Province or the Country with honesty and integrity without corruption and the dirty mean politics among the Elected members.
City Hall, Accountability, Engagement, More efforts to define City staff roles and goals as well as accountability for their time. Make it easier for innovation from citizens and City staff. Focus on long term goals making every effort to explain choices with valid, peer-reviewed data using language and graphics accessible to all residents.
City Hall, Amalgamationfind a way to get rid of the parochialism of the wards, former towns. Less interference in daily city operations by politicians.... the government needs a vision... the residents and some of the public services are more effective than the governance and more visionary! Maybe Flamborough shouldn't be a part of Hamilton... they keep telling us that... maybe they would be better served being part of Guelph/Wellington....
City Hall, Amalgamation, Health, Redevelop, Enforcement, Police(1)Improve functioning of city council. (2) De-amalgamation [I think]. (3) Using the North Hamilton Community Health Centre as a model for other areas of the city. (4)Effective and mandatory improvement of empty or ill-kept properties (esp. downtown). (5) Reducing police budget.
City Hall, Business, Newcomers, Transit, Green, FluorideStop the HCA land grabs. Stop selling our industries to other countries. No sanctuary city - skilled workers only. Scrap LRT plans. Withdraw membership from ICLEI. Get the fluoride out of the water.
City Hall, Business, Term Limits, The huge bureaucracy where there are so many committees to go through and each one is an empire unto itself. This must be the most business unfriendly municipality in Ontario. Limit councillors to two terms maximum. Same with the boards of education.
City Hall, CompensationThe attitude at Public Works who seem to do everything by half measures and reward incompetence
City Hall, CompensationRestore the integrity of our political offices. All members of Council should take 1/3 off their salary and readjust all pays and perks to align with the private sector.
City Hall, CorruptionThe corrupt business development interests must be removed from power permanently. We require a workers government
City Hall, Corruption, EducationClean up Corruption and entitlement. Education levels need to improve.
City Hall, Corruption, Transparencythey should not be dealing with underworld mafia gangs! The mayor and city council have to stop having closed door meetings all together. they have to open to the people of Hamilton at all times.
City Hall, Diversity, Leadership, VisionDysfunction at Council must end. We need positive attitudes, genuine governance, diversity, leadership, and clear vision/action plans. Stop referring to our past history of being a "lunch bucket city" (it's ancient history) and focus on where we're going. Set the bar higher in all areas.
City Hall, Education, NewcomersI'd like a more democratic and direct system of governance with more plebiscites and referenda. Also, improve and expand the teaching of Civics in the schools and to new immigrants and lower the voter's age limit!!!
City Hall, EngagementImprove time it takes for the city to reply to residents (specifically forestry-I've been waiting to hear back if a tree in my front yard belongs to me or the city for 3 weeks.... Apparently it was a rushed inquiry...)
City Hall, EngagementWe need to figure out how to discuss a wide ranging plan for the city. At this point, we all argue about minute attributes of particular issues, and our dialogue on the whole isn't terribly respectful.
City Hall, Engagement*Make City Councillors more open. *More open discussions on the relevant topics so people can gain an understanding of the issues.
City Hall, EngagementBetter relationship between Councillors(have seen some improvement) Perhaps more invitation to participate in forums
City Hall, EngagementEntrenched mutual distrust between citizens and the municipality. The City's corporate culture of risk adversion that seems to be slowing our innovation.
City Hall, Engagement, DiversityWhere to begin? No more bickering in council, eradicate inconsistency from department to department, improve communication internal to the city employees and to residents, invest in long term planning, support current businesses, encourage organized involvement, empower diverse groups to work together for the $ not fight for it... I'm sure there is more.
City Hall, Engagement, Police, Community Stop letting the folks who are not affected by the policies and laws make them. Ask those that are affected what they need and want. Stop allowing the police to protect the few elite and corporations; let us make Hamilton a community where we listen to one another and help one another. rather than point fingers and segregate ourselves based on petty things like income and race.
City Hall, Finance, Reduce the number of senior management at city hall. Stop funding or subsizing non essentials like festivals, group run events take awy local slush funds a waste of money
City Hall, Housing, Trafficless preferential treatment given to developers; More affordable housing; More stoplights on high traffic streets (Dundurn)
City Hall, InfluenceCity council needs to find a way to function in a more collegial manner. Improve integrity standards and introduce registry to track the influence of special interests.
City Hall, InfluenceEliminate the influence of the Builders Associations on City Council
City Hall, InfluenceI would insist that the corporate interests, individuals and groups, take a back seat to policy-making and stop influencing government. I would strengthen enforcement of development loopholes as developers have shown that they will use every angle to hold the city hostage when it comes to finishing work, keeping their properties up, designing buildings, paying their fair share.
City Hall, Influence, Business, SprawlI would like to see the culture of city employees improved, less developer based decisions and procedures, and more support for small business. Can't say enough about stopping urban sprawl
City Hall, Influence, Traffic, Transit, Poverty, Infrastructure, Airport, Arts, SchoolsHamilton is an amazing city. Democracy has been hijacked by small active organized groups to lobby and influence local politicians to make expensive changes such as convertting one way street to two way streets, unprecidented low speed limits in the north end, and extremely expensive bicyle lanes on Canon St. LRT may be in our future but we cannot afford it yet.. Poverty and deteriorating infrastructure are essential issues. The Airport lands need to develop. Our family will gladly go downtown for dinner and the arts but the conversion of one way streets and the loss of parking means that it is equally convenient to go to suburban restaurants and attend local suburban arts events or travel to other communities for the as opposed to the delays that the traffic lights create on two way streets. One way streets are safe. People who speed or drive recklessly do so on one way and two way streets with equal disregard for community safety. The ARC (school closures) are an extremely important issue. They did not appear in your survey. If a school is below capacity it should not be sold. Shutter it or tear it down but retain the land, perhaps in partnership as park land with the city, and rebuild a new school when the neighbourhood demographics eventually require i in 15 years or so. Super high schools are a huge mistake. Gentrification will just displace Hamilton's vulnerable members not assist them like a living wage or affordable housing will. Massive need for increases in addications and mental health support systems. Require a single large Hamilton Museum with sufficient parking. Excellent use for one of the brown field factories. Could amalgamate a number of smaller excellent museums. Chief De Caire is the best chief since Colin Millar and one of the best leaders the community has every seen. the Hamilton Community Foundation is spending far too much money on adminstration. Many more isues. Thank you for producing the survey. I will vote.
City Hall, LeadershipLess bureaucratic - More progressive and action oriented as it applies to all decisions and aspects of the city
City Hall, Leadership, Infrastructure, Taxes, BusinessStop with government busy body ideas like dedicated bus lanes, bike lanes etc. stop meddling and focus on the basics: infrastructure, services, clean streets..... Lower taxes and get new businesses to locate here.
City Hall, Poverty, Animals- Hold city council and city employees accountable for our tax dollars. - improve outcomes for youth and families living in poverty - improve programs for youth - improve people's perception on how the city handles its stray and homeless animals - improve how the city operates Hamilton Animal Control - more public education on programs within the city
City Hall, Poverty, ServicesMore city support to social improvement strategies that are led by experts (social service providers). They shouldn't be city-led because the councillors and the staff do not have the analysis they need to do this work well.
City Hall, RedevelopDo something to cut back the power of the developers over City Council and force those developers to rehab current lands or see how they fare trying to buy land in other areas E.g. Toronto.
City Hall, Redevelop, Downtown, HeritageEnsure that developers are not calling the shots. Encourage decision making to be for the greater good of Hamilton. Encourage more brown field redevelopment. Encourage more organic growth, particularly for the inner city areas instead of take-over projects such as a dt casino. Not letting property owners tear down dt buildings and leave it as a parking lot. Careful manage control of new dt buildings going up so that we don't let just anything go up for the sake of development (does the building compliment and fit in the neighborhood, etc). Do more to preserve the heritage buildings as they are often sited by outsiders as a beautiful attraction in this city. Plan city building for the future and stick with it. Don't just change it or ignore it when it doesn't suit a developers demands.
City Hall, Roads, EngagementOperate as a business
City Hall, StadiumStop having unnecessary reviews. Once a review has been done and received. Just because council does not like the answer. Does not mean they go back to the drawing board and start another. Accept the facts, deal with it and move on. Much like the Stadium. They moved out all the people. Closed up businesses. Then placed the stadium in the exact spot it was in. Why? There is no parking and it will do nothing for the development of the Waterfront. This is just one example. There are several. The paper points out a lot more.
City Hall, Term Limitsremove the stranglehold the unions have on city governance. Term limits to forcibly remove the dead weight of many career politicians
City Hall, Term LimitsInsular, position-based, parochial and paranoid decision-making on the part of so-called "community leaders"--including and especially members of City Council. New blood on Council has been sorely needed for decades in this municipality.
City Hall, Traffic, Transit, Councillor working together for the better of the city, not mountain vs. downtown. Really making Hamilton the best place to raise a child, it certainly isn't now. More bike lanes and safe sidewalks for families. Introduce more 2 way streets. Not so mush focus on cars.
City Hall, Traffic, Transit, BusinessMake it more friendly to small businesses new and existing Make complete streets a priority, including two way streets, more bike lanes, less overall traffic lanes, curbside parking on all main streets. Improve our transit system including upgrade to LRT and train service from Hamilton to other cities throughout Ontario
City Hall, Transparency, Poverty, GreenWould like to see a progressive transparent government that is concerned about long term issues affecting us all like poverty, climate change and social issues which are not afterthoughts to the economy.
City Hall, Voting, Growth- reduce the number of ward councillors and provide more city-wide councillors (making Hamilton a better place - the whole of Hamilton - not have downtown wards fighting with suburbs and rural areas - smart growth planning and more people not car centred development
City Hall, Voting, Wardre-introduction of board of control. 4 councilors of large; 4 mayors of 4 fix ward boundaries
City Hall, WardI am a resident of downtown. It often seems that mountain councillors vote for what is good for the mountain, and don't necessarily understand the needs of the lower city, so don't vote for things that are good for downtown. This should change. Maybe this is where the re-drawing of ward boundaries comes in. Somehow need to change the "us" and "them" mentality of "mountain" and "lower city". Probably the amalgamated municipalities feel the same way.
City Hall, Ward Change ward system to Vancouver style unified city council to serve the interests of Hamilton as a whole, in order to prevent ward infighting and economic disparity.
CommunityHamilton needs to focus more on the needs of the community rather than the needs of businesses and large corporations. Community based programs and community action teams are a vital component to developing positive based value systems and programs that are community based.
Community, Redevelop, Arts, I would continue to develop a sense of neighbouhood and I would really like to see Barton, Main and King revitalized. It's particularly sad to see so many vacant store fronts and derelict buildings 🙁 I'd also like to see more festivals at Gage Park again - there seem to be less than when we moved here. We do enjoy 7 Sundays, though.
CompensationLook into Execs and Admin salaries and freeze where necessary!!!
Compensationlower the costs of operation i.e. Piggy Chapman's $30K raise was more than I make in a year. Bratina lost my respect after that and then there have been another whole bunch of shady moves i.e. de-amalgamation is stupid to bring back up and stir the pot
CompensationSlash all wages paid by City by 10% but to no lower than $30,000
CompensationSenior Management structure and promotion process
CompensationI think City Hall is too top heavy with higher $ paid non-union employees i.e. Managers.
CompensationStop the attack on the public sector employees. They are an integral part of our community and do more good work than most see. If you think their salaries and pensions are better than some others, then build the rest UP, not tear others down. Hamilton employees are not overpaid, in general. You need to focus on building up the city, not tearing it down. I am a small business owner, by the way, with no family in the public sector. But I have seen comments from Civic League supporters that worry me
Compensation, FinanceHave them do more with less $$$ I am still pissed at Brattina giving Miss Piggy a $30,000 raise when I only make 29K
Compensation, JobsGet rid of unions for city employees and reduce wages to give more jobs!!
Compensation, taxesWe are top heavy with upper management and the cost of their wages of the non union staff Managers and Directors etc.... Average city union worker staff makes under average $40 -50.000; Management make double their fat wages, that's a crime of stealing against the taxpayers and why increase in budgets year after year. Do more with less!!
Compensation, TaxesTry to get a handle on Civic employee wages and benefits and attract some big ticket tax[ayers to the city to reduce taxes.
Compensation, Transit, Casino, Diversity, PovertyReduce pay to government employees, invest in LRT, No CASINO, true representation of hamilton's immigrant population, more care for those in need, less for greedy developers looking to capitalize on "potential".
CorruptionStop airport expansion. Release all details of free-rent agreement. Move Montreal's Charbonneau Commission to Hamilton.
CorruptionGet rid of everyone currently in city hall. There is a culture of corruption and contempt towards its citizens. They hand out millions of dollars to rich developers like its candy then nickle and dime average citizens on petty issues like cutting a tree or fixing a sewer lateral. Its a white old boys club.
Corruptioncity council and it's back room deals.
CorruptionLess fear and mistrust along with more compassion for each other.
Corruption1) The Mayor, Councillors, and staff of Finance, Building, and Zoning Departments. 2) Urban ideologues who want to preserve every old building, convert every one-way street, and put bike lanes in opposition to traffic flow and conventions.
CorruptionA small coterie of developers and their tame councillors run the city for their own benefit. We must stop them from continuing to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars.
Corruption, Sprawl, Pedestrian, DowntownWe need to reign in the close and cozy - perhaps corrupt-relationship between developers and certain City Councillors and Staff members. The key to the City's future is intensification, not costly and poorly constructed sprawl. The priority should be a walkable, livable, economically viable downtown.
DevelopHigher design standards across the board
Develop, Diversity, Housing, Transit, Green, Casino, -balance development in such a way that segregation based on wealth ceases to increase. New condo developments should be required to be mixed-income, but that should also be just one of the avenues for increasing affordable housing. -Transit, especially the 44 and B-Lines should be increased as HSR is currently proposing, immediately. I am sill torn about the LRT so as of now I would not say I support it. -Increased bike lanes are also a must. -More urban forestry/ trees -Elimination of support for a casino -greater attitudes of inclusiveness among everyone.
Develop, Growth, InfrastructureEverything I've listed above. Specifically, stop allowing developers to keep putting up new housing developments when there is not the infastructure to support this. HAVE YOU TAKEN THE RED HILL AT RUSH HOUR!??
Develop, Poverty, DiversityI think that it is important to look critically at the development plans and see where they reinforce oppressions of already marginalized people and newcomers. People before profits, always.
Develop, Poverty, Health, The city has a great history and past. I believe that the city is on the right track to being a prosperous and lively city that it once was. With the new development of infrastructure in the west-end downtown core (aberdeen to cannon & dundurn to walnut), I believe that the city needs to clean up the poverty and mentally ill people that roam the streets. It does not look good to our guests and visitors to have a beautiful area flowing with condos, restaurants, sporting events etc., only to mingle with beggars and drug addicts. I am sure there is a solution that can benefit all.
Develop, WaterfrontDevelop harbour front.
DiversityAll English and American flags should be burnt publicly French immersion schools should be banned French language should be outlawed
DiversityHire more minority immigrants to work for the city
Diversitybring more people from the divorse communities in all departments
DiversityAll of the above statements on the survey that I agreed with. Diversity is very important, and we don't have that.
Diversity, Downtown, JobsAs a gay person I'm pretty much done trying to make downtown work for me. I think Art Crawl/Supercrawl has devolved into an investment scheme for local property and business investors. Nothing is going to change, this fake marketing narrative about downtown is a joke and doesn't represent anyone's real life except those who already have money. I'm moving somewhere I can get an education and job. Like the rest of my intelligent friends who've already moved away. A real metropolitan where gay people aren't just tolerated but actually have civic space to be. Less marketing the coolness and more real jobs. More actual economy. Maybe some of us over 25 don't want to work in some trendy coffee shop or Etsy store?
Diversity, Engagement, Transparency, AccountabilityIts approach to considering, relating to, and wholesomely including its many diverse citizens: Hamilton could be doing a much better job with its civic responsibilities by becoming more transparent, accountable, and compassionate.
Diversity, Inclusivity greater inclusivity i.e. for Aboriginal, Youth
Diversity, Inclusivity, SurveyThe involvement of the Aboriginal population, for the entire city is a pop of aprox. 8000. Yet zero questions concerning this population...not very inclusive !!!
Diversity, NewcomersStop letting so many immigrants into the city, take care of what we have first. They are saturating our jobs, live off assistance and we, the taxpayers, are paying for it! CLOSE the DOORS
Diversity, Poverty, Health, Difficult to say any on thing as the city is so diverse, lower city is different than the mountain, far east end very different from far west end. Established north end very different from newly populated far south mountain. Not only is lodging different, also attitudes, level of affluence (or poverty), health issues, education & ages of residents. In other words, one size does not fit all.
Diversity, Poverty, HousingMore diverse city councillors. Work to reduce poverty and provide affordable housing.
Diversity, Term LimitsMore diverse leadership. As a young professional in the city, it's discouraging to see our leadership consist of such a homogeneous group of people (read less politely: an old boys club). I want to see people who represent me and the new energy of the city, not those married to an outdated way of thinking.
Diversity, Transit, Green, HealthMore diverse City Council Better transportation options Environmental issues should be a priority No more added fees for health tests.
Downtownkeep costs of parking downtown to a minimum
DowntownStrengthen the core.
DowntownClean up Downtown
DowntownI'd like to see residence in the core of the city become a priority for Hamilton the way it is for cities like Toronto. Having people WANT to live in the core of the city is the only way we're going to revitalize Hamilton's downtown core. It would make it livelier, more accessible, give people a reason to go down to the core of the city (due to the business it would bring with it), and make it a safer place to be overall.
DowntownGive up dumping money into the downtown core, it is a write off.
DowntownWe need to stop demonizing the downtown core
Downtownupgrade downtown
DowntownI'd work on Hess Villiage .. this is a disgusting area that absolutely does nothing for Hamilton but cause all kinds of problems .. too many people/too crowded and now there are DEATHS and nobody seems to care ...
DowntownEncourage investment in the Downtown core.
DowntownElitist who think that the only part of Hamilton is downtown.
DowntownFix downtown! Looks terrible.
DowntownDowntown population needs help
DowntownClean up downtown area
Downtowncontinue to make downtown a place that people want to come to, most people have a very negative view of our core.
DowntownRenewal of downtown core.
DowntownTake part in the gentrification of downtown Hamilton.
DowntownBetter downtown - a destination for residents and visitors.
DowntownI would give downtown a more polished look and have long term Jamiltonians fall in love with the City.
Downtownfix downtown, it's not safe. Free parking downtown
DowntownToo many half way houses / shelters in the core where we are trying to draw people into. I work in the core and am asked for $$ or cigarettes every single time I leave my office. Its tiring....remove some / most of the pay day loan places in downtown. it is being overrun with them. They prey on the poor and desperate and look trashy to boot. The bingo hall needs to be taken out of downtown.
Downtownmake the downtown more safe and attractive
DowntownRevitalize the core and the East end before building one more new building! I'd love to see increased parking in the core (affordable too!). Perhaps more multi-level parking rather than concrete lots everywhere...making more room for GREEN spaces.. Love what's happening at GORE Park. Standardize and limit signage to enhance the beauty of buildings and neighbourhoods especially limiting ads on buildings un-related to what the building is purposed for. we are bombarded with signage and advertising. I do like seeing Community event signage though. More accessible community events...festival of friends at GAGE again or Bayfront. Accessible financially, transportation and access and for special needs.
DowntownMy councillor, peoples negative perspectives of down town- including the police
DowntownDowntown and Jackson Square have to be made a desirable place to shop. Clean up the low trash people
Downtown, Revamp the downtown core to make it trendy and desirable for young people to live in and start families in. Right now, it feels unsafe and dingy.
Downtown, BusinessRevitalization of the downtown core that involves more of the city and not just independent buisness owners, also the removal of all of the pay day /loan shops.
Downtown, BusinessThe continued focus on downtown Hamilton ignores the many other places Hamiltonians live and prosper. Only focusing on an arts and cultural based economy ignores the scientific and technical opportunities and leads to division in the community. Instead of being the best place to raise a child how about becoming the best place to start a business, working to attract an entrepreneurial base in the city and all else will follow.
Downtown, Business, ArtsI would concentrate on restoring the downtown core of Hamilton, adding new local businesses, public services and support for the arts.
Downtown, City HallMake downtown more attractive. Slow the traffic on king and Main. Many small business owners complain of the red tape and delays when applying for licences and any communication with the city offices...... STREAMLINE!
Downtown, Education, Policeclean up the downtown, bring positive business to the core (not cash store, dollar stores and Salavation Army- that is pretty sad to have on our main street). Get street people involved in productive work and off the streets. The whole community needs to be involved in the support and working together with public education so that all citizens see education as a goal to improved living. All sectors of the community need to support each other and work together - the spectator needs to support the community and public education and stop publishing negative things about our education system. In general we need to inculcate and/or go back showing respect for people in positions of authority i.e. police officers, teachers, leaders not because they are perfect and never make mistakes but because they are leaders in our community who have important and very difficulty jobs to do and it does not help our city and or country to see such disrespect i.e. burning of police cars, negative reporting in the newspaper
Downtown, Enforcementclean up downtown, make it more family friendly ensure that home owners are maintaining their properties
Downtown, FinanceReduce public parking rates in downtown area e.g.Jackson Square, YMCA
Downtown, GreenThe atmosphere downtown would be hugely improved by more green space and/or more plants on the streets.
Downtown, GreenMore focus on revitalizing the downtown core, city round promotion on healthy living, more councillor/ward interaction with residents,
Downtown, GrowthFix the downtown core, get more people living downtown and the core will renew around the new tenants.
Downtown, HealthImprove quality of business/retailers in the city core. Too many people with mental health issues populating downtown.
Downtown, HeritageInfill development in dwr core & heritage conservation
Downtown, Heritage, Police, Clean up downtown and make it more presentable to our visitors. Remove the ugly buildings and restore the beautiful ones. It's rundown and it attracts undesirables. More police security in Hess village. It's become a hotspot for trouble.
Downtown, Housing, Business, TransitFocus on downtown revitalization in all areas, housing, business, transportation
Downtown, Housing, Poverty, Seniors.Improve the downtown area. Provide more housing for low income families and seniors.
Downtown, ImageThe level of Architecture. The city looks poor, especially in downtown. Hamilton is nice quite city, but when i moved from Cairo, i felt that i am not in the place i was aiming to. I spend most of my time at Burlington as i can see it is cleaner and well organized. Why do not we change Hamilton like this?
Downtown, Image, Engagement, Make downtown feel safe and appealing for people to visit, shop, and do business in.Jackson square was a huge and shortsighted error in judgement.Gore park has been a strange exercise in trying one scene after another.Hamilton is an incredibly attractive city, but people from other areas think of it as a wasteland.Perhaps we don't blow our own horn enough.Much more intelligent civic involvement is required.Perhaps some of those in charge of beautification projects should be re qualified.
Downtown, Image, Tourism, Sprawl, The city needs to rejuvenate the downtown area, and to create more areas like John St. and the main street in Dundas. We have areas which are high end, but people don'tsee tthat. The current downtown and the industrial image crushes most of our potential for tourism. We have so much to offer, and it is not being seen because of this current perception that Hamilton is a dirty and low end city. We also need to stop building in the agricultural areas, because we have an amazing climate and soil to grow amazing fruit. We should be maximizing this opportunity and not ruining it with houses. We have such a great mild climate, and beautiful waterfalls, etc., these attributes need to be utilized better to help our city create a different image.
Downtown, JobsMake downtown more attractive. Bring more jobs to people.
Downtown, Pedestrian, Transit, ArtsDowntown improvement/attractiveness/redevelopment to be a priority Limit growth of suburbs. Walkable and manageable communities Light rail and public transport upgrades Bicycle lanes everywhere it is possible Support the arts
Downtown, PovertyRevitalization of the core is indeed important. However, we cannot simply paint over the reason why the core is viewed negatively. The problem with unemployment and homelessness needs to be fixed first. Once those problems are on their way to being taken care of, then you will have a better chance at succeeding in revitalizing the core.
Downtown, Poverty, I would focus on revitalizing the city core and provide the working poor with benefits equal to those received by people on assistance to encourage people to get back to work.
Downtown, RedevelopThe focus on downtown redevelopment should be TOP PRIORITY!
Downtown, Redevelopstrong resistence to gentrification in the core
Downtown, RedevelopRebuild downtown, it is really old. and destroy all the old houses on barton and cannon street and rebuild new ones for business
Downtown, Redevelop, DevelopDowntown cleaned up 1.garbage,cigarette butts,street beggers gone 2.make new by adding to the old
Downtown, Redevelop, Pedestrian, Housing, Schools, Transit, EngagementPut a stronger focus on redeveloping downtown by focusing on the pedestrian environment and promoting creative medium/high density housing product. Adopt a complete streets policy across the city. Retain neighbourhood schools by rethinking our approach to education infrastructure. Outfit HSR buses to allow for real-time scheduling information. Enhance major bus stops with better infrastructure and provide real-time scheduling display. Invest in a cell phone app again with real-time scheduling, incident updates, etc.
Downtown, Redevelop, Transit, Encourage clean-up and refurbishing of the downtown area and remove many of the 'fast cash' and 'cash conversion' locations. Promotion of the use of public transit, addition of LRT and all-day GO Service is a great way to encourage people to be in and move around Hamilton without creating greater traffic congestion. Improved and expanded bike lanes would also be helpful.
Downtown, RoadsLess emphasis on the downtown core and more repair/reconstruction of roads in the former communites of Dundas, Ancaster, etc.
Downtown, Roads, Transit, Finance, TaxesClean up downtown. Better roads. Stop spending money on pointless project, e.g. bike path on cannon, light rail to nowhere, lower taxes
Downtown, SprawlDevelop downtown as opposed to sprawling out to rural areas
Downtown, SprawlClean up downtown. I'd like to shop there like I can in other major cities. Limit suburban spread.
Downtown, Sprawl, Develop, Liven downtown. Stop the sprawl into farmland. Yes, charge developers more to put in roads and services. Those new house prices should reflect the (lost) opportunity costs of paving farmland, increasing transportation, school and infrastructure costs.
Downtown, Sprawl, Green, Heritage, Waterfront, Jobs, PovertyLess focus on outer-city development, more on inner-city (although already existing developments on the outskirts of Hamilton should have the same services as Hamilton residents. Just no additional suburbs). Reclaim and rejuvenate polluted lands and waters; Red Hill Creek was the second largest inner city park in North America next to Central Park. We should have kept that as an attraction ("Canada's Central Park" or something like) instead of building an expressway through it. In future, such spaces should be preserved, not developed. More preservation of unique Hamilton buildings. Keep the waterfront public-access. Make Hamilton a leader in environmental research and sustainability. We have the polluters. Let's learn how to clean up after them and make that Hamilton's new export. Look after the poor. The rich will look after themselves.
Downtown, Sprawl, ImageUpgrade the Downtown Stop approving new Walmarts and Suburban Shopping Centres Promote Hamilton as a Great Place to work & live
Downtown, Taxes, Poverty, The City of Hamilton is more than downtown..I dislike that the suburbs are over taxed and reducing the quality of life because of mismanagement of down town for fifty years. I sometimes feel that the real business of Hamilton is poverty. I make no apologies for working hard and having a rewarding life.
Downtown, TourismMove social services offices and pawnshops/payday loan shops out of the downtown area. Downtown should be made attractive to tourism, shopping and entertainment and should not come across as the dilapidated appearance it presently does. I feel embarrassed to bring visitors to downtown Hamilton. However the "Art Crawl" and similar events are going in the right direction.
Downtown, Traffic1. Ban billboards in lower city 2. Change Main Street and King street to two way streets
Downtown, Traffic, Transit, Pedestrian, Sprawl, Continue to support downtown revitalization, prioritize complete streets, prioritize rapid transit, slow down the pace of rural development. Destroying prime farmland for crappy townhouse complexes that cost $$$ to service does nothing to help city core.
Downtown, Transit, Casino, Heritage, Term Limits, Growth, There is an enormous focus on rejuvenating the downtown. I am not a supporter of this. Nor am I a supporter of light rail travel. An LRT system is not needed as there are more people that work outside Hamilton than within and require commuting. I agree with a downtown casino. I disagree with preservation of heritage buildings - they are unsightly and add nothing to the aesthetics. I agree with term limits. I am hoping Brenda Johnson is not re-elected in Ward 11. I think there is too much emphasis on low-income anything as many of these people can likely work and help themselves, but choose not to (I said "most", not "all"). I would concentrate on improvements on the mountain regarding bus travel and transportation as a whole. Every route is a mess! Also, it would be nice to have opened a route in place of closing Upper Mount Albion and increasing the commute for many people. Again, where is the growth in Hamilton? Certainly, not in the downtown core! There is lots more to add, but I am just one voice and it's likely not an important voice. Thank you for your time.
Downtown, Transit, City Hall, EngagementDevelop downtown core, improved public transit, get out of small town thinking mode and join the new millennium. We need one number to call for civic issues and problems (like a 911)
Downtown, WaterfrontFix the downtown, but look after the rest of the city too. Easy access to all possible waterfront areas.
Downtown, Waterfront, Arts, Transit, Pedestrian, Greencontinue to develop downtown, waterfront, arts community, public transit, walkable communities, pay attention to environmental issues
Economic GrowthTo encourage economic growth, by offering incentives for companies that come to Hamilton and provide new jobs. Too many jobs in this city are related to social services, health care and education. While these are noble and necessary fields, they are completely funded by tax dollars. Jobs bring in revenue, reduce poverty and generate wealth for the city that will ultimately lead to a rehabilitation of the downtown core.
EducationCOMMENT: I don't like question # 24, because I don't agree in making it EASIER for people to vote. There should actually be skill testing questions in order for people to be able to vote. I assume that a great number of people who vote, only do so because they think it is their civic duty, but really don't know the issues or in some cases, even who is running - and it is strictly a name recognition thing (and I would have been one of them at one time). In fact in Ancaster, after Murray Ferguson had his stroke, his much less worthy brother ran, and used Murray's election signs which simply had Ferguson on them.. because the Ferguson's were a political dynasty in Ancaster for the last 50 years. Most people of my acquaintance know little, and care even less about who is running, as long as it doesn't shake up their world or raise their taxes. So what would I change about the City - I'd have the people ON the Civic League and Council of Canadians actually run for office and that is the best way to make this city better! Oh, and the sharpest of the bunch should be on the Opinionaters too! (but you can't be an angry person - gotta have thick skin and a sense of humour)
Education, PovertyImprove education for low income families. Not just provincial curriculum, but programs to boost self-esteem, to improve nutrition, to help them feel like they matter. People stay poor because the 'feel' poor. I have little money, but feel rich. This is due to educating myself in health, nutrition, mindset, and other non-school related activities.
Education, Transit, Redevelop, Traffic, Planning, SprawlPolitically: Communication of scope & extent of municipal responsibilities vs. provincial / federal for both citizens and candidates would help civic engagement . Sustainable Transportation & Community Vitality: Bike trail extension from Bay Front Park east through the industrial heart to Stoney Creek would increase the residential appeal of Hamilton and the labour force for businesses / increase ability for potential employer to attract employees. Encouraging businesses to establish HQ in areas near the steel mills. Commuting by bicycle, for those who live near the steel mills, is unpleasant and/or dangerous. This area of Hamilton is like a black hole; getting out / getting in is hampered by one-way streets followed by the greater - Hamilton 403 & QEW traffic problem that continues to become more congested. Commerce here is limited requiring citizens to leave the neighbourhood for both employment and to obtain general household goods. This area is the no man's land between Stoney Creek sprawl and the downtown core. While Ottawa & Barton may appear accessible, many of those in this neighbourhood do not have a car. The Centre on Barton is a pedestrian nightmare that has pulled many businesses out of this neighbourhood. Economic Development: Small business support beyond McMaster affilitation & 'friends', i.e., only a close knit group is benefitting from what Hamilton Economic Development is showcasing as success stories. Perhaps making city-owned / empty real-estate properties a real bargain to small upstarts would help to attract independent SMEs; LIC in support of subsidising procurement by a business of these buildings should also be considered. This would also alleviate traffic predominantly created by people coming out of the Niagara & Brantford areas needing to drive through Hamilton to get to GTA for work. Let's focus on brainstorming on making job creation viable in Hamilton. Lastly, deter the development of excessive seniour citizen accommodations and drug rehap centres here in Hamilton. We should focus on our own people's needs vs. attracting migration of those in need from other cities into the area; these peoples are a liability vs. an asset. We should take care of our own, but other cities should do the same. We need to encourage companies, who think that the GTA is the ideal HQ, to consider Hamilton. This, in and of itself, will also go a long way towards mitigating traffic congestion in the area. P.S. Regarding Q46: It is unclear as to whose support we are being asked to rate. I assumed that we were being asked to rate the City's support of these initiatives. My personal interest on all is quite high.
EnforcementLittering, pan handlers, prostitution, drug pushers. Dead beat landlords. Park vandlism, by immiigrants as well as illlegal dumping by the same.
EnforcementHigh fines for parking violations.
EnforcementCrack down on absentee property owners.
Enforcementloitering in public places
Enforcementthe unacceptable level of air pollution that appears to be improving slowly but needs to have existing pollution control laws strictly enforced and followed through on!
EnforcementAddress problems of drugs and alcohol, tattoo parlors, prostitution, etc. Need to instill moral values to create healthy individuals and families and by extension, a better/safer city to live in.
EnforcementA process to insure processes are followed for community property code violations. Call in a concern and watch the problem come back again and again without a real resolution made. This then leads to the area falling deeper and deeper into decay. Now my Wilson and Victoria Ave area has had stabbings and among other crimes on the increase.
EnforcementIntroduce systems to: (1) stop buildings being left emply by owners/developers for an indeterminate length of time; and (2) force owners to clean up vacant properties with toxic material/waste, at their expense NOT the taxpayers expense.
EnforcementIncrease bylaw enforcement for items such as garbage on property, not mowing the lawn, not shoveling the sidewalks, etc. Increase police presence at night in 'quiet areas' to prevent car and house break ins.
Enforcement, HousingThe Zoning By-laws pertaining to residential properties. They are far too complex and restrictive to the many older homes. It's near impossible for some homeowners to make reasonable upgrades to their homes based on arbitrary by-laws that haven't been in place nearly as long as, nor take into account, the many, many older homes in the lower city.
Enforcement, City Hall, EducationI would change the enforcement bylaw officers are capable of administering. For example, handing out tickets for minor infractions like idling over 5 minutes, or littering, or excessive noise, or loitering. Changing their name to Goodwill Ambassadors or something friendly to try and spread a harmonious way of living in a clean and healthy city. I'd also change the ability for City Hall to practice back-door/hidden-agenda politics, with hopes of ending corporate lobbyism's and their desire to 'do as they wish' with this city. Great survey. Just wish I knew how the city dished out money so I could better answer those first dozen questions more accurately.
Enforcement, GreenPass a law which regulates noise levels emitted by vehicles (decibel restrictions). Other communities like Burlington, for example, have this law. Noise pollution is serious and makes a difference for all residents.
Enforcement, Heritage, Transitaggressively enforce property standards, better protect the city's heritage buildings, make cycling a safer more viable option for getting about, build light rail transit
Enforcement, Housing, Animals, The lax way they allow property owners to deal with bed bugs, roaches, and other bugs that infest,particularly apt owners. I also don't like the way Hamilton Housing is cramming families into undersized apartments. I am also distressed at the large and extremely large sized dogs allowed to live in buildings and no by-laew enforcement regarding the poop being left everywhere. I think it is unreasonable for more than 2 pets to be allowed in an apartment, unless they are fish or little quiet non smelly creatures.
Enforcement, Image, Green, Arts, Enforce current Property Standards By-laws aggressively, both for commercial and residential properties. Buildings (including some owned by the City) are left to deteriorate, are boarded up with plywood (where perhaps an opportunity exists to promote the arts or events), sidewalks are not cleared of snow in the winter and garbage/dirt in the summer (the McNab terminal is especially grotesque in the summer with weeds growing from the roof of the shelters!), graffiti is not removed in a timely manner even when it is simply white chalk!!, parking lots are barren & dirty places (something as simple as plantings near the sidewalk can help with this).. this creates an air of decay and decline ripe with criminal activity, even if that's not true, statistically-speaking.
Enforcement, RedevelopMake landlords more responsible for vacant property upkeep and safety; Not approve big box stores in downtown area where local businesses are trying to make a living; support development ideas (e.g., Harry Stinson's Gibson school project) that will revitalize struggling areas
Enforcement, Roads, Traffic, Transit, Accountability, VotingEnforce bylaws, especially littering. More roads need paving sooner.Get rid of two way street conversions and speed bumps. No LRT. Add more buses. Reduce wasteful and excessive spending by council. Municipal on line voting.
Enforcement, Snow, Traffic, PlanningEnforce the laws on snow clearing without people having to complain about it first. Be proactive. Especially after the winter we have just had. Extremely bad decision in closing off the road across from the new catholic high school on stoney creek mountain. Not sure of the reason for this but if it was for the safety of the students, that is BS since they have to walk up and down Rymal rd. You killed the businesses in the Heritage Greens shopping centre by doing this. Some businesses are down over 100 customers per day because of this bad decision. You create a mega shopping centre but then limit the access to one lane streets that are ridiculously congested because of bad planning. Stone church is grid lock going west in this area right through to upper Ottawa on a daily basis. Never mind the light at Prichard and Stone Church...finally an advanced green but seriously, you couldn't think of that 4 or 5 months ago when you closed off the other road. Do any city workers or alderman ever drive in that neighborhood to see the damage they have caused with their bad decisions.
Enforcement, TrafficThe parking authority should be all controlling parking, not making money. They illegally change parking rules without the proper petitions. No more Red Light Cameras, for so many reasons, the top being that the system is not calibrated and giving out tickets to people who slow down for yellows, while those who push on the gas get away with it.
Enforcement, TrafficStrong enforcement of stringent litter law Electronic parking slips for store owners to pass to customers to encourage downtown shopping
Enforcement, Traffic, ServicesI'd like to see more response to by-law complaints; more by-law employees hired to do the job. My area in Ward 8 was annexed by the City of Hamilton Jan 1, 1960; we are still trying to manage the traffic on an outdated road, with very deep ditches (never cleaned out by the City), and a ratty cracked dangerous asphalt path on one side of the road only. I'd like to see this changed very soon ! before anyone gets hurt. We have waited far too long. Every other north/south main road on Hamilton Mountain has been improved and extended to and past Rymal Road . I'd like to see more flood protection given to existing properties, when new development is underway. I'd like to have a councillor's office that would respond to e-mails and phone calls, when I need help.
Engagementwould prefer to have the question posed in a discussion about democratic engagement. discussion would be among politicians, staff and citizens.
EngagementThere needs to be a better form of of making decisions for matters that pertain to localized areas and have very different circumstances from other areas. For example: areas in the city that are farmland really have different needs and priorities from urban areas such as Hamilton's downtown. Only matters that pertain to the entire city need to be decided by ALL counselors. The local ward Resident Groups proposed in item 26 of this survey, may be a good place to start.
Engagementpublicize all council meetings, department meetings, etc a lot more.let us know what is happening at city hall.
EngagementMore input into issues like LRT and Fluoride by placing same on the ballot at the next Plebiscite Oct. 27, 2914.
EngagementRyan Moran for Mayor!
EngagementI am not educated enough to have a valuable opinion yet.
EngagementGet rid of the socialist lefties
EngagementI would change the municipal voting practice. The council says it is not its job to get all prospective voters out. I think it is. More easily-accessible stations are needed especially in hi-rise buildings whether rental or condos. Better still, secure on-line voting is the future. Let's get on with it.
EngagementFighting beyween areas of the city and councellors
EngagementThe communication with the residents on important issues such as permanent road closures, etc.
EngagementBridge the gap between those who have given up / believe nothing can change with those who love the city and are excited about the future.
Engagementbetter website
EngagementCommunication with residents - we cannot rely on the media for a clear image of what's happening. I am not available to sit in on meetings at city hall, and by the time i read or hear about it, it's practically old news.
Engagementestablish a city department with the sole purpose of organizing citizens to form community councils in every neighborhood
EngagementAverage people need to have more say. The political party system serves the corporate world, not the people
EngagementI would make everyone respectful, generous, thoughtful, helpful and loving.
EngagementGood issue coverage in this survey, however, many responses to questions could be qualified with variable circumstances. Hence, as with this survey, much points to citizens being more engaged in dialogue.
EngagementAsk for and LISTEN to advise from the community.
EngagementCitizen engagement.
EngagementFull participatory budgeting across the city. More decision making power to the community.
Engagement, More connection between the citizens and city hall. It seems like Hamilton city council believes they are running a different city, one that existed many years ago. They need to adapt to the changing social and economic structure.
Engagement, Accessibility, Transparency, Downtown, I would add participatory budgeting to every ward - have more access to addressing issues with my city councillor at regular meetings, more transparency about the decisions that are being made, more investment and development in the downtown - more promotion of the downtown to all the citizens, better engagement with suburbia for improvements in the downtown.
Engagement, AnimalThe communication with citizens and council members is horrible. They do not respond; their secretaries do and tell you they are looking into it. They then do not even bother to contact you and when you once again ask them, they say the same thing (the majority of them) Hamilton Animal Services needs the council to extend further funding and allow the current shelter to either build on or move considering their is a larger population since the shelter was built. City council needs to listen to all of our citizens who have been pleading with them for years to change the way the shelter is one wants to hear us and now we have a pamphlet that we will distribute explaining the difference with HAS and the SPCA, how to take care of animals properly, spay.neuter, microchipping etc. etc. and this type of thing should be done by council not by tax paying citizens. This city needs to become animal friendly and I can assure you that I will NOT be voting for the current mayor. He was rude to me the one time I contacted him and he actually got back to me. He does not care what the people think or the thoughts they have. We will only vote for those who are animal friendly, compassionate and will do something to help our cities animals.
Engagement, Arts, WaterfrontConnect citizens more to the arts community and waterfront.
Engagement, City HallTry to stop the current local community groups that pester council from having so much say as they are not democratically representative of the population.
Engagement, City Hall, - more community input and engagement/education on issues and how they affect "us"; less catering to land developers; question #50 I didn't know what "access" was referring to and for #57 my councillor is running for mayor...or I would vote for him again, at this point in time
Engagement, CommunityInclude a Welcome Wagon group that visit new residents and apprise them of all of the opportunities in their neighbourhood and in the city.
Engagement, Develop, TransitThese are follow-up comments to the questions above: 1. Online voting is a MAJOR concern. You can verify the identity of the voter but not whether someone is with them. This opens the door wide to vote coercion or vote buying because a third person can confirm a voter has voted as required. I don't currently see a way around this, and it has serious implications for the integrity of the vote. 2. Development in new areas - developers should also be required to subsidize transit for a defined period.
Engagement, DiversityI would encourage the city to continue with its neighbourhood development stragegy, focusing on including marginalized members of our communities to participate in this initiative.
Engagement, DiversityThe city needs to be more responsive to the expressed needs of citizens - I get that it's a giant bureaucracy, but it's also correctably inefficient, unequal, and by and large a white-boy sausage party. Staff and council are by no means representative of the population. That needs to change.
Engagement, DowntownI am hoping we get a mayor that is able to connect urban & rural communities. Getmore folks down the mountain to downtown.
Engagement, Downtown, Airport-Voter turnout is a serious problem in Hamilton -Downtown development (condos, offices, etc.) should be encouraged as this will increase the city's tax base and could provide tax relief to all Hamiltonians along with intensifying the downtown. -Airport lands development should be considered IF (and only IF) we can be sure that what is built is industrial. My fear is that the land will be re-zoned, and after there is no interest from industrial developers, residential developers will "step up" and build houses. This should be avoided as we do not need any more sprawl housing..
Engagement, Educationaccess to the political arena. most residents do not get involved in the political arena because there is no forum for them to understand the political landscape and how to navigate through and into it. We need a program put on by city personnel , free to any resident, say a municpal governance course 101. I would attend that. Also there should be no fee to participate as a local candidate and new comers into the political arena should be provided an assistant (free) from one of our fine colleges or universities , someone in a political science course.
Engagement, EducationAlmost everything - more people oriented Note: 1-3 probably should have been don't know as my problem is with how leaders handle what they spend on.
Engagement, Education, PovertySee that everyone is given all the information we need to participate in all aspects of our lives affected by the city. i would also try to have people educated as to their rights and responsibilities as citizens. I would ask that children from the beginning of their schooling become familiar with these rights and responsibilities. I would expect that everyone be given at least as much financial and other support that they need to become an active participant in their own progress and never have anyone living below the poverty line. and especially not living on the streets. We are our brother's keeper if he, she needs us to do so.
Engagement, FinanceMore participatory budgeting involvement by residents.
Engagement, GreenFoster grass roots change like the James Street Art Crawl, Encourage community gardens, Make rebuilding a sense of community a priority.
Engagement, Green, SeniorsMore open form of municipal government. Eliminate water fluoridation. Ensure clean water and air. Rehabilitate existing infrastructure. Expand participatory budgeting projects to all wards. Reduce level of poverty in the city. Develop the waterfront into a creative public space. Support community gardens and eat local initiatives. Divest any fossil fuel investments. Improve health care and social services for seniors.
Engagement, InclusivityKeeping people informed about what's happening, inclusivity!
Engagement, Leadershipcommitment and responsiveness to the citizenry via engaging people in the process. a commitment to move forward with sound decisions that have positive long term impact to the greater good of the city and the people who live in it.
Engagement, PovertyGet people more politically active. FIX THE POVERTY PROBLEM - BASIC INCOME. Stop perpetuating poverty by giving Non profits so much funding.... it only keeps those in the same circumstances that got them there in the first place. Those in poverty put food on the tables who work in the industry... it is very clear they have no interest in ending poverty when Non profit CEO's can make 119,000/yr. disgusting, really.....
Engagement, PovertySupport residents that have a proven interest in raising the city up. So many gatekeepers with paid positions. End the poverty industry in Hamilton.
Engagement, Poverty, Services, SeniorsThe suburbs pay taxes ... supposed public engagement is only for those who live in the Cold Red neighbourhoods - poverty exists everywhere but only the downtown is mentioned or it seems your group cares about. If you live in the outlying areas, we do not have public transportation nor good access to social services ..... elderly are often ignored;.
Engagement, Redevelop, Downtown, ServicesStart listening to community - stop destroying neighbourhoods (like West Harbour expropriation) - stop trying to shove grandiose ideas into West Harbour - make it residential, as planning reflected! Stop thinking the downtown can be improved - it can't and won't be without proper allocation of Social Services (and accountability). Social Services are BIG business - they need people to justify funding and getting people off the services means less funding for them.
Engagement, Services, Health, Make it about the people and listen to all who live here, not just the well educated, or well off. Sex workers and the homeless are still hamiltonians. We need better care for those with mental health issues. Thank you for doing this survey
Engagement, Tourism, WaterfrontMore local input of local area issues.More tourism focused based on the environment and the amazing natural beauty of the city region.Very careful planning of waterfront including water focused sports,marinas,parks,walkways.
Engagement, Traffic, GreenI would begin the development of neighbourhood associations in every neighbourhood, so as to assist city council with actually getting to know Hamiltonians and, perhaps, eventually replacing council altogether with a confederation of assemblies. I would put bicycle lanes on every single street, protected, and pedestrian cross-walks for the elderly and students, especially at Fennell Avenue and Upper James Street. I would strive to develop more public transit and discourage the use of lone-driver automobiles. I would convert any arable land in the city to community gardens, akin to what is happening now in Detroit, Michigan, and de-pave Paradise, as Green Venture is doing. Neighbourhood schools would be re-opened and centralization of institutions would be ended. A by-law, similar to what was voted down in Washington, District of Columbia, that ensured that any commercial institutions had a living wage and the right to unionize would be established, thereby ridding the city of WalMart, Target, and high-interest loan stores. Sincerely, Joshua Weresch
Engagement, Transitmore respect for existing assets. More participatory budgeting, less 'citizens do the heavy lifting'. more transit connections in directions other than toronto.
Engagement, TransitI think citizen committees that inform councillors is a good idea, but it should be relatively representative of the community and I feel that this may not occur very often. Although I don't use transit too often currently, I would increase my use if/when GO transit service is increased/expanded, and I plan to start using bus service more into Burlington where I work. I think strong transit service is very important to any major city. I think that it might be a good idea to create some major areas of concentration in the city and build transit around these, make sure there are lots of amenities (parks, libraries, walkable businesses for essentials, gyms, etc), and this would be so awesome. And for the record, I did vote in the 2010 election, and I will vote in the 2014 one whether I can do it online or not.
Engagement, Transparency, Accountability, Jobs, Diversity, WaterfrontInsist on more participation and involvement of residents in major decision making. Better transparency and accountability of mayor and council. Better effort in retraining and employment of existing unemployed and welfare reliant citizens. Provide less attention and funding to recent immigrants and special interest groups. Get rid of the poison ivy in Confederation Park, open up the wondrous view of the lake so you can at least enjoy the view as you walk along the paved path. The park is one of the gems of the city and it has been allowed to go "back to nature" to the point where you can no longer view the lake as you walk along the paved walkway. They have benches which face the lake but no longer have a view of it because of the dense shrubs.
Equity, DiversityMake all neighbourhoods as equal as possible. Reduce and eventually eliminate the gap between classes
Equity, GreenI wish the city would treat the people living burlington st/kenilworth area like they do stoney creek/dundas/ancaster ....we get no respect and treated like we live in ghetto....send inspectors to look at dofasco drive/kenilworth and look at how horrid the train track area is....its never cleaned or maintained....when they do repairs the even leave all the old rails and whatnot behind....not to mention street sweepers show up 3 times a year(Roosevelt Ave), even with us harassing sam merula about it constantly...we are sooo on the wrong side of the tracks....wishing for equality in hamilton
Equity, Green, Community, BusinessMore equitable neighbourhoods More people places = parks, community gardens, small retail less huge big box stores and places
Farmland, SprawlI would want to keep farmlands safe.
Farmland, Sprawl, GrowthNo expansion into the farmland. Use the areas already developed
Farmland, Ward, Transit, These are notes about the survey. #20 There is farmland in the city - my farm is the "city of Hamilton" not surrounding it. #41 The casino already is - asking should we close it down is another question altogether. #45 Public Transit - There are no buses going by my place. Changes to the city of Hamilton: I would like to see constant reminders to the rest of the population about the importance of agriculture and the fact that the city is now mostly rural land. Number of counselors to reflect population would be fine if the countryside had not been forced into the city in the first place. So often I hear "harmonized" from city hall - as in the services/rules need to be consistent - rural and urban are not the same - but still lumped together, with the emphasis being on the needs of the urban. Bikes - I want to see bike lanes - real bike lanes everywhere in Hamilton - rural and urban. It is sometimes more difficult to get around on a bike in the country than in the city due to lack of shoulders on some roads and traffic speed. Bee keeping needs to be legal in the urban areas of the city. With conventional farmers using bee killing seed treatments and pesticides - urban areas are actually safer for bees than the countryside. Toronto does it - what the heck is Hamilton afraid of? Chickens - checkout for an enlightened approach to poultry. A ready made program for Hamilton to simply copy. There is a course several city employees could be sent to in Guelph all about Urban agriculture. This might help the city get a priority on food security in light of climate change and help look after the general health of the population. I want the city to be very very concerned about pipelines - especially line 9. Wetlands need to be understood, protected and celebrated.
FinanceI would like to see a living wage for all who work in Hamilton
Financeinstitute fair wages for low income families. Raise ODSP payments for those who cannot work to meet the same level as those who can work for the extra money. Those on ODSP who cannot work are being penalized and kept poorer than those who are disabled but can still work and earn the 200/month that's not raked back by the government.
FinanceI favour a forensic audit of all the City's affairs by an outside auditor which would reveal all the existing weakness of the system, of which there are many.
FinanceStop spending lots of money on stuff that benefits no one or few.
Financereduce debt
FinanceMove to a three year, rolling budget model.
Financeindependent auditor general function is needed
Finance, Education, Housing, City HallPrograms that are funded by the city in part, or in whole are ineffective and mismanaged. Examples include the Career Development Center (CDC) at 181 Main Street where clients are not permitted to use their cell phones in the computer/ table area. Mismanagement of properties that the city is responsible for only adds to the enormous bed bug problem that is currently plaguing Hamilton. An example of this is the hiring of a company “Magic Pest” to treat properties, now claiming that the company was not using an effective insecticide. The social programs that are funded by the city are poorly designed and mismanaged.
Finance, JobsThe spending on things not needed I would create jobs Not for people who are already working
Finance, Pedestrian, Transit, GreenDecrease income/wealth inequality; improve walkability/bikeability/public transit; decrease our city's carbon footprint
Finance, SprawlGet out of debt. Focus only maintenance of our city until we get out of debt. Stop developing farmland.
Finance, TaxesWe need a council that is focused on the needs of Hamilton, not the nice-to-haves. Infrastructure is way behind in expenditures that are needed. We didn't need to spend on the Pan Am games. We don't need an LRT. We don't need to spend taxpayers' dollars on saving old, dilapidated buildings. Changing to 2-way streets, narrowing King and Main Streets with parking, bus lanes, bicycle lanes is a backward step. Bicycle lanes - this is Canada, we have winter! Has anyone ever done a count of bicycles using any major road in January? Unfortunately, the vocal minority gets its wants, and th majority sit back and accept whatever happens. You are right, we need to get voters involved.
Finance, Traffic, City HallStop wasting money and time on studies and consultants and run the city (north end traffic calming fiasco...) So dangerous for bikes now...
Finance, Youth, BusinessStop funding criminals with huge sums of funding/grants and instead help young entrepreneurs. If the city provided start up / year 2-4 helpers to businesses in hamilton.. it would be a great way to pull and keep talent.
FluorideTake the Fluoride out of the water , it is unproven Drug, it causes many ailments as seen in The EU
FluorideI would definitely end the water fluoridation. The residents of Hamilton do not need to be mass medicated. The studies are conclusive that the type of fluoride they put in the water is very harmful to your health in the long term. Your body needs trace amounts of calcium fluoride not large doses of hydrofluorosalicic acid. This program needs to end. This would also save the city a lot of money. They could use the money they save from the dumping of this toxic waste into our water by promoting awareness of the benefits keeping good oral hygiene.
FluorideJust get the fluoride out of the water. The science proves it's toxic and politicians need to realize this
Fluoride, Green, Health, Diversity, Remove flouride from Hamilton water supply. I want people in Hamilton government to understand what CHEMTRAILS are and the impact it is is having on our population.The rights , freedoms, religous and otherwise , of Canadian citizens should be up held over immigrants coming to this country. NO BERKAS, NO FACE COVERINGS, if my child cannot pray in school , then no other religion should have that privelege.
Fluoride, Housing, Transit1.Get the Fluoride out of Hamilton's water. 2. More affordable housing 3. Improve bus transportation routes
Fluoride, Taxes, Develop, AnimalsEnd water fluoridation. Lower taxes. Focus on sustainable development. Bylaw to allow back-yard chicken coops.
GreenBetter access to clean, drinkable, good tasting tap water for all residents. (better filtration methods for suburbs/rural areas, more public drinking fountains. Ban bottled water like San Fransisco just did.
Greenair quality control
Greenkeep city cleaner,
GreenKeep and acquire more green space for the public to enjoy living in the city
GreenGet riid of the litter.
GreenFlowers for all possible areas.
Greenmore gardens
GreenTransform from a fossil fuel dependent industrial follower into a green technology and environmental sustainability leader
GreenMore small patches of wildness to let the birds and small animals roost and feed.
Greenmore green places
GreenMore parks
GreenMore parks
Greenhave recyling centers open 24/7
GreenI would make real parks in each area of the city rather than the extension of school grounds that we merely call parks. The mountain has very little in the way of a true park atmosphere e.g. something like Dundurn Park or Gage Park.
GreenAir and water (harbour) quality
GreenIt is too long to write but I would start by ensuring every building in the city was retrofitted in some with way to be more environment friendly and I would ensure all new builds maintained the highest level of eco friendly construction practices and materials.
GreenAdd more garbage cans throughout the neighborhoods. I live on Prospect South and am constantly picking up garbage particularly from Tim Hortons and MacDonalds.
Greentry to stop the litter problem, it's embarrassing
Greenclean up the pollution and the run down areas.
GreenTo have the focus of every decision be about sustainability and the least effect of contributing further to climate change and preparing for climate change.
GreenCity needs to increase their environmental priorities. Increase public transit, bike share, car share, etc. Do not build more roads or new developments. Focus on improving what we have.
GreenHamilton needs to invest in sustainable living methods, community gardens and definitely divest completely out of the airport expansion. More support is needed to advertise local farming. The city should promote healthy eating by subsidizing local and community grown food.
GreenImprove walkability and cycling infrastructure. Green the city and work towards changing from dirty to green industry
GreenI would change the focus to a more livable city, with a range of initiatives to take advantage of Hamilton's natural features, drawing tourists and businesses to the area based on these strengths. Steel is Hamilton's history; quality of life thanks to the waterfront, natural areas, beautiful architecture, vibrant downtown, creative community & research innovations are its future.
GreenI am hoping Hamilton as it looks to the future, transforms itself into a progressive green city, where people would really want to live and work in. This would encourage business investment, the arts, renewed architecture, travel & tourism, etc. I know the potential is there.
GreenBecome a renewable energy leader in Canada and the world
GreenHire street cleaners and anti graffitti
Green, Focus on making the city a 'green city'. Promoting walking, soccer (need more green spaces for walking and playing), bike lanes/paths. Will get people out, active, more likely connecting with neighbours/others, increasing a sense of 'community' and connectedness, and care for their own neighbourhoods. Accessible for everyone.
Green, AnimalsThe City needs to vastly improve parks, they need to plant more trees, hire gardeners for horticulture in parks, there are no garden beds, and remove the rusted chain link fences that act as a barrier and discourage residents from using the parks, they're also an eye-sore. Too many parks in Hamilton have chain link fencing around them. They also need to add leash free fenced areas for dogs, which would improve park use. Hamilton parks could be used to help improve community engagement and activity and easily improve streetscapes and neighborhoods. Also Barton, Ottawa and other streets need capital investment with regards to streetscapes.
Green, Arts, Heritage, Community, Redevelop, PlanningI love Hamilton, and believe its best features are the co-existence of rural trails and countryside, along side artists, historic architecture and an eclectic urban vibe. I would work to augment these strengths, while making it a city more hospitable to young families. First and foremost, we need to address the many blighted areas. Can we try to revive Barton by encouraging artists, independent restaurants, grocers, small businesses and even urban farmers to set up shop? At the other end of the spectrum, Upper James is thriving economically but completely unfriendly to pedestrians. (I am unlikely to let my kids walk alone on either street!) Find some way to undo the damage caused by decades of poor zoning decisions!.
Green, Arts, Jobs, EducationIt should become a world leader in sustainability, development of the arts, eco-friendly job creation and education.
Green, Business Close down the dirty, smelly coke baking ovens at Defasco. If they want to make that stuff here they should have to invest in better and less polluting technology.
Green, Business, Redevelop, Waterfront, Green, Arts, Tourism, Enforcement, HealthI would eliminate all toxic industries from the bay/waterfront area & work toward re-developing & promoting this area into new park/waterfront/entertainment zones to be enjoyed by both local citizens & promote it as tourist attractions. Until such time, the MOE needs to crack down & levy penalties on co's.who continue to ruin our environment,(air & water quality)& erode our health & quality of life!
Green, City Hall, Jobs, CompensationA responsible council greener and respectful of people's needs. Jobs and wages more equitable.
Green, DowntownMore pockets of green-space in the downtown area (at the street level). Possibly a fountain on City Hall grounds.
Green, Downtown, RedevelopKeep it cleaner/tidier downtown (trash, litter, dirt on sidewalks). Make an effort to pretty up vacant store and building fronts.
Green, Education, Enforcementbecome more environmentally friendly,through education and policing
Green, Enforcement1.More garbage bins on city streets. None on Sanford or Wentworth street.. garbage everywhere. 2. More aggressive applied property standards for absentee landlords and abandoned, boarded up buildings i.e. Barton and Kings streets.
Green, Enforcementmore fountains, sculptures and trees. people taking better care of properties and cleaned all grey area in city
Green, Finance, Libraries, Police, Green, I would have garbage pickup less often. I would fund chaplaincy at First Place as per the original agreement with the City. I would give the libraries more money so that they could be open more hours. I would like to see police officers who are suspected of breaking the law be dealt with in a timely manner so that we are not paying salaries for a long time to people who are not working while suspended. I would like to have the possibility of having Hamilton take unusable carpets for recycling. I would also like to have a place to take scrap pressed wood or plywood for reuse or recycling.
Green, FoodSubsidize, on a sliding scale or pay how/if you can, Permaculture Design Courses for low income resident's (homeowners, tenants, legal/non legal immigrants, indigenous peoples, single parents and especially the homeless) ~and THANK YOU for asking.
Green, FoodInstead of regular annuals in flower beds, plant edible annuals in some areas to help those in need. Also fruit and nut trees where possible.
Green, GrowthThe environment is by far the most important issue we face today. We should work less on "growth" and more on living within our means. Hamiltonians are resourceful people and we can create the city of the 21st century better than anyone.
Green, InfrastructureHousing surveys should provide adequate space for parks. Sidewalks for Glancaster Road. More rapid repair of potholes and paving.
Green, PoliceAdd parks and community gardens. Remove graffiti and improve the look of urban decay. Increase police presence because we aren't safe.
Green, Poverty, Health, Transit, More Parks Better care of the poor Better access to hospitals adequate transportation In Ancaster - Why not small buses to take us to the bottom of the hill at least?!
Green, Poverty, Taxes, Compensation, BusinessGardens to feed the poor housing for the poor and underemployed Lower property taxes by having less police and less government. Stop spending money changing streets and other stupid things when we dont have money! Invest in employers to hire more people.
Green, RecreationMore skateboard parks
Green, Redevelop Reclaim industrial space, convert waterfront for Eco-usage and recycle buildings for residential use. Build complete bike lane infrastructure and reduce traffic lanes in the core. Make downtown a pedestrian zone. Roof top gardens. Sustainable food growth, organics. A vegan wellness centre. City bike rentals. Street/neighbourhood book exchanges. More artists and reasonable costs for atelier spaces. Become a sustainable, green city. Focus on poverty elimination. Health care and city intervention for infestations to reduce bed bugs and other conditions. Lower accessible real estate. Flexibility in zoning spaces. Rebates for citizens who create their own energy sources (solar, wind etc.,) financing and support for green building and passive building. More GO train service.
Green, Redevelop, Downtown,Traffic, - the horrible smells in the east end - the huge number of smokers polluting the air, making people sick, littering the streets and generally being disgusting - the horrible toxic industrial lands, a huge scar on the waterfront. Bulldoze it. All of it. Dance on the smoking ruins of the poison-spewing stacks - Hamilton is two cities-- upper and lower-- chained together in mutual loathing. Cut the upper city loose so we can improve the downtown without the hill people getting all snivelly and uppity - stop building parking lots. - change ALL the one-way expressways into two way streets. - pay attention to noise pollution. I would love to see Harley owners get ticketed for assaulting our eardrums
Green, Schools, HeritageI would make environmental considerations a priority since we cannot have a sustainable community that provides more equitable employment and an improved economy if we destroy natural eco-systems. One of my concerns is that there is no organized composting and pick up in Hamilton schools and the recycling programme is very limited. As a teacher I feel we should be teaching students to be responsible and to think about our impact on the environment. There should be a greater emphasis on improving air quality, reducing use of non-renewable energy resources, and increasing use of alternative sources of renewable energy. In addition, I would like to see a car free city or the numbers of cars reduced with more bicycle paths and public transit. We need to preserve older and historic buildings as much as possible and reclaim our streets for people rather than cars.
Green, Servicesthe garbage issue....busing....welfare....
Green, Snowwalk on the right side of the sidewalk keep it cleaner plough sidewalks
Green, TrafficRaise air quality standards convert some traffic lanes into public transport only lanes (ideally for LRT)
Green, Trafficmust get serious about climate change. Investment in public transit is important to grow it - build and they WILL come. Councillor Vito for bike lanes is silly (and does it make them personally responsible for resulting injuries when they personally choose not to build a bike lane). Way may pedestrian and cycling infrastructure is required.
Green, TransitClean up some areas, especially bus stops.
Green, TransitClean up the pollution, approve innovative residential and live/work development even if it means relaxing bylaws. Put in greenways. Take advantage of the arts momentum. Make it easier to commute to Toronto.
Green, Transit, More rational expenditures. $7 million for a walkway that no one uses? LRT & infrastructure only benefits travel & commerce in its corridor. Zero carbon emissions busses a better investment, flexible routes.
Green, Transit, Traffic, City HallCut down the weeds in Confederation Park. Add bus route to my area. Keep one-way streets. Make EDUCATED decisions at city hall.
Green, WaterfrontSo many things. WE have a huge environmental scar that effects everyone's well being. I would like to see randle reef cleaned up and waterfront focus.
Green, WaterfrontI would put more emphasis on a cleaner more attractive and environmentally sustainable city and waterfront
GrowthWe need to focus on growth to create new taxes to be able to afford the many many programs and services we now have and enjoy. Without growth to crate new taxes we only have 2 other options 1) raise taxes 2) cut services
Growth, Develop, Redevelop, Influence, Stop greenfield development and provide incentives for any brownfield development. Expose the influence developers have on city planning by publishing all election contributions.
Growth, SurveyPriority on community growth. Also, this survey is bad. I feel safe in my neighbourhood, but I'm a white dude in my 20s. I have less to fear than perhaps a young woman living in poverty. So how will this information be used if you do not understand the needs of certain populations that this survey does not take into account?
Growth, TransitI'm okay with the city as it is. I don't want economic growth for its own sake and modest growth is appropriate. The LRT plans are pure foolishness and won't help the city one bit. Let's prove the need for it by improving the HSR first.
Healthintroduce drug prevention and recovery services
HealthHealth system
Healthimplement random drug testing.......
HealthHamilton and surrounding areas need at least a half a dozen medicinal cannabis vapour lounges.
Health,We need to get the citizens of Hamilton off the streets and into the proper facilities for help if they are mentally diminished. In this day and age there is no need to see people helplessly wondering the streets. With the new St. Joe's facility up on the mountain, this should be a priority. Unfortunately these poor souls have no one to fight for their rights and constantly fall through the cracks.
Health, Downtown, Get rid of methodone clinic from downtown core along with fed. Parole housing, and anything else to eliminate the big "D" of hamilton core...drugs, dangerous, dirty, derelict, dumpy, it would be great if the men would stop urinating in the lane between main and king outside the main doors oh hamilton place during the noon hour or for that matter any time of day....
Health, Engagement, TransparencyMore and more effective addiction treatment. Neighbourhood democratic processes. Transparency.
Health, ServicesGet rid of the addicts, drunks, prostitutes from the City core BUT not move them to the east or west. Just get them housed or moved out.
Health,Traffic, Arts, Community living Car share Shopping Arts in local areas
HeritageOur protection -- and promotion -- of existing heritage buildings is shamefully inadequate.
HeritageI'd like to see greater preservation of heritage buildings, and where that's no economically feasible, I'd like to see large components of heritage buildings preserved as major parts of modern buildings. The modern, acoustically superior Koerner Hall incorporated into the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning in Toronto is a good example of modern materials and techniques used within a beautifully preserved historical building .
HeritageThe priorities are mixed-up, especially when it comes to heritage designation. It's stupid to create roadblocks for developers on heritage properties that weren't maintained in the first place.
Heritage, Business, Arts, EngagementRetain the cities unique identity...preserve beautiful old architecture. Support innovation and and small business. Increase the support to entertainment and the arts while keeping it affordable. Encourage city council to become more interested and involved in the culture and lives of Hamiltonians that are rich in loving this city and object to big money changes.
Heritage, CorruptionStop tearing down heritage buildings and trying to turn downtown into a suburb. Stop corruption.
Heritage, Downtown, Arts, Spend more on saving and reusing our Heritage Buildings downtown. Get rid of DOLLARSTORES and BINGO HALLs downtown. Put a REP Theatre or small cinema back downtown in one of the BINGO Halls. Perhaps use the BINGO (old Kresge's) as an indoor/outdoor shopping venue with local small businesses with affordable rent for them. Therefore, not taking away from the Mall's big name stores. Forget Locke street, we need to attract people downtown instead of the 3 streets promoted highly in Hamilton. (Locke, James St N and Ottawa) Make the whole downtown core like these streets! (on a side note, ban neck tattoos and track pants) 🙂
Heritage, Downtown, Signage EnforcementMaintain heritage buildings downtown and get rid of bingo halls and money changing stores on the main streets. Set a standard for signage on buildings on main thoroughfares.
Heritage, Enforcement,FinanceI would definitely want to see the city support restoration and upkeep of our heritage buildings. I would like to see disencentives for abseentee landlords downtown. I would support tax incentives to owners of buildings downtown who spend money wisely to restore their buildings. I would have a code that would prevent shoddy renovating of heritage buildings, hiding nice woodwork with vinyl siding or aluminium siding. If heritage buildings are to look good and attract people they have to be restored with care.
Heritage, Green, Transparency, Police, BusinessSAVE OUR HERITAGE BUILDINGS. Old factories & homes.. they are Hamilton's crowning glory and are irreplaceable! Don't allow developers to buy old buildings and allow them to crumble. Give tax incentives for completing renovations in a timely manner. "Go GREEN". Promote LEEDS Platinum projects. Support Victory Gardens. Xeriscape. Use our money well! Make all monies spent transparent & accountable. Limit the time suspended staff (police, etc) can delay their trials, and prevent guilty employees from collecting both full salaries & then pensions. Once a faithful Farmers' Market shopper, I still have not recovered from the whole renovation process. Inadequate electricity & plumbing. A lack of consultation with the vendors. The whiteness obvious in the kitchen and throughout. The division created by the booths. The market still desperately needs the input of artists. I had hoped for something like the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, but our market has a sterile feel. It needs the "funk" and gaiety that only artists can impart via live music, colour, and charm. The York Street entrance needs something to welcome visitors instead of the void which is currently there. Moveable chairs allow varying party sizes to sit around coffee tables. Support the Arts ... including The Pearl Company and The Staircase Theatre. Continue to develop the waterfront, including the West Harbour. Make Cootes Paradise & The Bay more accessible for kayakers & canoes ... including the portage between them. The dock between them is not helpful; it's 3' off the ground! Encourage people to get out, spend money, and enjoy the area. Increase funding to the RBG for garden maintenance or allow volunteers to do more work on weeding. Is there a problem with the RBG’s unions in allowing this? Beautify all city parks with the treatment afforded the HAAA on Charlton Avenue. It helps to set a standard for all, and simply makes life lovelier for residents in all areas. Support an instrument for every child. Move some of the half-way houses out of the core. Close an east/west Street (York to the RBG Headquarters/Wilson [?]) on Sunday afternoons to cars to make this stretch more visible. (In the early 70’s, Ottawa had a bicycle, pedestrian, etc. road available from the National Arts Centre past Carleton University every Sunday. It was well used, attractive and safe. ) Make the roads safe for cyclists. Wherever possible, have one lane dedicated to cyclists (both directions), then parking & bus stops, then the car lanes. (Some Hamiltonians say they cycle all but three days a year. So, weather does permit here, but we are less proficient cyclists who are risking our lives each time we cycle on city streets.) Promote events on the top of Jackson Square. Create yet more shade and seating there. Have a working fountain. Create a 52-page (one page per week) Day-Timer annually using & promoting local artists' and photographers' pictures of existing Hamilton landmarks, gardens, falls, etc. Sell locally, and give as gifts to visitors. Follow the old prototype for co-op housing from the 70's (?) with 75% of the residents paying market value, & 25% being subsidized ... rather than creating ghetto housing. Living in mixed income co-ops increases the morale of the less fortunate. Assist residents in ridding their neighourhoods of loud, dangerous drug operations. The city, not the victim/owner, should be responsible for the removal of all graffiti. Deal with the excess of street cats which are allowed to roam neighbours properties.. Punish dog-owners who don't clean up after their pets. Encourage a sense of neighbourhood along Main Street East. Watch "Urbanized" from for global solutions to transit problems (100 passengers on/off buses in 1 minute). Watch "New Urban Cowboy" for remedies to crime-ridden & poor areas of the city.
heritage, redevelopI think the idea of heritage building are a good idea - however it shouldn't impede development and has to be cost effective. I live in a house that was originally built in 1890 - the idea is great but is more expensive then newer homes I moved and choice a home in the downtown area as I could see a future of development and the revitalization of it. I am going to vote for whom has the foresight of doing this and not have the city move backwards.
Heritage, Schools, Engagement, Transparency, TransitShortsighted focus on tearing down to build new. Revisit the school ARC decisions to close High schools in the Hamilton Centre and Mountain Centre areas in favour of super schools. Will be longterm & residual devestating effects on those neighbourhoods not to mention difficulty for higher risk students to continue to attend school. Decisions favour a suburban model which I believe is outdated and very shortsighted. More consultation from City Hall with publicized agendas and more transparency, and enough time for citizens to make their opinions known. Also, we need LRT!
Heritage, Term Limitsheritage heritage - heritage - stop ripping down the very things that make the city beautiful - get rid of the incumbent and get some fresh faces into council
Heritage, Transitestablish a program to preserve more older buildings. restore funicular railway to the mountain. build an LRT.
Heritage, TransitPreservation of heritage buildings and LRT.
Heritage, Transit, keep the history and the buildings that go with it and stop the city from selling history to the highest bidder. Stop the money wasted on the LTR and just put more buses on
Heritage, VisionMake a plan and stick to it. Reuse our heritage buildings for modern purposes instead of tearing them down, even the ones on the mountain, Chedoke Hospital? Recognise how Hamilton is evolving, embrace it and stop trying to push it the way business wants it to go. We are NOT Toronto and never will be, stop trying to be.
Housingmore social housing
HousingChange by-laws to enable low income residents to live in duplexed houses downtown.
Housingmore housing for low income and that is it safe and well maintained.
HousingBuild more infill housing
Housing, Downtown, housing intensification by duplexing single family homes. Force downtown retail owners to only rent to proper businesses. Eliminate Cash advance unattractive dollar stores, convenience stores. Limit the number of convenience stores downtown, bring in more diverse stores throughout the downtown. So much more work to do downtown to attract a better crowd
Housing, Downtown, Enforcement, TransitStop puttting low income housing in the downtown corp. Have more follow up visits to people receiving social assistance to nsure they are not defrauding the system. Better bus service is a must.
Housing, EnforcementWe bought in West Hamilton in 1985 on a lovely street. Now I live between two illegal rooming houses on a street (Ewen) of mostly illegal rooming houses. When did I vote for this? Calls to by-law and building dept. on these matters are ignored. Fire services MIA. Committee of Adjustment lets slumlords do whatever they want. The relentless deterioration of Ward 1 is irreversible. We are outta here this spring/summer, hopefully to Burlington/Oakville.
Housing, Enforcement, DowntownMaking sure landlords are accountable for their buildings and/or property, inside and outside. This City looks like a blue collar small town, the city core; downtown!
Housing, FinanceMore/better low income housing. More funding to organizations supporting marginalized people groups.
Housing, Health, Poverty, Sprawl, TrafficThe landlord tenant act-mzed mentally ill or excessively poor should be provided subsidized housing and their OW or ODSP cheques deducted , rent given to the LL. When they don't pay rent, or the tribunal is notified of landlord neglect evictions should not be delayed at the expense for the LL. Urban property tax should stop subsidizing suburban sprawl. More free parking downtown.
Housing, Health, Transit, Green*supportive housing *harm reduction site(s) *lower bus fair *community gardens
Housing, Jobs, Poverty, Engagement1)The lack of Affordable Housing,2) A Living Wage3) Adequate Welfare and ODSP/Ont. Works 4) Tenant information in with assistance cheques 5) help people realize the importance of Voting
Housing, NewcomersWe need more affordable housing/subsidized housing. There is over a 3 year wait for subsidized housing. There are too many families on the wait list. We cannot feed, house and employ the people who live here now, but more and more immigrants are accepted into the city creating a huge strain on our systems - OW/OSDP, housing, employment, food banks etc.
Housing, PovertyAccess to affordable and safe housing for low to no income families which is incredibly high!
Housing, Safety, Poverty, Enforcement, Accountability, Police, HealthNeed to have more low income housing but stretched into the city. So that people with low incomes can enjoy safe neighborhoods. Ontario Disability needs to be raised in order to actually live within means without having to endanger health by living in terrible living conditions. Landlord s must be held more accountable. City officials must be held more accountable and we need to take a stand against poverty and this sense of hopelessness. Police should be better trained within the context if mental health issues as well as within their own bullying problems.
Housing, ServicesI think that housing & economics are a individual's responsibility. Too much time and energy are focused on those who don't meet the city half way! Social Assistance for instance for disability is great however the recipients needs to be taking proactive steps so they dont need to rely on it
Housing, Transitmore RGI housing; let tenants on assistance get own rent supplement and live where they want; No LRT; get City to stop pandering to McMaster; need more accessible busses on all routes; get speed limiters on City busses so drivers cannot speed and blow stop signs while saying they have to meet a schedule;
ImageNot so much change than reinforce; Hamilton is it's own thing and shouldn't feel the need to compete with Toronto. I choose to live here. I don't want to live anywhere else in Ontario.
Imagethat it become more patient with itself and more accepting of itself ...
ImageOur image. We should be more pro-active with regard to our potential. Plus, the view from the skyway bridge does nothing for Hamilton's reputation. Even people from the UK who have visited Ontario, voiced their opinion that they would not take the time to stop and investigate Hamilton after driving from Burlington to Niagara on the QEW. Those steel mills leave an indelible memory.
ImageGet rid of the nay-sayerrs.
ImageI would change the poor self esteem Hamiltonians seems to have about the city. It is a wonderful place to live (and I have lived all across the country)
ImageThe stigma associated with Hamilton being a bad area place to live.
ImageIt's negative image.
ImageNot about changing Hamilton in as much as it is about improving upon our city's good and exciting characteristics and it's fabric.
ImagePerceptions by locals
ImageWe need to be less acrimonious and jaded as a community of people.
ImageIt's image. I love this city. It has a variety of things to see, do and experience. There are many services and good things that happen here and there are many people who care to make a difference. I wouldn't choose to live any where else. I am not sure if others are aware of the gifts that Hamilton has to offer!
ImagePeople stop being so negative. Our city is improving and it seems people ignore our victories and continue with the negatives.
Imageattitudes about Hamilton
Imagelogo and motto 'City of Waterfalls'
ImageThe negative press
Imagethe city needs an identity that reflects the needs of all its citizens not one reflecting a feeling of polarization between rich and poor, renter and owner, suburban and urban, old city and new residents and young and old
ImageHamilton's image to the world is that it is a low class place for low class people. This is not true and it needs to change.
ImageThe view of Hamilton from the skyway bridge helps give our city a negative outlook. I would like to see those companies removed from the city and have our identity change from 'The Steel City" That term, in my opinion, hinders our reputation. The amount of jobs lots would be minor, already less than 700 people working at one of the major factories (US Steel) and they recently shut down all steel making,!
Image, I would like to change the negative perception of Hamilton as a dirty, unsophisticated, low-income city.
Image, I think Hamilton needs to be promoted to it's own people. There are far too many Hamiltonians bashing this city when they don't know all the good things it has to offer.
Image, ArtsTo build the morale of the city. It seems for at least 20 years, we had this notion that Hamilton is a manufacture of just steel. We are creative; and we are productive. This philosophy now needs to be channeled in other ways. We need to produce things; to build and create new things. But we need a government that understands this and can tap into this. Our creativity needs to be expanded from the culinary/arts to more services and new industries.
Image, Arts, Police, Business, EngagementCreate more opportunities for Hamiltonians to help other Hamiltonians. There are countless ways we can work with each other. Also, we need to improve this city's image, in general. More arts, more events (stop taking them out of the downtown where low-income folks can enjoy them! even those of us with cars don't want to haul our whole family out to Ancaster for the festival), encouraging more film and TV productions, showing that Hamilton isn't Toronto's smoggy New Jersey. Get the police to actually increase patrols when a neighbourhood reports broad daylight drug deals and thefts (as we have here). Get rid of slumlords. Encourage more centres like HARRRP. Encourage potential small business owners to revitalize areas like Barton St. Encourage more interaction between people on the Mountain, downtown, the east and west ends, because it really feels like we're all living in different cities sometimes.
Image, Business, JobsMake it more of a destination Encourage more business Commercial and more development like Canada Bread Meat Packers
Image, EnforcementCleaner streets Friendlier downtown core better by-law enforcement
Image, EngagementThe "Them Against Us" attitude exihibited by so many groups in our community.
Image, EngagementTake pride in the events the city hosts, let the citizens know they are happening. From park clean-ups to major festivals.
Image, EngagementWe need to be prouder of ourselves - so more postive talking and engaging of public and councillors.
Image, Engagement, City HallI find that the residents of Hamilton are very resistant to change. As someone who embraces innovation and new ideas, I find it frustrating. It's part of the reason why some Councillors sit in their seats for decades. The political will at City Hall won't change any time soon because young people don't vote and the older seat keep re-electing the same old people, and they keep getting what they always got. After a decade of living here, I've decided to move out of the City. The over-arching feeling of "can not" instead of "can do" is just too much.
Image, GreenThe city is very dirty, garbage lining the streets.
Image, Greenmore fountains, sculptures and trees. people taking better care of properties and cleaned all grey area in city
Image, Greenit's P.R... the way it's viewed. it needs to clean up the east end including the hideous factories!
Image, Greenenhance city image make its pollution level drop, plant flowers in boulevards in downtown areas
Image, Greenraise awareness of beauty of natural setting, the escarpment the harbour, etc...
Image, Leadershipneed to get this city forward thinking and needing to get what we all want and thats a livable and prosperous city
Image, Leadershipcreate a positive vision/attitude/ plan for the city. Back to the ambitious city.
Image, Planning, Surveymany things. i have many ideas. and i don't want hamilton to lose its uniqueness. please don't allow politicians/"decisions makers" to be overly-enchanted by policies and development goals whose outcomes would produce a city that resembles the "pre-fab"-looking/largely-boring aesthetic that has come to be ubiquitous in southern ontario. it would be nice if hamilton continued to be different and bold. it would be good to work towards improving the city by learning from others without necessarily replicating/emulating other communities. if we want to improve the city we should do so in a uniquely hamilton way. i am also concerned about this survey and what it might be used for. the questions are important, but sometimes narrowly-phrased, and somewhat leading. because of the limitations of the format of the survey, at times, the available answer options did not adequately capture the response that i wanted to give. these questions are important and complex, and i worry that this style of survey could over-simplify public opinion and distort the reporting of such.
Image, Redevelop, Fluoride, Seniors, Housing, HealthThe city is still relatively dirty from the industrial time, which reduces tourism. If businesses (king st, Barton st) had it manditory to clean up their storefront it would increase city morale. Adding fluoride to the water is known to not help bones and teeth, why is it still being added and causing health problems? The industrial time for Hamilton has never been the healthiest route for the city, now we have groundbreaking education at McMaster and hospitals to be very proud of. We could use much more staff in old age homes an should therefore increase focus for those places as the people who have lived in this city will depend on that care. Drug testing for welfare, please!
Image, Vision, LeadershipChange the "nay say" attitudes of not only the municipal government, but the residents themselves. Stop thinking about the popular vote, and just do the right thing City Council! Hamilton needs to stop commiserating on the past and stop doing things over and over again, when its proven not to work (one way Main and King). We need to start looking toward the future- our children and our elderly need us now more than ever. We need to stop spending so much money on infrastructure and social services that give band aid solutions, and start spending money on quantitative measures to make real, positive changes for residents who want and need it the most. I'm not an expert on how this is achieved, but we have a lot of dedicated residents interested in making Hamilton the best place to live, work and raise a family- let's work together!
Image, Zoning, Green, Image. Zoning on Barton St. (need live-work zoning) Eliminate air pollution. Look at Vancouver: banned development except in poorest areas, to stimulate positive change, with massive community involvement. Also added great greenway systems.
InclusivityThat the local government and businesses be concerned about all the residents and especially the marginalized and make their decision based on this
Inclusivity, The city needs to use an inclusion lens when making decisions. Decisions should demonstrate impact on gender, culture, seniors, ability, immigrants, aboriginals, etc....
Inclusivity, DiversityInclusion of newcomers/immigrants in all segments of the city
Inclusivity, Engagement, Equity, ImageBe more inclusive, to encourage all residents to be able to actively participate in community events and decision-making. Apply an equity lens to consulation, planning and decision-making. Promote our natural beauty.
Inclusivity, GreenI would try to make the city for inclusive, so that people wouldn't feel like their from a part of Hamilton but from all of Hamilton. Make the downtown and lakefront areas nicer and encourage the to be a leader in Green Technologies.
Inclusivity, Police, PovertyI would like to see safe, inclusive and quality of life in our neighbourhoods without the gentrification that will inevitably push poor and working class people out of their communities.
Inclusivity, Povertywe are a successful city. stop talking like we aren't. I wonder if people have visited other cities recently to see they have strikingly similar issues with building in disrepair. its a global issue not just Hamilton. I would like to see Hamilton become more inclusive of everyone, street involved, people with mental health and addiction issues, people who live in poverty. but that's not what I see and hear. I hear "us and them" that needs to change if we want to thrive.
Inclusivity, Povertythat it be more inclusive and have programs/funds to help the poor.
Inclusivity, Transit, Green, VotingMore emphasis on healthy and inclusive living for all. Adding more bike lanes. Investment in protecting animal habitats. Cleaning up the badly polluted water systems. Electoral reform (i.e. past the post and online voting). Consideration of a living wage in Hamilton.
InfluenceDevelopers and Businesses run Hamilton to serve their self interest by proxy through our Councillors. Hamilton needs Councillors that represent the citizens, not businesses.
Influence, Term Limits, Arts, break up the old boys club and bring in some new voices to coucil. actively embrace the arts and encourage the priced out of toronto overspill to seriously consider hamilton as a serious option for relocation.
Infrastructure, Downtown, EnforcementFix the infrastructure high priority and clean up the downtown core, start ticketing panhandlers more often.
Infrastructure, EngagementImprove city maintenance-too much waste and poor service provide more means for residents to be involved-ensure residents are aware of how they can be involved-information can be attached to yearly garbage information
Infrastructure, Leadership, Animals, Downtown, Engagementmore sustainable infrastructure. Increase in "pilot" projects that are working and a commitment to follow them through. Make chickens legal downtown. More representative and truly democratic governmental system.
Infrastructure, redevelop, Downtown, better infrastructure. get redevelop abandoned buildings in downtown and attempt to gentrify downtown core without displacing current population
Infrastructure, Roads, Snow, Transit, Please pay attention to our infrastructure contractors....our roads look like crap - even the ones that are built new only a few weeks later need repairs e.g., see upper wentworth (between concession and fennell) Snow removal was next to nothing for our street this year, put money into things like these. Not only the services (e.g., fares for buses) be lowered for low income families but also be lowered for middle class, who try to make ends meet all the time and pay into taxes, but in the end are living lower that the low income class, cause they have nothing left in their hand.....yet are to give more and is not fair.
Infrastructure, Roads, Transit, Services, Leadership, TaxesImproved conditions of roads. Avoid spending tax dollars on bike lanes. Avoid duplication of services provided to community. Mayor to be more hands on in the upkeep, improvement and future of Hamilton. Reduction of property taxes. Retain and improve current HSR service.
Infrastructure, Seniors, HousingMore resources to aging infrastructure (eg. sewers) and needs of aging population (eg. home care, care facilities.)
Infrastructure, TransitImprove existing infrastructure, in particular the roads in the east end of the city, and add more bike lanes.
JobsMinimum wage needs to be higher then what's its being raised to as the cost of living is high
JobsNeed to attract more technology to the city.
JobsMore opportunity for jobs
JobsFocus on using the pool of talents of those who are under- or unemployed through either voluntary or paid work
JobsMore focus on attracting "corporate" jobs to the City which would lessen the need to commute to downtown Toronto and other business centres.
Jobs, DowntownWe need more jobs and a downtown with more than homeless people.
Jobs, Engagement, City HallRaise standard of living rate to account for inflation & other essential expenses increasing yearly! Make a directory w/all departments employees/politicians email & twitter link & streamline them all to reply bi-daily or sooner!
Jobs, Farmland, Transit, Traffic, Green, Redevelop, Sprawl, HeritageBring more high tech and biotech jobs. Preserve farmland, introduce LRT, preserve one way streets downtown, add more green space, develop brown fields, limit urban sprawl, re-appropriate heritage buildings.
Jobs, GreenI would like to see stronger support for non-traditional job creation sectors, such as the arts. And a stronger voice regarding environmental issues that will directly affect our citizens, like the reversal of Line 9.
Jobs, Green, Traffic, Roads, Transit,Stop pandering to the steel mills and related heavy industries. They should be forced to meet the same environmental standards as everyone else. We should be doing more to promote high-tech industries and attracting workers for those industries. We should also be converting all the major one-way roads back to two way and adding bike lanes. I hate getting around downtown because it is so confusing and dangerous, so I avoid it except for a few of the quieter two way streets like James North or Locke.
Jobs, Heritage, ArtsA lot! Hamilton needs a lot more factories and a lot more respect for it's history. And more punk rock too.
Jobs, HousingGetting a job for an average person is Impossible, not everyone wants to jump through flaming hoops while starving to death along the way just to keep rent paid. If you do get a job you lose your life just to make enough to pay for rent.
Jobs, PoliceWe need more jobs and attracting more technical companies to settle here should be a priority. I don't want to leave Hamilton but I will have to if I have to commute to a neighbouring city to get a job in my field of computer engineering. I will be leaving my neigbourhood though, there is too much crime here and the cops literally just drive by and do nothing. I cant believe how much crime there is on city council's doorstep. I live next to city hall and I'm scared to walk down the street. There is something wrong here.
Jobs, PovertyMake available enough living wage jobs to hopefully put an end generational welfare entitlement lifestyles!
Jobs, PovertyCreate better paying jobs, get rid of the Drug problems, and homeless youth and elders living on the streets
Jobs, Redevelop, Arts, Diversity, Green, Tourismneed to focus on job creation that meets the needs of the changing community, clean up the harbour and to bring in new economic ideas that makes Hamilton a social place to be, utilize arts, cultural diversity events, waterfalls, the beauty of Hamilton to bring in tourism
Jobs, Services, Newcomers, SafetyMore jobs/ lower income costs/ affordable and more childcare/ less immigration/ longer sentences for criminals.
Jobs, Transit, traffic, Green, Heritage, RedevelopMore living wage jobs and an increase in the minimum wage. In addition, I'd like to see an LRT and commitment to getting citizens out of the habit of relying on their cars as their only mode of transportation. More cycling infrastructure. More fully fenced dog parks. Protect our heritage buildings, encourage builders/developers to restore rather than build new.
LeadershipA Council that can make a decision!
LeadershipWard heeling Lack of vision and fortitude to make tough decisions for the future
LeadershipI would like to see councillors and a mayor that have vision, courage and leadership to move the City forward with the right investments
LeadershipLeadership and vision to move city forward and out of our destructive past
LeadershipCan we get the mayor of Calgary to come here and be our mayor? We need fresh, young, digital-friendly leadership.
LeadershipMore proactive City Council.
Leadershipthe leadership at all levels
Leadershipmore long term thinking , less catering to special interest groups
LeadershipWe need to get on with the future and take our heads out of our asses. Less talk more action!
Leadershipstrategic plan
LeadershipAs an employee of the City....I would like to see an end to the constant lack of making a decision...on anything. Somebody make the call! It hasn't changed in the 26 years I have been there...despite / in spite of what 'they' tell you.
LeadershipThe widespread tendency to accept whatever we can get - we need to set the bar higher and tell people within and outside of our city that we have quality of life standards that we are going to stick to. There are always trade-offs being made in this city - we need to leave this practice behind!
Leadershiplack of long term visions
Leadership, City HallMore competent leadership fr4om city council, especially mayor's office.
Leadership, City HallBetter decisions. More vision. Less bureaucracy.
Leadership, City Hall, Engagement, Pedestrian, transit, TrafficFirst off, the city needs a cohesive vision and plan to guide decision making rather than the horrible process we went through with the Pan Am stadium debacle. I would make starting a small business easier. I would continue the neighbourhood strategies and expand to the rest of the city. I would encourage participatory budgeting in all wards. I would be more proactive in getting complete streets implemented.
Leadership, Downtown, GreenWe desperately need dedicated and bright leadership at city hall. Advertising downtown makes for a sleazy downtown. We need to put cleanliness in Hamilton at the top of the list
Leadership, EngagementLeadership that is ethical and closely consults public.
Leadership, EngagementThe next Mayor and the new city council need to develop a clear strategic direction for the city with clear goals and with public input.
Leadership, GrowthI don't think it's a matter of change, I think it is a matter of constant growth. For decades the city has had to live up to the impression of being the "Steel City". Only within the last 5 to 10 years has this gradual shift started to come forward, with new minds coming into power, creating a new vision for Hamilton's future. Understanding that Hamilton is changing and this change takes time to accept. Ideas are being created every single day and our city council & staff must be ready to react rapidly upon this change making proper decisions that reflect the community they represent and also understand what will benefit the city as a whole. Such as a person might live in Ancaster, or Dundas but they do work in the downtown core so there for decisions made in both areas would reflect both communities. So in terms of what I would like to see change about the city, I just want to see everyone working together creating the best possible city to live, work and play in. I want to see people who have great ideas succeed in their dreams with out having to deal with road block after road block, after road block. I want more people to become involved in the decision making process, by making them involved it makes the community feel like they have a stake in creating better community. And not just some voyageur, who gets to read about decisions being made by the council members behind some closed doors. I want to hear as many different voices as possible to hear as many different points of view as possible and not the few that stand to benefit the most out of a certain outcome.
Leadership, Influence, Farmland, Redevelop, Term LimitsCurrent leadership is under the thumb (Or financial control) of the developers. Raping farmland and leaving brownfields sitting unrehabilitated is completely unacceptable. Personally I'm THRILLED to see the current mayor is out!!
Leadership, PlanningStudy other cities internationally + nationally to see how they do things - Be open to new ideas
Leadership, Redevelop, Encourage our leaders to invest wisely and take calculated risks. Intensification in the lower city should be a priority, but to do so we have to create hospitable environments in which to live and open up small businesses. Small thinking is our worst enemy.
Leadership, Term LimitsI think the city needs VISION, political will to make the right decisions, new creative blood.
Leadership, TransitHamilton needs to move boldly, not sheepishly on LRT.
Leadership, transit, Signage, Traffic. Roadsstop spinning around in circles and studying things to death at our expense. put in LRT ,demand the all day GO and perhaps make a bylaw about sign size so our streets dont look so dumpy. Proper bike lanes so we are not next to parked cars and traffic. Non of this needs millions of dollars to study its not brain surgery.
Leadership, WardWould like to councillors make decisions on what is the best thing for the city overall. Some wards may be impacted but its the best thing for the city overall. Wards should be set up in such a way that they represent all area, downtown, mountain, east end and west end.
LibrariesMore libraries, open longer hours.
LocationI would re-locate it to Alberta. lol
LocationMove it to a warmer country.
Locationlocation 🙂 Too damn cold here. Question 57 i could not answer as my current counsellor is now running for Mayor and not for ward 1 again.
Media, PlanningRemove inflammatory media from the debate. See plans that look 20 years in the future. Base decisions on evidence not fatuous opinion.
Pedestrianconvert traffic lights to traffic circles, with buttons for pedestrians to cross
Pedestrian, Develop, Finance, Poverty, Health, I would like to see more walkable communities. I think new development should pay for the new infrastructure. I really would like to see a way to implement a means tested minimum living wage or guaranteed income / cash flow for impoverished people. I would like to see community based 24 hour health care to allow seniors and or disabled to stay at home but to call and access attendant assistance as required - rather than have to move into a supportive living building etc. This could be a "pay for service or monthly charge, and also subsidized by CCAC. and fall under community health. Iwould love to see an integrated social service / medical services one stop shopping for mentally ill adults requiring support. I would like to see more focus on protecting the vulnerable than making things better for the average or above average citizen.
Pedestrian, GreenTo have walking distance for life essential such grocery store, hospital, library, school, etc. And to have more inviting parks with a garden.
Pedestrian, GreenWider Sidewalks on main streets. All main thoroughfares (Mohawk, Fennel, King main..etc.. all need to have room for 3 preferably 4 people to walk side by side. Also sidewalks should be tree lined.
Pedestrian, Green, Housing, Sprawl, More accommodation for pedestrians and cyclists on our streets, better protection for natural lands, more affordable housing, less urban sprawl and more investment in the lower city.
Pedestrian, Poverty, Waterfront1. More walkable neighbourhoods. 2. Continue and enhance focus on reducing poverty and its social effects. 3. Think creatively about the entire waterfront area to make it more appealing than it is to Hamiltonians as well as visitors.
Pedestrian, Traffic, LeadershipComplete streets, particularly focused on two-way conversion of many downtown streets, would be a very positive game-changer. We're far too focused on what we used to be and what will never work, with the result being stuck in a car-centric wasteland. Would love to have political leadership that pushes for a better tomorrow.
Pedestrian, traffic, Transit, SafetyWhile i appreciate the discussion about public transit I'm disappointed that there was no mention of "complete streets" or the addition of bicycle lanes. We need to invest in safe streets for ALL people who move around this city. We certainly need that more than we need the Pan Am games. It is the main reason that i do not feel safe (question 35) moving around this city - and that INCLUDES DRIVING A CAR!! When the streets are not safe for the most vulnerable (pedestrians and cyclists) they are not really safe for anyone.
Pedestrian, TransitMake it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
Pedestrian, TransitMake streets more pedestrian and bike focused, and less car focused.
Pedestrian, Transit,Complete streets! Primary implementation downtown (low-hanging fruit) and then mountain roads (a little more difficult with the big-box-and-sprawl design).
Pedestrian, Transit, TrafficImprove ability for non vehicle transportation
Pedestrian, Transit, TrafficI'd put a huge focus on complete streets, especially two-way conversions and bike lanes in wards 2 and 3 to encourage growth and revitalization in those areas. They are relatively low cost/high return investments. Also, the additions of all day GO service and an LRT are super important and really set the city up for huge economic and social success in the coming years.
Pedestrian, Transit, TrafficAdd more complete streets, offer a transit system that makes people less dependent on cars
Pedestrian, Transit, Traffic, Downtowns, SprawlMake streets walkable. More bike lanes. Invest in existing cores (plural) to make them stronger (ex: Downtown Dundas, Concession, Barton St. E, Downtown Ancaster, Ottawa St., James St., Bayfront, the strand in Stoney Creek). Stop pushing money to the outskirts where services cost so much.
Planning, Develop, Green, HealthMore planning for future sustainable development. More support for mental health issues.
PoliceIncrease police foot patrols.
PoliceReduce crime.
PoliceAdd a question to this survey, "Which would you prefer police to carry, tasers or hand guns? Question 57, why is it mandatory to answer if one is not eligible to vote?
PoliceSafety and police presence.
PoliceIncrease police presence in many down town neighbourhoods.
PoliceA Police Chief who will not stay within the city budget requirements
Police, Accountability, More foot patrol police or auxillary patrols on East Mountain streets, as crime is rising in middle class areas. City workers hours need tobe watched more closely, as I see many home before 3:00 when they are being paid by tax payers to be at work.
Police, BusinessMore safe. Attract more business.
Police, City Hall, Amalgamation, Poverty, Arts(1) Police accountability. With 5 deaths in as many years, and several severe assaults against innocent citizens (Po La Hay, Pamela Markland et al). I feel more likely to be the victim of misdirected police violence than the victim of a criminal. (2) investigate the links between demo/construction firms and City Council and senior City Mgmt.. when every decision seems to end with tear it down and build something overpriced, someone is being greased. (3) de-amalgumate.. and let the suburbs misguide their own areas instead of holding the progress of the city hostage. (4) more investment in services for the poor and marginalized. (5) bring the Festival of Friends back to Gage.!!
Police, Compensation, DowntownPolice make tooooo much money and they receive ridiculous pay raises. The same goes for fire fighters. You don't need to send for a fire fighter every time an old lady falls down. Its would be cheaper to use paramedics. But the fire fighers are protected their turf. We hardly have any fires and they sit around, play cards, polish the fire truck and collect big bucks for doing overtime at nights and on weekends. Get rid of half of them and save money. Same goes for the police. Where are they when you need them. We need them more downtown to stop the shootings, stabbings and fighting. There should be more of a presence.
Police, Downtown, Enforcement, Increase police presence down town areas with higher levels of violence and gang activity. Crack down more on illegal rental properties. Focus on getting drug dealers out of family neighbourhoods.
Police, Downtown, Taxes, City Hall, More accommodating police - I had a police officer come to my house (Duke/Hess area) when someone tried to come into my house and he said "what do you expect, you live in downtown Hamilton". That attitude must change. Property taxes are OUTRAGEOUS - this must be addressed. Less bureaucracy at City Hall - there is so much distrust and good reason - we need an overhaul. I feel like a bank for the city sometimes - residents need to be included more and their $$ needs to be respected.
Police, Enforcement, Green, Redevelop, Sprawl, Airport, Health- increase police service to ensure our streets are safe - ticket people for polluting, idling their cars and littering - increasing the areas of land that can be used for community gardens - brownfield development vs urban sprawl - no airport land development - protection of greenbelt land and increase in urban agriculture - incentives for green energy - A NO SMOKING IN APARTMENTS bilaw - we have a noise bilaw that says after 11pm no one can make noise so as not to disrupt others. But we don't have a no smoking in apartment buildings by law and yet, smoke is pervasive; it can seep under doors, through vents and into an apartment in which NO ONE smokes. The difference between noise and smoking is that we know that smoking is hazardous for our health, lung cancer, heart disease, etc, and noise, while I agree that it is a good by law to have, if need be people can use earplugs, but the bottom line is that while you can plug your ears to avoid noise, you can't plug your lungs so that you don't breathe in someone else's smoke. It is behind the times that we don;t have this in place. And while people have said, well, people can do whatever they want in their own apartment, no really they can't especially if what they are doing is directly and negatively affecting those around them. Thanks so much for the work you do! Good luck and thanks again
Police, EngagementSafety
Police, Green, Taxes, ArtsLess Crime,pollution, &tax $. More entertainment, clubs, bars, cafes, people need to socialize.
PovertyI would change the emphasis on low income and poverty issues
PovertyMore attention and resources to fight poverty
Povertymake the general public aware that ontario works only provides $250 a month for single people to live on
PovertyI would do my best to reduce poverty.
PovertyI think my answers reflect those things I would change about the city. I do think the investment in neighbourhood revitalization, particularly the Code Red Neighbourhoods has been outstanding.
PovertyMore support to people in poverty
PovertyI think Hamilton has created a normalization of public dependance. Tougher social assistance rules need to be enforced. It's too acceptable culturally to live on public assistance. I am also frustrated with subsidized daycare for those who aren't working. The numbers are infuriating. 6-12m should be the limit. They aren't honestly looking for work. My personal experience is that if you want to work in Hamilton, there is plenty of opportunity. You just need to be willing to settle a bit while you look for something a bit better. Everything is a hand out here from birthday presents to grocery gift cards. A savvy person could generate more than $500 a week in President's Choice gift cards. And they do it too. Lot's and lot's of them do it. Certainly makes it easy to spend your (tax dollars) on triple triples and cigarettes.
PovertyStop allowing Social services groups to bring more and more people of need into the city. I don't want Hamilton to be the Social Services Capital of Canada. Let other cities take care of there own.
Poverty, I would like to see some members of council look for to the working poor and stop trying to jump on every bandwagon that comes along that they think will get them votes
Poverty, make welfare recipients (especially males)...pick up garbage on the street...want a welfare cheque?...bring in 4 bags of trash for it...also, instead of money, give food vouchers instead to avoid diversion of money into criminal enterprises....Why?...why do males get welfare when they could work?....what is being done to get welfare recipients to work?
Poverty, downtown, Redevelop, Green, Engagementreduce poverty, improve downtown core, remove old warehouses and replace with affordable housing and parks, better environmental strategies, reduce work hours so people actually have time to invest and build their community
Poverty, Downtown, TransitRestrict freedom of halfway house residents or get rid of halfway houses downtown (People are scared to come downtown, or don't want to feel sad and depressed while shopping). HSR bus drivers that go through stops ahead of the scheduled time should be fired. This wastes a half hour of my time daily, and is hugely frustrating for busy people. It happens constantly, all day long. Bring back the old escalators in the farmers market, the new stairs are lack charm. The market escalators were as important to the downtown as the fountain and the Birks clock. Efforts for downtown revitalization should focus on improving what we have and supporting people that are doing things. The people from the suburbs will never come back here, unless we make it a great place to come to, so that they feel like they're missing out on something. Support the asian community downtown. They are presently the ones turning things around in the core. Great people!
Poverty, FinanceThat we stop wasting money on all the not for profit BS in this town. Help people, yes, but not in such an extravagant way.
Poverty, Food, Jobs, Green, Tourism, Develop, EngagementTake care of the poor, the addicted, the defenseless, the homeless and the elderly. Support local agriculture. Preserve Arable land. Excessive parking tickets and red light camera tickets discourages drivers from going downtown. Loss of industrial jobs and high taxes make Hamilton a less desirable place. Uncut weeds and roadside garbage are an eyesore for visitors to the city. Promote Hamiltons assets such as education institutions, tourist attractions, innovation park, waterfalls, and healthcare which Hamilton is noted for, sports, arts and galleries. Fewer concessions for unscrupulous developers. Established residents should have a say as to what is happening in their own neighborhoods.
Poverty, Green, Police, Health, Prioritize services to help families and children our of poverty. Implement a general annual income to residents allowing for families to have their basic needs met while encouraging the local economy. No Line 9! we should value our water supply and farm lands. Cut funding to the ACTION police force. stop harassing homeless folks and people with mental health problems. Fire cops that murder people. more community gardens!
Poverty, Housing, Downtowntake shelters out of downtown
Poverty, Housing, Education, Jobs, Newcomershelp the people who living in poverty, single mother are suffering a lots many people have no money to provide their children with lunch. City housing in very bad conditions, no renovation until the house or unity full apart, cost of housing for people who are working with minimum wages or even average pay. the cost of the post secondary school are too much for low income family, the city should come up with some kind of program to help those individuals, and give newcomers more opportunity to get jobs.
Poverty, Housing, SeniorsMore help for low income working class families, including affordable housing as well as more help on subsidized housing for the elderly
Poverty, Inclusivity, Attitudes towards the poor. I would try very hard to implement policies that would make the City more inclusive in general terms, I would also, and most importantely to me, diminish/eliminate poverty rate in Hamilton.
Poverty, NewcomersIncrease resources for low income families and refugees.
Poverty, Police, Redevelop, EnforcementSTOP the preoccupation with the "Industry of Poverty", start paying attention to regular tax-paying (not trough-feeding) people. CLEAN UP the police force, get them to actually repsond to calls about break-ins in the lower city. LICENSE AND INSPECT AND ENFORCE rules for illegal multiple-family homes - inner city will Never improve without gentrification of older neighbourhoods.
Poverty, Transit, City HallMore social services and better funded public transit and the elimination of the culture of complacency and passivity that seems pervasively dominant within city council.
Poverty, Transit, PoliceStop throwing money at community groups, the "poor", low income housing, minorities, LRT. LRT will be the biggest white elephant we ever witnessed. The police piss money away with technology and service contracts for stuff like Computer aided dispatch, GPS etc. The police should replace guns with riot shields, and no-one would get killed. they watch too many tv cop shows. Why don't you allow more space for comments in each of your questions. Seems to me you favour the poor, most of whom don't want to work because it is easier to live off the dole and make babies. I could write a book!
Poverty, WaterfrontI would gradually lower the amount of group homes/shelters and use those dollars towards stronger recreation/education based community programming as a way to prevent homelessness and living in poverty. I would capitalize the waterfront lands and connect them with the emerging art community in James st. I would make it easier for people to get to the waterfront and downtown by having parking lot off of Aberdeen with shuttles that go to city hot spots for tourists.
RecallThe ability to remove the mayor under certain circumstances
Recallnew legislation to get rid of a mayor like Rob Ford in Toronto, if we were ever in that position.
RecreationWants a public batting cage.
Recreation, Arts, Roads, Police, Finance1. More sports and rec areas 2. Support local film industry by mandating film shoots that come to town use some portion of local crew instead of all crew brought with them. 3. A fast cross city route (highway?) in the lower city, similar to the LINC, but traversing from Stoney Creek to Dundas, perhaps in the Burlington street area so as not to disrupt too many homes. 4. Police services should answer to the City, not act autonomously. Budgets and activities should be subject to approval and changes by city mandate.
Recreation, PoliceMore year-round soccer fields. Police trials should be expedited and dealt with within 6 months of charges being laid.
Recreation, WaterfrontBetter/more recreational and entertainment in the waterfront area
RedevelopClean up brownfields.
RedevelopNeed more infill & brownfield development + adaptive reuse of existing buildings
RedevelopNeed to focus on improving areas that are really run down first before expansion
Redevelop, Casino, Arts, JobsThe city needs more attraction, old buildings downtown taken down and building new ones. Casinos, A ameusement park and more entertainment in general. More people come to hamilton the more local businesses will benefit. More jobs will be created and the crime rate will go down.
Redevelop, Develop, EngagementI would change the residual focus of making new instead of adapting existing. I would also change the focus towards ward or neighbourhood decision making on issues that affect the residents (ie. 2-way conversions decided by residents, not by passers-though).
Redevelop, Downtown, Safety, GreenFix up Barton Street, and downtown core to make Hamilton a safer, prettier and more economically healthy place to live.
Redevelop, EnforcementI would clean up Barton St. - too many closed stores being rented as apartments, too many hookers - looks old and run down
Redevelop, EngagementI believe the city council have changed the way they handle the vacant buildings that are gathering dust around Hamilton and make them affordable to those who have projects and plans to revive those areas. As well, the city council needs to inform residents of important meetings about projects that will benefit Hamilton and their residents.
Redevelop, EngagementI would love to see the revitalisation of Barton Street a next priority for the city. Also, I think it would be great if Main and King were converted back to two way streets. There is a lot of work to be done to get Hamilton, especially the lower city, up to the excellent standard that it can achieve. This is going to be a complex, multifaceted endeavor and many city departments and citizens are going to have to supply input. It is far to complex to come up with a plan in this little survey box! But hopefully, dialogue between the city council and citizens groups and city departments is where it starts. There is a lot of potential in the city and I look forward to becoming more involved! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to voice my thoughts 🙂 Claire
Redevelop, Engagement, Business, schools, focus on revitalization of the Main St and King St corridors East of the down town. Develop a master plan with public consultation that aims to create a city ripe with opportunities for all neighbourhoods. Incentivize new small business owners who set up shop and hire locally. Keep schools open in lower part of city to encourage new and young families to settle here.
Redevelop, Greenuse of empty land/factories. clean streets, sidewalks, and alley ways
Redevelop, GreenFocus on the abandoned steel hectares and create eco-communities. Prioritize environment as an industry to engage citizens, create jobs and stimulate tourism. Recognize Hamilton for what it can be, not what it was!
Redevelop, Jobs, Health, Downtown, Education, RecreationDemolish many of the unused industrial areas particulary on Cannon street,a massive reconstruction of Barton street's range from James street to Sherman Avenue enough,more well paying careers for those with educations in the humanities and social sciences,less construction of new attractions and heavier concentration on all areas that haven't been developed in over 20 years,a campaign to lower smoking rates,more buses on core downtown areas,more drivers education and financial literacy programs,more services for those with developmental disorders *FOR ADULTS*,much more centers that specialize in individualistic recreations (example martial arts,dancing,visual arts) in downtown,more programs for new parents and heavy funding of prenatal and postnatal care.Only after over a decade of significant changes in these areas would I feel better about adding new things to Hamilton.
Redevelop, Jobs, HeritageConsider repurposing much of the inner city industrial areas for modern information based companies in industries such as technology, financial and health care. Make it desirable to live in the city's north end again for affluent upwardly mobile professionals by converting old industrial buildings.
Redevelop, Jobs, ImageOnce US Steel is completely done, flatten the buildings and revitalize the land bringing commerce and jobs to the area. This over time will change the image of the city.
Redevelop, Leadershiprefocus spending priorities to maintain and repair infrastructure and services. get city hall to make effective decisions and not dither.
Redevelop, PlanningI would stop turning beautiful century homes in beautiful neighbourhoods into halfway houses and group homes.
Redevelop, Povertyuncritical gentrification and its support to the detriment of members of the most marginalized populations
Redevelop, Stadium, Term Limits, Infrastructure, Brown lands, stadium location, the mayor the way streets are patched and checked and hold contractors payment until the job is passed.
Redevelop, Taxes, SchoolsRemove the tax breaks for unoccupied buildings. Create incentives to use buildings or lose them. Once the City takes over dead buildings for non-payment of taxes, it should sell them or raze them. Empty lots should be either parking lots or parks. For example, the old school on Dundurn across from the LCBO should have been demolished years ago. The tax structure which favors the big box stores at the expense of the core should be changed. Hardwood trees such as walnut and oak trees should be planted wherever the city or Bd. of Ed. has available land and the trees should be harvested when they are 100 years old. This would create a legacy fund that could eventually pay for the best school system in the world.
Redevelop, transitRevitalize other areas like Kenilworth Ave, Parkdale, bring worthwhile and interesting things to do/places to shop and eat down from the mountain ie movie theatre, A GOOD MALL, or create faster bus routes from lower city to the mountain with less waiting and walking
Redevelop, Transit, Business, Jobs, PovertyLot's of renovation, the old buildings that are full of mice & bugs, insect, bed bugs.....must be renovated or rebuild! Honestly it looks like third world countries not a G8!!! I feel shame when my relatives come to visit Canada from Europe!!!!Why we don't have train station? Must bring more business to city to grow and have more job opportunity to overcome the under poverty line we are at!?
Redevelop, WaterfrontGet rid of heavy industry redevelop harbor as a museum/ educational center/ and working facility
Redevelop, Waterfront, Transit1. Mandate housing developers focus on existing areas for renovation/redevelopment of these areas. 2. Continue developing the waterfront for commercial/retail business. Make it a destination more than it already is. 3. Do NOT invest in LRT. Multi billion dollar boondoggle that will service small subset of Hamilton's population.
Renewal, Jobs, BusinessFewer baristas. I worry about gentrification. I worry about the loss of industry, and the great resource of qualified workers whose abilities are not being capitalized on.
RoadsParking fees should be higher, its laughable that a yearly street permit is less than $100
RoadsThere should be a requirement that when contractors tear up a road to service, road must be returned to former condition.
RoadsFix the roads and clean it up.
RoadsMore prudent spending- items such as traffic circles that are more expensive both to install and maintain and centre medians along roads that will hinder winter road clearance.
RoadsWhy do we have to have all the roads going up the mouintain being worked on at one time.
RoadsFix potholes!!
Roads, EngagementFix roads. Community involvement.
Roads, Growth, Sprawl, Schools, Engagement, Engagements, Transparency, Transittehy must focus on road repairs. They currently have a 100 year replacement plan for the roads. Too much new development in the rural.need more intensification. Need politicians to be talkign with the school boards on their plans. communication between schoolboards and residents when theymakes changes ot the street/sidewalk. Need transportation departmetn to retrun phonecalls or the City to explain their reasoning for some new bumpouts installed in the neighborhood. transparancy in all departments on budgets, expenses, accounting. good urban planning and not cater to what the developer wants to build but what we as a city want in style/architecture and plan. I want LRT and Allday GO.
Roads, JobsImprove the roads & impose living wage ($14.95/hr) for all jobs.
Roads, Poverty-Fix the slippery surface of the REDHILL Expressway -Cut down on making it too easy to live generation to generation on welfare
Roads, Taxes, Stadiumget our roads fixed and lower taxes and stop worry about a new football stadium
Roads, TrafficI would re-pave the roads in the lower city (particularly Aberdeen Avenue from Longwood to Queen St). I would also revert the newly converted two way streets back to one way streets as this has caused major traffic back up and an increased risk of accidents for both pedestrians and drivers.
Roads, Traffic, Arts, No more one way streets. More traffic control in downtown neighbourhoods (that are used as "escape routes" by commuters. We live down here. 5 o'clock can be dangerous. More stop signs, etc.) Give Theatre Aquarius more funding! It is an art anchor that is severely underserviced by the city (especially in comparison to other like theatres in cities).
Roads, Traffic, Transit, Downtown, Tourism, Green, Business, James and John Streets back to one way. Eliminate the stupid bus only lane on King Street. Clean up the downtown and make it more inviting to tourists and residents. Initiate face lift funding for some of the businesses, so they can repair and beautify their buildings. Slow
Roads, Traffic, Transit, EnforcementBack to one way streets, and than more bicycle routes
Roads, Traffic, Transit, EnforcementMain and King 2 way streets for the whole length with available parking so business can survive in these areas. Bike lanes on major routes. Stop allowing store-fronts to be used for residential purposes.
Roads, Traffic, Transit, PedestrianConvert one-way streets to two-way and put an emphasis on creating complete streets.
Roads, Traffic, Waterfront, Seniors, StadiumNo more conversions to two-way streets. Traffic in this city flows beautifully. That is rare for a city this size. There is no need for two ways. Even the bikes travel better on a one-way. The city would be ruined if we did more two ways. Improve the water-front. Make sure we're prepared for aging-population, and the parking-situation/security/everything else to do with the Pan Am Games.
Roads, TransitThe current system of adding bike lanes to roads that have work done to them should add the bike lane to the sidewalk instead of the road way. Bikes although I believe should have a priority in the city do not have a motor and do not require a license. Roads are areas for vehicles that require a motor and require a license. Adding bike lanes to sidewalks (similar to King St. Bridge over 403) - separate from the road and cars is a safer option for everyone involved. My suggestion is to have an asphalt section added to the elevated portion of the sidewalk to define the area and use the boulevard that is in most areas already present.
Roads, TransitTHE ROADS!!!!!!! They are awful for driving on and especially for cycling on. I think it is pretty obvious Councillors aren't biking to work because if they were, there would be a lot more attention paid to improving bike lanes and quality of roads. OUCH those potholes hurt. And driving is awful too, wear and tear just driving around Hamilton for a year must be crazy. The bus lane is making getting through downtown terrible, maybe think about adding HOV to that lane as well? Just a thought. It does NOT seem to be working.
Roads, Youth, Poverty, Seniors, Green, Develop, Sprawl, DowntownImprove the state of roads, leave them as 1 ways, improve services to kids/low income and seniors. Provide more park,green areas - stop building huge malls and stop more houses being built in open areas - build more downtown if you want it revitalized
SafetyClose the Hamilton CCC (Community Correctional Centre) and advise the federal government that we don't want any more federal parolees sent to our community. Have Public Health Dept. investigate an American NGO called which treats violent behaviour like a communicable disease.
SafetyAddress neighbourhood safety by advocating for the pending Ontario bill: Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, 2010 (still to pass third reading and Royal Assent) and ensure that Council is ready to pass the required bylaw and appoint a director. Neighbourhood safety and improved public schools are the two biggest obstacles my ward faces in our efforts to revitalize. The schools are coming along .. the neighbourhood safety is languishing.
SafetyMove the group home for sexual and high profile offenders out of the city core. It is not beneficial to the public or the persons living there. It is much too close to the bad influences that may have contributed to their negative behaviors.
SafetyLess crimes
Safety, Downtown, ImageMore emphasis on being united for common goals,including safe streets throughout the city, and making downtown a top priority as all downtowns represent their cities to the world. (Unfortunately, there's too much tribalism going on right now. Citizens of neighbourhoods putting down other neighbourhoods - which is happening across the city - but that's more of citizen phenomenon that it is a City Hall problem.)
Safety, EducationReduce prison time for disadvantaged people and do training and job support instead
Safety, EnforcementBetter lighting on residential streets, Neighbourhood Watch programme promoted, concerted effort to rectify empty, boarded up businesses along Barton in particular.
Safety, traffic, Green, Safety, SnowThe east end is a dangerous place that needs cleaning up, I don't feel safe east of Victoria. The north end's speed at 30 is impossible to keep, sucks gas and is causing more pollution. Since it was instated it's cost me more as a resident. The speed posts in the north end cause people to almost hit one another, and are more dangerous just not to drivers but to pedestrians cause a lot got broken during the winter and are now sharp plastic bits sticking out of the road. They also prevented snow removal in some areas, making driving dangerous.
SchoolsSchool boards lack of foresight and abuse of funds
SchoolsHWDSB, keep small schools open and stop building mega schools. It is so important to keep the small communities thriving, and it is not healthy for children to be bused to school!
SchoolsSchool boad
Schools, I would try to assure that school board made better decisions about the location of schools. Each neighbourhood deserves a good school. A good school is one that has very good teachers with good equipment. The newness of a school is not important. The school board should invest in upkeep rather than leet in schools deteriorate so they can argue for new ones.
Schools, Accountability, Stadium, HealthI would make the Board of Education accountable to the public the same as any government service or community institution. As it stands, you would be hard pressed to find a parent that can say theyre pleased with the Board's handling of school closures and botched development deals, as in the current road block with the Stadium Precinct community health centre development, which nobody can answer why the board is not working alongside this project.
Schools, Downtown, Transitkeep schools downtown! add more bike lanes with barriers.
Schools, Green, Traffic, Enforcement, Develop, Reverse HWDSB's most recent actions - establish their office in the core, not on the mountain. Maintain schools across the city, while renting out facilities to business/organizations etc. rather than building centralizing into a few humongous schools. Place trees along main thoroughfares. Convert to two-way streets and add protected bike lanes. Aggressively enforce the protection of the downtown core, preventing the creation of any more parking lots or demolitions. Develop a committee that works will all developers and business start-ups to ensure collaboration with existing communities, rather than gentrification.
Schools, Inclusivity, ServicesOne school board, no catholic board. More inclusive family services. More affordable child care.
Schools, Police, City HallSTOP CLOSING SCHOOLS Reign in the police, any issues regarding police brutality and murder - ESPECIALLY if the officer has been involved in several cases. Whatever those white posts are that are at every corner along the North side of Bay St.... those things need to go. MORE PROGRESSIVE MINDS IN CITY HALL!!
Schools, RedevelopMake school boards report to the municipalities. Intensify, remediate brownfields.
Schools, Traffic, Pedestrian, City Hall, Tourism, Engagement, Taxes, TransitI would not close the schools. I would make Main St. and King St. complete streets, adding the LRT to King St. I would assist the people who are trying to open new businesses here rather than slap them with permit fees and restrictions. I would showcase our proximity to the wineries and gorgeous farmlands and agriculture we have on our doorstep. I would make it mandatory to vote in civic elections. I would charge people (speculators) who buy buildings and board them up exorbitant fees rather than giving them a tax break. I would make public transit the preferred method of travel and invite every citizen to stroll their city and to that end I would ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.
Schools, Traffic, Roads, SprawlBoard of Education's lack of vision with regards to lower central schools. This area is currently experiencing an influx of families with children, but the board is projecting a decline in school populations. Trustees and councillors should be required to live and have their children attend schools in the ward that they represent. Free parking for downtown or scrap the revitalization idea altogether. Stop converting 1 way streets to 2 way. Stop the urban sprawl.
Schools, Traffic, Transit, City HallAttracting residents to the lower city is of paramount importance. 1. The school board is reducing Hamilton's attractiveness to young families. Long-term goals of the board and the city must be aligned, so that progress is not undermined by school closures, for example. 2. Transportation system must be re-prioritized for the 21st century. Complete streets, 2-way conversion, transit expansion (including LRT & regional service), cycling infrastructure, and raising parking rates are all worthwhile changes/investments. 3. Land-use zoning needs overhaul. Senseless restrictions on small businesses (e.g. parking minimums) need to be revisited.
SeniorsCityhousing Hamilton employees are allowed to abuse seniors who live in seniors housing - Hamilton needs a seniors ombudsman
Seniors, Transit, Health, Police, EducationWith a quickly aging population, the City of Hamilton must fix our infrequent and poorly managed bus and transit systems and transit stations that are largely inaccessible to disabled and elderly people. Recognizing and improving the important issue of equal healthcare, accessible and safe transit, public safety (especially in regards to police conduct ang legal support), equitable education for disabled and LGBTQ Hamiltonians.
ServicesPay more attention to the needs of the surrounding areas such as Dundas, Flamborough etc.
ServicesI would have the City provide bobcat snow removal on all streets and relieve residents from the onus of doing so. I am a senior and it is now becoming difficult for me to do this myself. It would provide greater safety on the streets in winter for all sidewalk users: seniors, parents with prams, joggers, etc. Other communities provide this service and there is no reason we can't. The City removes the snow from roads for the automobiles, why not for pesestrians?
Services, PovertyMore social programs less corporate support.
Signs, Infrastructure, Amalgamation, Image Too much money spent on fancy signage, like downtown street signs, and new Ancaster signs and sidewalks, etc. it seems like our councillors prioritize appearance instead of improving ailing infrastructure (roads, water mains, etc). Perhaps investing in underground wires would decrease the hours of power outages? After amalgamation, we still don't feel that the different areas of Hamilton are being treated equally. I'd also focus on featuring the natural areas we have around Hamilton- City of Waterfalls, The Niagara Escarpment, Bruce Trail, etc
Snow, Have the City gov't be responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow and ice, afterall the City owns that property note the taxpayers, so why should they be forced to labour on someone else's property for no gain? It's clearly unfair, considering that other city gov'ts clear the sidewalks for the residents.
Snow, AnimalsMore snow plowing, its a frozen death trap! No more goose poop in waterways!
Snow, BusinessMake sure the businesses clear the sidewalks of snow in the winter or the city does it and charges the businesses for the service. It is dangerous for pedestrians to have to walk and/or push strollers on the street because the sidewalks are not cleared.
Snow, EnforcementI would give people more tickets if they don't shovel their walks of snow or ice!
Snow, GreenLike the idea of sidewalk snow removal even at an extra cost. Hated the 1 bag garbage limit but the new tag system is reasonable.
SprawlSuburban sprawl, I hate it and if I see one more smart centre i will scream.
SprawlStop the sprawling form of development.
SprawlStop selling green space to developers.
SprawlStop building surveys on my green-space. we need it to breathe to live a quality life and to prevent flooding. stop the greedy grabbing of land.
Sprawl, Arts, Waterfront, Finance, Taxes, Accountability, Transit, Snow, SeniorsStop the urban sprawl. Have more events to get people interested in what is happening in the City. The Art Crawl is great but maybe more things by the waterfront. More music events with local artists, artists and craftsman. Sad that the FOF. moved out of the core as it was a great event for the City. More input on where our tax money is going with the high taxes we pay we should have more say. Less waste and more countability. Curb protected bike paths from East to West. The City should have a sidewalk snow clearing program especially for seniors and the disabled.
Sprawl, Downtown, Business, Green- Minimize the rampant urban sprawl. Need to learn from the disasters of places like Vaughan, Mississauga, etc. (A hypocritical desire, given my address..) - Continue to nurture downtown revitalization. - Attract creative commercial/ eco industries to downtown - Must, somehow, clean up industrial pollution. All 'liveability' improvements become moot if the air stinks.
Sprawl, Downtown, Food, AccountabilitySTOP Urban sprawl and allowing the developers to run the city. STOP wasting money on saying we are going to revilatize the downtown core and lets put in the right people to get the job done. Developers should be directed to relivalize the core by retrofitting and building in the core to draw people there, which would equal ecomomic growth for our city. We need to preserve our Farmlands. Look what is about to happen to Fruitland-Winona (hence the name Fruitland!), the city is going to allow developers to turn the farmland and quaint community into a congested eyesore. They are planning on doing the same to Mount Hope. I sure hope that we can vote out this current council and turn things around for Hamilton. I also believe that candidates should have something to add to the position of Councillor. People should not be allowed to run just because they want the title. We as taxpayers need to get something for our hard earned dollars. Thank you for engaging citizens with this survey.
Sprawl, Engagement, Schools, Less urban sprawl. More integration of neighbourhoods- ?start with our schools? Find ways for the "Have" parents to integrate with the "have-nots" and build relationships through our kid's activities.
Sprawl, Farmland, DowntownAs a community we must save the farmland while restoring downtown to a place where people can go and feel safe and create a better place to live.
Sprawl, FinanceThe amount of outgrowth ~ underfunded infrastructure.
Sprawl, GreenI would like to see higher development charges to discourage sprawl. As well, more infrastructure for biking and other environmental initiatives would be welcome.
Sprawl, Police, Compensation, Less development of farm land.Eliminate police horses.Equip police with cameras,not tasers.Stop high end severance packages for civic employees and costly lawsuits.
Sprawl, RedevelopExpansion into untouched areas should not happen. We should improve on the already touched areas.
Sprawl, Redevelop, Traffic, TransitStop urban sprawl, encourage infill development, change Main and King to "complete streets", build more bike infrastructure, including downtown and on the mountain, especially Mohawk Road.
Sprawl, Redevelop, Transit, PlanningStop excessive permits to convert farmland to suburban housing. Roads on which the new developments are being built are almost over capacity, and sewer problems are developing. Redevelop existing space for more high density housing to decrease road maintenance and improve public transit. Decrease wait times for buses to 15 minutes on all routes to improve ease of connections. Cease conversion of one way roads to two ways and return them to a one-way system to improve traffic flow. If you want more people to shop downtown, the answer is to build more parking structures instead of constricting arterial roads like main and king. Oh and maybe having an actual planning department would help because someone would tell the city about these problems before they become million dollar disasters.
Sprawl, Roads, Infrastructure, Redevelop, Enforcement, Heritage, Tenants, LeadershipStop encouraging urban sprawl. Do not build a single new road and instead focus on maintaining the current roads. Allow only brownfield industrial development. Change bylaws to make it more difficult to be an absentee landlord and/or to let heritage buildings degenerate beyond saving. Clamp down on illegal duplexing. Deal with bully tenants in Hamilton Housing. Between now and the election, try to get the mayor do do as council decides and stop him from meeting solo with provincial officials since he carries messages that contradict council's decisions.
Sprawl, TrafficNo more building on the outskirts of the city but on available land or brown fields within the city core. Encourage apartment building not just condominiums. Stop pandering to small special interest groups and make decisions that benefit the many. Stop changing one-way streets into two-way. People are avoiding downtown because of traffic snarls Cars need to be considered as well. Enough of the " if you build them, they will come" unused bike lanes.
Stadium, Infrastructure, Finance, Jobs, Redevelop, Engagement, CompensationCity council and staff have to learn that there are many things that must be fixed before tax dollars are spent on frivolous expenditures (like the Pan Am stadium - too late for this, but the LRT - what a waste of money). Hamilton has a $2 billion problem with infrastrucuture, and this needs to be fixed before anything else is done. Job creation - there is plenty of brownsite acreage that can attract new employment, it doesn't have to be a few high-paying jobs, we need jobs to employee our current population. We need to get voters out somehow. Voter participation is an embarassement. Unfortunately, we get the council we deserve if we don't get out to vote. Council needs to get away from the US style of politics, I will vote for your issue if you vote for mine. Perhaps we need terms that are limited so that new blood gets in. Half of council chanes every election. It can be done. We need a hard look at growth in city spending. It cannot be justified by what has happened. How did it get so out of control? Delusions of grandeur about what we are versus what council wants? Hamilton is not the only city with this problem, but council needs to understand that people will want to move here because things are affordable, not because we have the Pan Am stadium, or an art crawl, or a theatre, or art gallery. Affordable houseing, jobs, and a safe, healthy place to live are more important to the majority of citizens, not a library, an art gallery, or a theatre.
Stadium, Term Limits, City Hall, TrafficStadium should have been at waterfront. Mayor. City bureaucracy. Convert all one way streets to two way. Wider sidewalks
Stadium, Youth, Business, Term LimitsIvor Wynn stadium was a massive cock up, honestly, though I know it's too late to do a damn thing about it. No one feels safe there at night, the noise to the residents is intolerable. If it were by the waterfront, heyo! That would make it even vaguely relevant. The young people in this city seem to be busting their asses to open their own businesses and beautify and uplift this city with a reputation. Fresh blood in the city government might be what's needed to actually work with that sweat, blood and tears effort on the ground. Also, when is Hamilton ever going to pay Supercrawl for it's INSANELY HUGE contribution to Hamilton tourism?
SurveyThis questionnaire has value-laden assumptions in some Qs that needed more peer review. Clearer thinking would've helped refine this questionnaire better. How is #52 relevant?
SurveySHitty groups like Hamilton civic league and their skewed surveys should be eliminated
SurveyNegative surveys like this. You are asking questions with no context and predetermined biases.
Survey, CompensationSurvey related not City related: Not sure how many of the general population have information into City Workers (i.e. lower than management salaries and wages) and the diversity! Witch hunt? Targeting staff? I'd say so!
TaxesTaxes are becoming a major concern. May have to move to lower tax area.
Taxeslower taxes
Taxes32. Without significant increase in gas tax for road maintenance the budget will never be balanced. This is not a tax it's a user fee.
TaxesThe rate at wich it spends tax payers money without any thought to where the money is coming from and then raising taxes to cover shortfalls.
TaxesLower property taxes
TaxesA change to L.V.T. as a revenue source and phase out the current property tax model.
Taxes, AccountabilityMore control of our tax dollars. Better decision making as to how our tax dollars are used. Better supervision of Hamilton employees !!!
Taxes, AmalgamationFree Flamborough! We pay taxes to what benefit? Public transit is non-existent, library behind schedule, no rec centre, no assistance for our indigent or needy. We have been enslaved to feed the masses in city core because we worked towards an education and were responsible. The city is out on a left-leaning limb and I don't like supporting it!
Taxes, Business, InfluenceNO preferential tax rates for ANY business!!! No extra low assessments for the Toni Valeris of this world!
Taxes, CompensationProperty taxes are to high, get a firmer grip on spending.. salaries must be brought in line...
Taxes, Compensation, Develop, Green, Accountability, Servicestax mill rates, High taxes, high city employee wages and pensions, zoning application charges,development, and parks land dedication charges, We need a person like Hazel Macalum Mayor of Mississaugua, Rob Ford ideas but not his character. Make managers and workers more accountable and responsible. Shift most of the work to Private Sector.
Taxes, Enforcement, PoliceRural taxes higher, no additional services, policing of roads poorer.
Taxes, FinanceLower residential taxes, as they are higher than surrounding communities. Also, local governments should not be allowed to run deficits!
Taxes, GreenReduce taxes raise tax on gasoline use expertise at McMaster or Mohawk to research/develop green energy
Taxes, Infrastructure1. lower taxes significantly through more effective, efficient priorities & decisions. 2. fix the crumbling infastructure
Taxes, Police, Services, Accountability, EngagementLower the property taxes Clamp down on the police force for illegal activities such as their horrible driving skills and talking on the phone while driving to name a few. It would be nice if the garbage men didn't throw our blue boxes and garbage cans so we have to replace them on our dime every other week. Let alone when dumping the garbage they miss the truck and leave the garbage on the road. More control over what the city workers are actually doing!!! More control over our government!!!
Taxes, Poverty, NewcomersReduce taxes. Make those who are provided with assistance do work for their assistance, like cleaning parks, maintaining gardens...reducing wage expenses for the city. Have stricter rules on immigration so we take care of the hungry and poor who already live in Hamilton and not overburden the city with newcomers who will not find work and tax our already minimal resources.
Taxes, RedevelopI would change the rules around taxation of vacant property, especially, commercial and industrial.
Taxes, ServicesIf you want to see change try catering to the people that pay the bills only then will the bottom be taken care of, it doesn't work the other way around.
Taxes, TourismCondo taxes high, return of service for such low vs stand alone homes in Hamilton.(i.e.road repairs, snow removal/etc) The city advertises 1,000 water falls, try finding one as a newcomer, and try finding a tour bus/etc to take you around the city exploring all that we have to offer?? (You should speak with retired teaches of Hamilton who can happily give advice to the tourism dept to set something up in the future. No I'm a retired leather skin salesman not a teacher)
taxes, Traffic, Roads, TransitEliminate area rating, rep by pop, more two way conversions, better transit (LRT).
Taxes, Transit, Infrastructure, Sprawl, Downtown, Pedestrian, -Lower property taxes -Better public transit (more buses on crowded routes, bus rapid transit on Main/King and James/Upper James) -Better sidewalk and road maintenance -Reduce the pace of suburban sprawl -More prosperous downtown -More walkable neighbourhoods (more sensible road and highway infrastructure, wider sidewalks, two-way conversions on some streets)
TechnologyBetter use and respect for role of technology. Everything from open data to communications from city hall to the city's branding. This is one of many stellar examples: And we can do it too!
Term LimitsImpose term limits
Term LimitsOur current councillors for some fresh and forward thinking.
Term LimitsTwo terms max for ANY Council Member.
Term LimitsWe need to change our political leaders more often. Councillor for life is not good for progress.
Term LimitsTHE MAYOR
Term Limitsneed to change Council. Incumbents sitting too long.
Term LimitsALL the City Council
Term LimitsWard 10 Councillor
Term Limitswould like to see, a new mayor elected, and new councilors and if the majority of councilors run for I want to know from them as to why I should vote for them abut, what they have achieved in office, this last four years running
Term Limitsnew councillor - too many have stayed on too long
Term Limitscity council
Term LimitsLimit the terms of elected officials.
Term LimitsCity council representation; starting with the mayor.
Term LimitsAlmost everyone on council.
Term LimitsGet a new mayor and city council is on too long. Two terms max!
Term LimitsGet rid of the current Mayor
Term Limitsget rid of the majority of the present council (including the present mayor) !
Term LimitsThe MAYOR!!!
Term LimitsAll of City of Hamilton Councillors and Mayor. Hamilton needs a vibrant forward thinking Mayor and council
Term LimitsCouncil
Term LimitsAll councellors and mayor to start
Term LimitsEvery School Trustee must go
Term LimitsThe Mayor
Term Limitsthe Mayor.
Term LimitsIt's time to replace all the current councillor's.
Term LimitsTerm Limits for Mayor and Council
Term LimitsA stronger mayor with a business background and I would limit the number of years each councillor could serve!
Term Limitsall new city councillors in city that do what they were voted in for
Term LimitsAll new city counselors in City Hall that do what they were voted in to do
Term LimitsPlease get a new mayor.
Term LimitsGet a new mayor. We need a different counselor for our ward.
Term LimitsCity Hall
Term LimitsCity Council
Term Limitschange the counselors and the mayor. vote in more business oriented people
Term LimitsCity counselors; they have been in for far too long
Term LimitsSome of the counselors
Term LimitsI would like to limit counselors to two terms
Term LimitsThe Mayor The conservative culture of the council
Term LimitsCity hall needs to be gutted of its current staff and councillors.
Term LimitsAll of the people on City Council.
Term LimitsThe length of the terms for the mayor and councillors.
Term LimitsJust the mayor and all 15 councillors. Oh yeah, and I'd get rid of a whole whack of special interest groups too.
Term LimitsFire Bratina.
Term LimitsThe Mayor
Term Limitsthe politicians need to be changed, fresh blood is needed.
Term Limitsnew council that does not bend to every special interest group
Term Limitscouncillors are being voted in year after year because there isn't anyone else to vote for. I think there should be a 4 year term and you can't run 2 terms in a row.
Term LimitsIt's Council
Term LimitsI would love to see a change in the makeup of City Council, they are becoming very stale and we need fresh minds there..
Term LimitsTerm limits
Term Limitsterm limits of elected council and mayor.
Term LimitsWe NEED term limits. We've outgrown this council.
Term LimitsTHE MAYOR
Term LimitsRevolve and replenish councillor advocates and city hall committee advocates often.
Term Limitsterm limits for councilors.
Term Limitsterm limits at city hall
Term LimitsThe current Mayor and in Councillor who has served two consecutive terms !
Term LimitsReplace all city councillors and mayor as well as all school board trustees.
Term LimitsCouncillors!
Term LimitsTerm limits, councillors are too comfy in their seats and too intent are arguing instead of moving forward.
Term Limitsall of council and mayor
Term LimitsReplace those on council who have outdated ideas how a city should run.
Term LimitsI would put Bob Bratina in a pod and send him to the far reaches of outer space, back to where he is from.
Term Limitsget rid of our current Mayor Bratina and almost eliminate the majority or most of the current coucellors
Term Limitsthe Mayor and most Council members
Term LimitsTerm limits for Councillors and Mayor.
Term Limitsrid city of councilors who have been there since the flood
Term LimitsCouncillors who have been serving forever.
Term Limitsall the councilors, must go, and the mayor stays until defeated/Councilors must only run for two consecutive term, and wait for two consecutive terms to run again..Same goes for a councilor, who does not win his second term, he or she must wait out two term to run again
Term Limitsthe Mayor
Term LimitsI think starting with the premise that city councilors can only serve two four-year terms is a good place to start...we need breaths of fresh air in municipal government.
Term Limits, To get rid of the "usual suspects" when it comes to election to municipal council. Incumbency may be good for the day-to-day running of a city, in terms of knowing the nuts and bolts of the system, but it is bad on the long term. Incumbency breeds hubris and empire building.
Term Limits, I feel strongly about limiting terms for city councillors; we need fresh perspective in the council. That is been evidenced by Jason Farr who has done fantastic work in our ward this term.
Term Limits, all of the long term councillors and board of ed. members new and fresh heads are badly needed . also some of upper "senior staff" seem to be out of control
Term Limits, AccountabilityA complete change of every Councillor and the Mayor. Put a two term limit on the voter ballet for all Councillors and Mayor. It's the only way to move forward and stop the wasteful spending and get sanity into accountability.
Term Limits, AmalgamationShake up the mix in council and turf Bratina. De-amalgamation is also a good idea. Currently no-one is being represented properly. Too many issues have blanket solutions that please no one. Whoever thought lumping the interests of farmers and suburbans and urbanites was an idiot.
Term Limits, Casino, City HallTerm limits for council, Casino at Chedoke Golf Course, eliminate all consultants.
Term Limits, City HallCity Council. They are too reactive ( and I mean by YEARS) to issues rather than being pro active.
Term Limits, City HallClean house. Anyone who has served longer than one term should be fired. Uncover all the scandals.
Term Limits, City Hall, HealthAll of the incumbent Councillors should leave and none should be Mayor the City Managers under contract should be dismissed with out pay, All hospitals should be available to all demographics.
Term Limits, City Hall, EngagementFire all municipal employees, including councillors. Seriously. We need fresh faces that care, have some degree of competency, and respect for their employers; us. Citizens become disenfranchised because they are not heard and their wishes come last to the money that buys council and basically runs roughshod over them. There are too many issues that people are invested in but have given up when they try to engage in the process and see first hand the corruption and disdain these servants spew at anyone asking for anything that is not part of their agenda.
Term Limits, City Hall, Health, Green, BusinessThe council, the city workers bad attitudes, the meth clinic, over salting, small business support
Term Limits, Diversity, Schools, Councillors should have a set term. They also should reflect the diversity of the city. Some of the current councillors have been serving for too long and have not been listening to the concerns of their ward citizens, especially regarding the HWDSB's school closures, which should have been evaluated by the city. The city should have played a bigger role in the closure process because these closures affect our communities and the local economy.
Term Limits, DowntownChange the Mayor and elect someone with business experience and who is truthful. Other than that I think the area around Jackson square should be cleaned up re-vamped and discourage current riff Raff who harass citizens.
Term Limits, Downtown, LeadershipCouncil term limits, get the downtown redeveloped, end the micromanaging of council,
Term Limits, Engagementall new members of city council including the mayor, no past mayors allowed, open it up for everyone to speak and to listen to them
Term Limits, EngagementWe have a lack of confidence in our elected officials. Something needs to be done to ensure that positions are not life-long appointments. This applies to all our elected officials. Conversations need to be started at the neighbourhood level and brought forward to those who make decisions that affect each of our lives. We need to have a voice and a way to share our thoughts and be considered, not ignored.
Term Limits, EngagementWe need fresh faces on council. Councillors need to start listening to the smart city staffers that do exist. We need to focus on engagement among residents to get involved and improve our city. We need a stronger focus on complete, safe, and equitable streets.
Term Limits, Finance, TaxesMost of city council. I support social programs, however believe they should be provincially funded, not through civic property taxes
Term Limits, Fluoridevote to get Bratina out. get the fluoride(poison) out. educate all councillors, mayor , and health canada about fluoride and how poisonous it is.
Term Limits, Image, Artsthe mayor our negative attitude (which is changing) our economic developments lack of understanding in creative industries
Term Limits, InfluenceI'd replace our current developer-serving council with one that actually represents and serves the interests of constituents. I would change the anti-lower-city mentality of councillors like Whitehead and Ferguson who do a huge disservice to the residents of this city with their pro-sprawl, anti-cyclist, wish-we-were-the-suburbs throwback-to-1970 mentality.
Term Limits, Infrastructure, If I could do a clean sweep of the entire council I would, but that is not reasonable so I guess the thing I would change isto get council to focus more on repairing the infrastructure we have and work with the roads we have and stop trying to re-invent everything all the time. Get rid of some of the changes like around St. Joe's and strat propery repairing the roads and sewers. (also try and get a handle on the unions so we could get the ski hill back at Chedoke.)
Term Limits, LeadershipTerm limits for councillors. City council should not be a lifetime job, would allow new ideas and perspectives to be brought to council instead of the same continued ineffectiveness.
Term Limits, LeadershipGet a city council with some people with vision and people who know how to build consensus and get things done.
Term Limits, LeadershipThe entire Council - from micro-managers, to a team of qualified high-level thinkers.
Term Limits, LeadershipSchool board trustee Simmons and a few councillors!
Term Limits, Leadershipelected officials; we need people that can make a decision, that have vision and balls
Term Limits, Leadership, Waterfront, Stadium, Arts, Roads, SnowCity Council! They seem to make expensive and inept decisions eg. buying up waterfront land to build a stadium, then caving in to the Ticats. Allowing the firing of staff by city manager then paying a big court bill for a wrongful dismissal suit that should have been immediately settled, making bike paths on King west, taking them away and then building them again. Lack of support for the arts compared with support for sports. Putting up white posts on Bay North which limits parking and then getting city staff to clear the dead area of snow and blow it into the road!
Term Limits, PoliceThe council and police chief
Term Limits, Recallremove Lloyd
Term Limits, Schools, CompensationTerm limits for Council and School Boards. Eliminate School Boards. Reduce Mayor/Council pay to honorarium. Reduce City staff. Deal with bloated Fire, EMS, police staffing and budgets and overlap, competition and waste.
Term Limits, Services, DiversityNew mayor, less talk more action by council Better snow & garbage removal Improve support for cultural activities
Term Limits, StadiumTerm limits, never would have paid for Tiger Cat stadium,
Term Limits, Stadium, City HallI would change most of the present members of Council and bring in a strong visionary to lead them. No more special interest groups who push the city to make wrong and expensive decisions, such as the stadium.
Term Limits, Traffic, Heritage, PedestrianThe mayor; the concentration on moving cars & trucks; the disregard of heritage architecture. Make the city a people place
Term Limits, Traffic, Stadium, TransitGet rid of the mayor, most councillors, the 2 way streets, the Tim Horton Field location, the proposed bike lane on Cannon St.,
Term Limits, Traffic, Transit1. The MAYOR! 2. One-way streets into two-way. 3. Rampt up LRT/Transit investments.
Term Limits, Traffic, Transit, Pedestrian, Heritage, Engagement, Arts, Sprawl, need some form of council term limits / continue to add bike lanes similar to the planned Cannon St pilot / convert King and Main to two-way / much stronger heritage building preservation strategy / bring back incline railway to escarpment / provide public transportation link for Greensville and other similar areas to improve public transit ridership and support to LRT / light up the Skyway bridge at nite / better Mohawk & Mac outreach to kids in underpriviliged areas / refuse casino anywhere in Hamilton (including Flamborough) / provide public access to open data / petition CBC for Hamilton radio presence / need to engage citizens for much greater voter turnout / provide greater funding for arts / less surface parking lots in the core / stop suburban sprawl and focus on intensifying the core
Term Limits, TransitRemove the mayor from office until he is the champion of LRT that we need.
Term Limits, Transit, Growth, Sprawl, leadership, TrafficRemove most of the current council. Focus on transit infrastructure over road/automobile infrastructure. Intensify density on the Mountain and stop building outward. Add a complete, separated bike lane network to the entire lower city and then the Mountain. Actually build the LRT and stop twiddling our thumbs about it. Lower speed limits through out the city, but specifically the lower city neighbourhoods.
Term Limits, Transparency, City Hall, Transit, Taxes, TenantsGet rid of long-term city councilors and school board trustees; NO MORE closed door/in-camera city council meetings, settle RED HILL lawsuit with the Federal Govt. FREE HSR for all residents, level 2.7x Property Tax for renters!
Term Limits, VotingTerm limits. Create 2 - 3 Councillor at Large positions on Council (voted for by whole city with no ward affiliation)
Term Limits, Ward Strong opinions about term limits for councillors and for ward boundaries
Tourism, Sprawl, Transit, Housing, Seniors, Waterfront- make more "destinations" for residents and visitors to attend, especially family-friendly ones. The Museum of Play in Rochester is a brilliant example of something that should be considered here (private-public partnership). - accept the fact that because of urban sprawl, daycare, kids' after-school activities, etc., cars are here to stay. Public transit is just too difficult (transfers, indirect routes) for us to drop our kids off, get to work, attend meetings, go back and pick our kids up, get them to their activities, etc. Pick a demographic to focus on (i.e., students, seniors) and encourage them to live on/close to appropriate bus routes (and build, if necessary, appropriate housing to support that). - build more one-floor housing to accommodate our aging population - focus on waterfront redevelopment. Such a beautiful spot..let's capitalize on it and make it accessible for all to enjoy
TrafficChange John and James street back to one waythis mess they have now is a disgrace and is causing more polution by slowing down traffic
TrafficStop making 1way streets into 2way! We have too many cars and too few parking spots already!
TrafficMore one way streets downtown
TrafficTry and ndo all the silly traffic changes that have been forced on us over the past ten years.
TrafficI love the one way streets. The intersection where I live needs to be changed trying to get out of the subdivision is impossible on school mornings between 8am and 9am I am sure there are others that could be looked at but Castlewood is horrendous with two schools one on each corner and students sauntering across the road at slow speed. The high school being enlarged will only make it worse.
TrafficGet rid of the one way street system downtown
TrafficHamilton needs a perimeter road in the lower city to eliminate the constant conflict between those that live downtown and those that need to get there
Trafficrevert to two way traffic in the lower city, make major routes in the upper city one way to compensate
Trafficlook deeply into changing John and James Sts back to one way and forget entirely about doing anything to King and Main
TrafficNo two way conversion on main and king. Lower the speed limit instead with syn'd lights.
TrafficBike lanes and better maintained roads (cannon east of Victoria, York west of Locke)
TrafficThe obsession with making access easiest by car rather than investing in public transit and walkable/bikeable neighborhoods. I'm tired of subsidizing car travel.
TrafficConvert all one-way streets to two-way ASAP
TrafficEliminate cancer poisoning car driving through extensive car-free zones on the Dutch model.
TrafficTurn all one way streets to two way and add bicycle lanes.
TrafficEnd the war on the car.
TrafficGet rid of the one way streets, esp Main and King
Traffic, AirportWe really need complete streets - is ok to continue Main and King as one way, just make room for cyclists and pedestrians to make safe and good for business. Please stop Aerotropolis - huge waste of money and planning.
Traffic, City Hall, Compensationmake James St. a one way street going north from the bottom of the mountain access to King St. I find the lanes too narrow and turning lanes are confusing and at rush hour it's a zoo! Also, leave the Pearl Company alone and let them get on with their business! Contract out more clerical positions at City Hall to reduce the cost of union contracts...pensions, sick days, etc. etc.
Traffic, City Hall, Enforcement, Redevelop, Schools, Animals, Snow, More advanced greens at left-hand turns All street two-way Bike lanes for King and Main Accessible City website to find out who own a particular property By-laws that have teeth for slum landlords Revitalization of Barton Street Policy changes re treatment of head lice in schools Expanded cat spray/neuter/adoption for strays Better snow removal on side streets
Traffic, City Hall, Voting, Corruption, Transit, >Restore two-way functionality to all main streets. >Handicap incumbents -10% for each term served up to 40% of votes received (instead of too blunt term limit concept) to encourage others to run against incumbents and also encourage incumbents to move up or on. >Investigate whether complaints about sourcing corruption and nepotism are valid. Ensure that decisions are made for greatest benefit of all residents, not insiders. >Establish a hierarchy of transport in the core. e.g. Buses go before single occupant autos, allow bicycles to treat stop signs as yields, ensure that bicycles and cars yield to pedestrians, slow traffic in the core. Those travelers using our costly infrastructure most efficiently should get priority over less space/cost effective users. Make decisions based upon upon cost per person moved -- stop counting cars per hour and instead measure how many *people* per hour are accommodated by each lane of infrastructure. Then reallocate the space to favour more efficient use. >Improve and expand pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure dramatically, >Put at least as much emphasis on brownfield and vacant lot redevelopment in older parts of the city as is put on expansion into new areas.
Traffic, CorruptionTwo way streets. Better Bicycle infrastructure. More transparency in our government (no more closed door meetings, greater opportunities for live/web streaming sessions).
Traffic, Engagement lower speed limits--make residents more aware of their rights through tv programs
Traffic, Engagement, City Hall, Stadium, TransparencyRestrict large tractor/trailer trucks from city streets or allow only at night for deliveries. Restrict heavy truck traffic to right hand lane only on all major access routes (403; Linc; Red Hill; etc) More participatory budgeting options Less tax support for professional sports whether teams or events Better HR supervision for city managers and staff ... eliminate situation where fired managers receive a buy out while union members are just terminated ... BOTH should be just terminated with cause. Strictly monitor and publicize city lobbyists of any kind
Traffic, Finance, ServicesReduce congestion in city by going back to one way streets. Spend more time and money on the mountain (it is part of the city too).
Traffic, GreenDo a better job of controlling stop lights so that they give more consideration to reducing sitting at lights and polluting the air. Reduce the number of stop signs that are interrupting the flow of traffic and increasing environmental carbon inputs. More apparent work on the potential effects of Climate change. Mitigation will be important.
Traffic, Green, Animals, DowntownI would Solve the South North Traffic Problems, as well more leash free parks, and invest more in making the downtown safer.
Traffic, Heritage, Transitreturn King St. to 4 lanes, allow demolition of buildings King St. S. at Gore Park. South side of King E. from Catherine to James restricted to buses. Provide more parking for harbor front.
Traffic, PedestrianChange remaining one way streets to two way.
Traffic, Pedestrian, DowntownMany one way streets need to be converted to two way streets (including main and king). Pedestrian friendly downtown
Traffic, Pedestrian, Downtown, Transitremove/reconfigure traffic calming measures and parking restrictions in the north end; encourage walkability; downtown streetscape; downtown market; bikeshare;
Traffic, Pedestrian, Heritage, SprawlOne-way streets, narrow sidewalks, driving culture, neglect of built heritage, sprawl.
Traffic, Pedestrian, ZoningChange one-way streets to two way "complete streets" Allow for more pedestrian only zones downtown. Make it easier to get around by bicycle. Relax zoning bylaws to allow for more mixed residential/commercial areas.
Traffic, Redevelop, Business, Waterfront, I would convert king and main to 2 way traffic, I would invest in the improvement of vacant business properties in the lower city wards and create loans for new businesses who invest and restore, maintain existing commercial properties, limit parking lots more in the city and invest in the cleanup of our waterfront properties to allow public use of these lands
Traffic, RoadsGet rid of the inner city "turnpikes", Main, King, and Canon. Calm traffic, get rid of sequenced lights... the sooner, the better!
Traffic, RoadsMake King and Main two way streets
Traffic, Roads, Downtownnarrow wide streets, esp those with multiple lanes (Cannon, Main, etc). Make streets two-way. Make downtown "liveable, not passable". Btw - I no longer live in Hamilton
Traffic, Roads, Fluoride, Seniors, Enforcement, Police, change to one way streets, remove fluoride, aid to veterans where possible, swearing on street made illegal, police should improve their public image, often when I deal with them they are somewhat uncivil,
Traffic, Roads, Redevelop, Green, EnforcementConvert 1-2way streets for major thoroughfares such as Bay, Queen, King, Main, etc. Redevelop brown fields. Better public trash cans/cleanup. Stronger enforcement of pet waste laws.
Traffic, Roads, TransitGet rid of the one way streets, calm traffic, invest in LRT
Traffic, Taxes, EnforcementMore bike lanes. Higher taxes on empty buildings and parking lots. Enforce idling by-law, 50% permeable surface for front yards, downspouts out of sewers onto permeable surface. Pass by-law (and enforce) prohibiting all burning of wood/garbage without WETT approved appliance.
Traffic, Term LimitsStop thinking like a small town, stop the movement to 40km roads, bring back one ways to John and James street, have option of saying I'm not happy with any candidates on election ballots, putting in terms for councillors and mayors,
Traffic, TransitThe two way streets would be changed back to one way. Also, I will not vote for anyone who wants this light rail system.
Traffic, Transitreturn to one way streets eliminate bus lane on King St no LRT
Traffic, transitGet rid of the major one-way streets! Make biking in this city the preferential option and safer.
Traffic, Transit, 2 way streets now.Main and King should have much slower traffic so they are safe for all not just highways through the city. A Lrt and bike lanes on main street would be great. Promote LRT like Waterloo and Ottawa. Bike lanes and traffic calming.
Traffic, Transit, Accountability, City Hall- strong Complete Streets Strategy, including LRT. - More accountable of our City councillors, their approaches vary from some of them holding meetings open to their ward, while others don't even send out emails of things happening in their ward. - developers should not be allowed to close part of the road for undetermined amount of time, I'm thinking about Hess And King - when they declare a date for re-opening of a street and that does not happen, they should be fined. I help organize an event that includes a street closure and the hoops that groups of volunteers have to jump through to make that a reality, while the developer for the Hess / King location gets to mark their corner for a seemingly unlimited amount of time.
Traffic, Transit, Airport, Heritage, Taxes, CasinoBuild complete streets, stop aerotropolis, develop brownfields, say YES to LRT, designate gor park as heritage conservation district, designate all our old buildings, eliminate tax breaks for vacant buildings and lots, increase taxes for surface parking lots, complete the bike network NOW, convert all n/s streets to 2 way and all minor e/w, build 2 way bike lanes on main and cannon, say no to casinos, say yes to people say no to single occupancy vehicle commuting
Traffic, transit, Arts, GreenAlthough your survey does ask about public transportation, it does not address the SERIOUS problem of over reliance on cars for transportation. Everywhere in the downtown core is traffic and parking lots, this city needs to greatly improve the public transit infrastructure. Recently, a long time Hamilton resident told me, the bus is for 'students and losers". Everyone takes transit in TO, Vancouver...Hamilton should be a leader in making transit an affordable and efficient way to travel. I am sick of all the traffic everywhere all the time in my ward. I take my life in my hands every time I have cross Main and Dundern as a pedestrian. Although, public art and beautification projects are often seen as frivolous, I would support initiatives to make the Main Street corridor (from Dundern to James) much more welcoming, and frankly, beautiful. When I first moved into the city, I was very disheartened to see such a grim and ugly street. Planting trees would be a great start. What is happening to all the wonderful historic buildings on King Street? What wonderful potential Hamilton has for making the city core diverse seems like some things are moving along...but why are these buildings boarded up and rotting away?
Traffic, Transit, Farmland, SprawlThe timing of the lights on Main St. to get into the downtown from Stoney Creek. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to get into downtown, party because of the bottleneck by Wellington and that stupid bus-only lane, but it's so easy to leave the core with the timing of lights all synchronized and no bottleneck. I would also change the development policy - no more building on farm land!!!
Traffic, Transit, FinanceInvest in road infrastructure repair and LRT. Audit all departments on their operating costs.
Traffic, Transit, Jobs, City HallPriorities for me are converting one way streets back into two way, bike lanes, developing the LRT and stop pandering to companies like Stelco who provide relatively few jobs and high environmental costs. It is time that Hamilton moved into the 21st century and attracts/creates more high-tech industries. It seems that all the positive change is coming from grass-roots organizations but is being hindered by council.
Traffic, Transit, PedestrianComplete streets are the #1 priority in my opinion
Traffic, Transit, PedestrianMore complete streets
Traffic, Transit, Pedestrian, Heritage, City Hall, Develop, Sprawltwo-way conversions, complete street, lrt, heritage protection, reduce red tape for start-ups, creative entrepreneurs, adaptive reuse of older buildings, stop sprawl
Traffics, Roads, Health, Enforcement, Engagement, Arts, Police, Less One way streets, more effective programs for addictions and mental health and enforcement on homes being illegally rented/inhabited as multi-unit (low income) housing. Areas zoned single homes need to be enforced! And landlords need to be held accountable for their tenants and the maintenance of the properties to not negatively impact area property values and image. Also we need an active engagement plan inclusively targeting all Hamilton citizens as to the benefits of a revitalized down-town core. Bringing people down the mountain sharing in the art and culture and therefore making our downtown safe and alive with business and people! Capitalize on the wonderful art and culture of Hamiltonians!
Transitbike lanes!
TransitBus services should run later to support safety of residents and provide transportation to those that work nights. It makes no sense that we have an entire street dedicated to bars(Hess) but the bus service doesn't even run until last call. That isn't even taking into consideration the other establishments scattered throughout the city. Not having a bus service that at least runs hourly after midnight in the city greatly reduces the safety of citizens by either putting them in a position where they may be more likely to choose to drive intoxicated, or may limit their options for how they will get home in general. As an example, when I moved here as an 18/19 year old I worked in a call centre that ran until 3 and 4 am but the buses stopped around 1 am. As a result I was forced to walk the 1 ½ hour walk home at 3 or 4 in the morning because I couldn't afford the $20 cab home each night because I was making minimum wage and would have been working for 2 hours each day just to ensure I could make it home.
TransitI would like to see both the James Street GO Station and also the proposed GO Station in East Hamilton at Centennial Parkway completed ASAP with ample parking. It is a travesty that a city the size of Burlington has 4 GO Stations yet Hamilton has only one. We need to be proactive and create the infrastructure to attract more residents to the city who commute to Toronto.
Transitgrow some balls and return the rails to the streets as HSR is a street railway in name too, build the LRT
TransitImproving transit should be the number 1 priority. I have lived downtown (queen & main area) and in Ancaster. I used to take transit daily when I lived downtown and went to Mac. Now I commute into Toronto. I have to drive to Aldershot because go service into downtown Hamilton is too poor and I can't leave the car behind because there is virtually no transit in Ancaster. I also frequent downtown establishment like the farmers market far less frequently because there is no convenient way to take transit from Ancaster downtown and them parking situation is no good. More transit options in the suburbs couple with light rail in the downtown area and all day GO service is essential for the new millennium.
TransitYes, I would add a new B-line stop, both east and westbound, at Wellington Street as there is a huge concentration of seniors in several apartment buildings who could use this, as well as the many students who rent in this area. This makes far more sense than the 2-block-apart stops in the downtown core; despite what the bus engineers, who do not take transit, have to say.
TransitReduce the number of stops a bus makes. Create city buses that run to surrounding areas effectively.
TransitWhere bike lanes are proposed and why
TransitBetter bus service. 20min. is too long between buses and they are over crowded
TransitTransportation - Tired of hearing about LRT when the current HSR routes are inefficient. I challenge the current counselors to ride ANONYMOUSLY the HSR. Particularly from the west end by McMaster to the East Stoney Creek Mountain. Have them experience the delays, inconsistent schedules and time factor involved int that trip. I would never take advantage of the public transit on a daily basis because I could not afford the 4 hours it would take me daily. I could ride to Toronto and back in that time and make more money at a similar job I currently hold.
Transitbetter handling of DARTS !!!!
TransitMore buses in waterdown
TransitConvert one-way streets to two-way streets; reduce lanes on Main/King and make transit-only lane and separated bike lanes; invest in LRT
TransitBuild LRT ASAP. Install more bike lanes, including protected lanes on busy streets.
TransitProvide Free Public Transit to the Public The city already pays about half the cost
TransitTransit should be free and complemented with a bike share.
TransitI would ensure LRT is launched in Hamilton.
Transit,If I saw that LRT were needed I would advocate that it run North/South from Aerotropolis to the Harbour.
Transit, Never mind LRT just add extra buses to the routes. Give much better bus service to Ancaster especially for shift workers. Sunday Service and the bus beginning at close to 5:30am on weekdays and Saturdays start at a reasonable time for those getting off at 7 am. Increase the night hours so that a person having to start at 11pm does not have to leave 2 and 1/2 hours before their shift starts. 9:18 from Old Dundas bus stop to go through Ancaster to be at work for 9:35 pm c'mon. Please don't tell me or use the excuse Ancaster residents don't want to put the tax dollar out.
Transit, City should build more bicycle lanes with a level separation or a curb separation between the bicycle lane and the vehicle roadway. Plastic bollards and painted lines do not create a feeling of safety among those who would like to ride their bicycle but who are not yet due to fears of death or serious injury. These lanes need to be built on the major roads so that bicycles can be used as a regular mode of commuting and not just for recreation as on the rail trails (nice as they are).
Transit, Remove the bus lane from king st, there is enough lanes for all the traffic to flow without a bus lane, adding one makes it more congested for everyone for no reason. Increase Go transit frequency.
Transit, Airport, Compensation, FinanceBuild proper transportation to our International Airport. Less unions, more multi tasking. Lower wages and be able to hire more staff at current. Budget levels so health and safety of all facets of the municipality can be improved or A tleast maintained properly
Transit, Airport, Engagement, I believe that spending should focus on providing better transporation services between the north and south routes in Hamilton. Expanding rural areas around the airports are useless if we don't provide more efficient transporation services from the airport. Additionally, the city has created a suburban expansion in east mountain and Binbrook areas without proper consideration for public transportation access throughout the city boundaries. Therefore any projects dedicated to improving downtown and HSR routes are futile to improve ridership and expansion...people will drive to their destination if it takes them 2 hours to get there by HSR. Citizens are better educated now than ever before...Citizen groups should be accessed whenever possible to assist Hamilton and area with growth and expansion suggestions. Make group meetings accessible for those who work both daytime shifts and nighttime shifts. Step out of the box when it comes to tapping into ideas.
Transit, Airport, Redevelop, Traffic, Pedestrian, Heritage, Waterfront, Term Limits1) Invest in LRT. This will spur investment in the lower city. 2) Stop the Aerotropolis. There are so many brownfields with existing infrastructure in the city, there is no reason to expand into farmland. It is absolutely idiotic 3) Improve Biking Infrastructure. Cannon is a great start, but more needs to be done. 4) Remove one-way streets to improve walkability of the core 5) Preserve our built architecture...starting with the Gore streetwall. 6) Continue clean up and revitalization of the Waterfront. 7) Our Mayor
Transit, AnimalsI haven't lived here long enough to really say, but one thing that is limiting for me is that public transit does not allow dogs larger than those that can sit on your lap, unless they're crated - this prevents me from taking transit when I otherwise would, and is not in line with other GTHA communities (Toronto: any dog outside of rush hours, Oakville, Mississauga: any dog, any time, with a muzzle).
Transit, Animals, I would use public transit if I were permitted to bring my dog with me. The current rules only allow for lap dogs. This is out of step with surrounding jurisdictions. In Toronto, I can bring my dog on the TTC anytime other than rush hour. In Mississauga and Oakville, I can bring my dog on transit anytime provided the dog is muzzled. Here in Hamilton, I cannot take public transit with my well-trained, well-behaved dog at any time of the day. We have no option but to drive to parks (she is too old to walk all the way to the park and back). Since moving to Hamilton, I miss being able to take public transit with my dog and would love to be able to drive less often.
Transit, Arts, Police, AnimalsLocal buses should be 24hrs, so people who go out have an inexpensive way to get home. entertainment in this city needs to be encouraged. Young people need to be social & have fun. Too much police presence, we do not have riots, get rid of the horses $$$$.
Transit, Business, LRT needs a solid plan and come to fruition... keep the city moving. Hamilton needs to be seen as a viable option for businesses to relocate to - seeing Toronto as an expensive city which is slow to change and grow.
Transit, City Hall. PedestrianThe attitude of council and some city staff and many residents toward pedestrians, bus users and cyclists. For this city to move forward every mode of transportation should be explored and treated fairly unlike now were if you don't drive you are treated as a second class citizen.
Transit, Develop, City HallEmbrace the fact that we are among the large cities in Canada and stop acting so small town on issues like transportation and economic development.
Transit, Downtown, Diversity, Image, Jobs, -HSR: Needs SERIOUS customer service training! -Clean-up down-town core! -Promote diversity -Promote Hamilton as an environmental/cultural destination -Address Job Issue: low-income, part-time jobs will NEVER allow Hamilton to thrive!
Transit, FluorideI believe the lrt is a waste of time and money, But I really want flouride out of our water !!!
Transit, Greenmore bike lanes, more environmentally friendly/sustainable policies, more farms, more action on climate change
Transit, Green, Increase bike-friendliness with complete streets. My biggest hope is for Hamilton to become more environmentally friendly by making it easier to get around without a car.
Transit, Green, Arts, HousingMore bike lanes, green space, trees, community gardens, music, performance artists, Eco housing
Transit, Housing, Green, PovertyI would like to see the municipal priorities focused on improving quality of life for all residents (which involves improving access to and efficiency of transit systems, more spending on social housing and social services for low income families in Hamilton, focus on sustainable development alternatives, preserving green space, etc...), rather than engaging in vague "revitalization" strategies and pouring money into flashy projects (art galleries that no one uses, stadiums that no one needs...) in order to attract tourism. Hamilton is not a tourist city, nor should it aim to be. Any improvement strategies need to be geared towards existing residents. Also, a note on the LRT: I do not believe Light Rail Transit is an appropriate next step for improving our transit system. In fact, I don't think it is necessary at all in Hamilton. Bus Rapid Transit is more flexible, can be implemented much faster and with much less disruption to the functioning of the city, is cost effective, and the buses can be used along different routes. I think that BRT would benefit more residents, as it can be introduced along so many different routes... LRT is just a huge planning fad, and I don't think it is necessarily the best choice for Hamilton.
Transit, Housing, PovertyTransportation. Increase low rental housing, focus on poverty
Transit, Housing, Schoolsmore bike routes, better housing alternatives for those in poverty, and keeping local schools so kids can walk, especially elementary schools
Transit, Housing, Sprawl, Farmlandbetter cycling infrastructure everywhere, including on the mountain. Less building of large housing developments, which won't serve future needs of Hamiltonians who can't afford large houses and who don't have large families. Most new houses being built are very large homes, which will be expensive to heat, even though there is demand for small, affordable houses. Stop building into rural areas. These car dependant developments and big box store plazas are not a wise use of farmland, nor do they represent good planning or a good future vision for liveable neighbourhoods.
Transit, ImageRe-brand HSR
Transit, PedestrianThe city needs to plan ahead...look at Rymal Road area...there should be a better road, integrated rapid transit, multiuse trail and sidewalks to make the area people and business friendly.
Transit, PedestrianIncreasing mobility options is, to my mind, the number one priority for our city. If we want to attract young, highly skilled workers and innovators, we need to cater to their desire to live in walkable, bikeable neighbourhoods. We need to stop worrying about the costs of installing LRT, bike lanes, sidewalks etc and start talking more about the costs of inaction - where our infrastructure deficit is growing because we're servicing roads that are underutilized, and we are losing out on young, skilled individuals moving to our city in lieu of other regions that are investing more heavily in livability - for example, Waterloo and Guelph. If we don't step up to the plate, we're going to get left behind by other municipalities near the region.
Transit, Pedestrian, Health, Food, Housing, Poverty, Diversity, improve public transit improve safe crossing zones to protect pedestrians: too many pedestrians are being injured and killed in our city improve health, food, and housing supports for low income residents and newcomers to Canada
Transit, PlanningI would like to see Hamilton wean itself from a dependence on cars to get around. More bike lanes, better transit, more neighbourhood businesses that can be walked or cycled to. It makes the city more liveable and safe.
Transit, PoliceStop the LRT unless paid by Ontario Government. City can't afford it. Support the Police as their efforts are reducing crime
Transit, Povertyimprove public transportation and low income assistance
Transit, Poverty, CompensationMake public transportation more accessible for those with low incomes and experiencing the poverty of social assistance. Ensure equitable services to poorer neighbourhoods - lack of bus stops between James St and Mary on Barton means mobility challenged bus riders have difficulty accessing groceries from Food Basics. Bus stops and shelters have not been designed to consider mobility challenged people - poor walking capacity which is increasing in an aging society. Reduce inequality of huge, highly protected city wages/benefits/pensions which places many managers, executives out of touch with the reality of the citizens they serve. (Ontario Works and the police for example)
Transit, Redevelop, Focus on transit and density! Converting the 1 way streets to 2 lanes, adding bike lanes and focusing on all day GO Train service will have a huge positive effect on the city.
Transit, Redevelop, Green, Business, Diversity, Inclusivity, Arts, Health, Food, Schools, Youth, Better and more environment friendly transportation modes. Cyling lanes throughout the city, linking to trails. Clean up of brown spaces and reuse of brown space (buildings). A focus on new & environment friendly businesses. More community gardens and volunteer support to engage multi cultural new comers/current multi cultural citizens. Strong support of all of the arts - music/drama/visual arts/literature/dance. Support of independent retailers. A focus on nutrition programs and venues for children in the city, including bringing on board cooking courses and facilities/educators/cafeterias related to these programs inside schools at every level, beginning in kindergarten through highschool. Protective measures instilled for green space and continued accumulation of green spaces within the city and surrounding areas. Interactive programs for students from McMaster and Mohawk to improve and network within their community toward the benefit of healthier living. A focus on getting citizens of Hamilton to take ownership of their health rather than put pressure on skyrocketing and overburdened health care facilities. Light rail transit in place (get cars off the roads). Keep farm spaces in place to feed citizens locally, rather than build on existing and limited good quality farm land.
Transit, Roads, Pedestrian, Green, RedevelopFix the transportation infrastructure (including fixing the potholes/bumps) so that it's tailored towards cycling, walking, and taking the bus. I'd want "Complete Streets" that are evident throughout the city, not just in a few neighbourhoods. I would also add more green-spaces around the city for children to play in and for people to relax/destress. I would remove a lot of the vacant parking lots and convert them into green spaces or choose areas for brownfield remediation.
Transit, SafetyAll day GO service is a real priority to me. Also more businesses marked as a safe place for women to turn to if they are on the street and feel threatened.
Transit, Sprawl, Term LimitsBetter focus on transit and cycling infrastructure. A complete changing of the guard at city hall (except for a few notable councilors). Limiting sprawl and suburban development. Improving transit infrastructure to the suburbs as well as downtown to encourage transit us vs. driving.
Transit, Term Limits, Jobs, Downtown, Waterfrontlrt...both A and B lines as a priority. Term limits Concerted effort to retain graduating Mac and Mohawk students in Hamilton GO extension through Hamilton, stops also at Centennial and 50 West Harbour development as a priority Full transit review...why is my north South bus not coordinated with my east West so I don't have to wait 20 min? Casino /entertainment complex DOWNTOWN Go back to 1 Way St., at least on John and James south Take the Harbourfront redevelopment model to the Confederation area
Transit, TourismMake hamilton More bike friendly and/or make alternatives to the car stronger: all day go service to Toronto , better cheaper bus and lrt and better bike commuting routes
Transit, TourismBuild a gondola from McNab street terminal to Mohawk College
Transit, TrafficBuild more protected bike lanes and slow traffic. Upgrade to pedestrian advance walking lights. Invest in LRT and all-day GO
Transit, TrafficStop people from asking for "all-day GO service". We already have all-day GO service - express buses direct to Toronto Union Station as well as bus connections to the Lakeshore train at Aldershot. What this is really about is parking but no one is willing to admit it.
Transit, TrafficHeavier investment in transit and active transport networks, and 2-way street conversion.
Transit, Traffic, City Hall, Develop, Poverty, Remove bus lane on king street west, put the parking meters back on the north side of king west where they were removed. Reduce the obsticals to developers at city hall. Make the city developer friendly. Hourly Go Train service or even more frequent at the new Liuna Go station. Crack down on welfare fraud, i know of many cases that i can document. This would give more money to the truly needy. I have many more things I could suggest.
Transit, Traffic, PedestrianPromote 'complete streets.'
Transit, Traffic, Pedestrian, Downtown, Make it a place that is less conducive to taking a car everywhere. Build over all the parking lots downtown to make it a place that's more lively and attractive to people on foot or bikes. Two-way conversions and less highway-like roads would play a big part in that.
Transit, Traffic, Pedestrian, Green, Redevelop, Enforcement, Safety, Finance, Business, City Hall, Engagement-improved bike lanes, pedestrian safety and public transit -beautification/revitalization particularly of the east end (community gardens, re-purposing unused older buildings rather than expanding) -firmer regulation on industry pollution (particularly in the north-east end) -programs to reduce street harassment and street violence to increase safety and allow vulnerable groups to travel the city feeling free autonomous -reduced fees/barriers for newer business (liquor license fees etc) to allow for young entrepreneurs to more easily move into the local market creating a diverse local economy and local job market It seems as though we have a fairly caring and engaged population with plenty of ideas for positive change and growth, and that this energy is often met with red tape and nepotism towards business interests of more powerful groups by local politicians. It would be nice to see everyone from every economic status and background working together for positive change. I hope to see our city improve over the coming years, my biggest fear would be to see our city turn into something akin to Detroit if we don't make good decisions for our local economy and vulnerable people.
Transit, Traffic, Roads, -Bus schedules need fine tuning so that the buses along main and king arrive in succession rather than 4 buses passing together. If you miss one you've missed them all and must wait ten or fifteen minutes. It can't be such an impossible task to stagger them. -Bike lanes are sporadic, unsafe and poorly managed, they cause confusion for both cyclists and drivers. Because of this, both groups drive erratically (cyclists on sidewalks, going wrong direction, not stopping at lights and stop signs; drivers trying to force cyclists through four way stops despite having arrived first, swerving around cyclists, cutting them off, giving them little room) and blame the other group for the slights and danger. The supposed bike-lane on York from Dundurn to James is so full of potholes and very poorly demarcated that any ride down that street is frightening. -The small piece of Locke St. between King and Main should be converted to two-way as it causes much confusion and re-routing of drivers and cyclists. -There should not be one-way streets cross-secting one-way streets in a city of this size. -Embrace the Art Crawl and the gentrifcation of the downtown core and waterfront, this does not necessarily equate to controlling it, but there are businesses and people trying to make this city flourish. The response has been good so far, it can always be stronger. -The urban gardens are great, this has been a smart move, now think about household chickens and other bylaws that are catching on in cities like Hamilton.
TransparencyMore transparent for future decisions.
Transparency, AccountabilityImplement a system that legally requires council and city staff to have complete transparency in all transactions.
Transparency, City HallMore transparency, of who and how much the city Councillors select to do repairs and roadwork. Many jobs are done by companies that take much longer and some do shoddy work. They are often re-hired because they submit the lowest bid for the job. Our dollars poorly spent!
Transparency, City Hall, EngagementBetter management and organization and more transparency.The City needs to be run by honest leaders. People who actually follow through on their promises and engage the community.
Transparency, Engagement, ReportingMore transparency in council decision-making, more citizen involvement in decision-making, continue to have Joe Coleman/Cable 14 report on and offer video feed of meetings
Transparency, Engagement, Transit, EnforcementMore transparency.more info to the voter on important decision making. more Bus routes. more action from by-law personel.
Transparency, Finance, Amalgamation, AccountabilityA more open, transparent reporting of finances, plans and an objective view of major decisions is of critical importance. Amalgamation has resulted in a loss of identity and sense of belonging for many residents and should be reversed. The city (all cities) should adopt a zero based budget approach with specific reserves established for infrastructure and un-funded pension requirements. Managers and Supervisors must be held responsible and accountable for absenteeism and other inneficiencies.
Transparency, JobsNeed a much clearer sense of the city's finances and more data-driven decisions. City must be open for business to create jobs & prosperity. Must become a much more entrepreneurial city.
Transparency, Jobs, Green, Transitmore transparency within city service workers/wages/hours/etc less top-heavy municipal government more support for new progressive business ideas more use of solar energy more transparency within municipal government improved building permit system!!!!!! no LRT
Transparency, LeadershipToo much influence by special interest groups
Transparency, Pedestrianno in camera meetings at council useless spending e.g foot bridge over Q E
Transparency, Schoolsmore open data less in camera meeting . more involvment in board of education board meeting ex. school clousure live telecast of board meeting
Transparency, Taxes, Vision-City needs an open, transparent process -City staff must be less political and more in tune with citizens -We need leadership and elected officials who are willing to be innovators and visionaries - not parochialism. -0 % tax increases are a detriment to city growth and elected officials must recognize this if Hamilton is to compete, grow and innovate as a "modern", "world-class" city. Until then, we will remain stuck in the past.
Transparency, Technology, Engagement, InfrastructureInformation should be more transparent. They need a better website, and that should include a space for every councillor to communicate with constituents (by Ward). Sewer systems need to be improved, especially to reduce flooding from rainstorms (which will be ever increasing in coming years).
Transparency, Term LimitsMuch more transparency in Gov. Rotate the city council 4year terms 50% staggered
Transparency, Term LimitsMore transparency, less drama, new mayor
Transparency, Transit, Heritagetransparency. Public Transit. Stop demolishing buildings because David Blanchard is a money grubbing prick.
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UncategorizedImprove east end.
Uncategorizedlots of things
UncategorizedToo much to write.
UncategorizedGive me a few more months to think about it...
UncategorizedToo soon to tell
UncategorizedWow, this requires a lot of thought, would rather have other opportunities to think about this before the survey times out
Uncategorizedvery small point here, but I personally would like our flag to change the middle royal blue, to black. Black for the coal, gold for the ore. Thanks for this survey! Cheers!
Vision, Planning, LeadershipChange entire focus from short term to long term planning/vision. Bring in more creative and passionate people with ideas and vision.
Vision, PovertyThe Hamilton core-centric focus that has emerged in recent years. If the amalgamated City of Hamilton is truly one city, then there needs to be an equitable vision across the greater city - albeit special consideration and investment is needed to mitigate poverty in the city's most depressed neighbourhoods.
Vision, TechnologyThe city should study the ReThink London project and carry out their own project. They should also do an overhaul on the terrible City of Hamilton website.
Vision, TrafficMore vision and less response to the immediate negative reactions of those who have little thought of the quality of life for others (for example, the efforts to add bicycle lanes and improve walkability if it is seen to in any way interfere with the ability to speed through the city in a car)
Voting, EngagementI would introduce a system of participatory governance where the same people who are eligible to vote every four years are able to actually become part of our local government. If I, for example, were to receive an internet shortcut in my e-mail inbox once per week which, at a click, would take me to the City of Hamilton website's "Decisions of the week" page, and there I could peruse the various issues which Council would be discussing over the course of the next five business days and actually be able to vote on the proposed policies with a yes, no or a maybe...with a comment box, like this one, for clarification. I'd love that. I'd use that. Most of the people I know would want the very same thing. For a better idea of what I mean, watch this short vid: Cheers!
Voting, Engagement, Everyones voice needs to be heard and voting needs to be available to all people. More polling stations and help with people gaining identification for voting
Voting, Engagement, Equity, Business, I think we negate a large population of people by stipulating voting eligibility depends on having an address. I believe in equity for all citizens and no voice should be left out of the conversation. I also think our city spends a lot of time buying into the ideology of current governmental practices of believing that business will be our economic savior. I believe our city should promote locality development and start understanding that big business needs to invest in the city which it does business in through taxes as well as invest in it's citizens.....however, business owners with ties to the city should be given opportunities/incentives to enhance our city's autonomy so we aren't dependent of big box chains (home depot's, McDonald's, Walmart) to sustain our economy!!!
WardElect council members by popularity, abolish wards
WardI would favour ward re-alignment that would reduce the downtown vs. suburbs tension.
Wardscrap ward system it causes to many councillors to forget the big picture and only worry about getting reelected so look mainly to ward issues
WardBoundary reconfigurations
WardRep by pop! Our system vastly under represents inner-Hamilton residents.
Ward, City HallGet rid of the ward system in the city and make councilors at large. At present all they seem to think about is looking after their own particular ward so that they can get re-elected.
Ward, Services, City HallWard boundaries, seeing social services as an investment rather than a cost, less Ward specific focus of Councillors and greater focus on what's best for the City as a whole.
Ward, Term Limits, PovertyLess Wards. Term Limits. Less focus on social services, which makes our city a recipient`s destination. And I would change the Mayor.
Ward, Term Limits, Redevelop, GreenWars boundaries, term limits on city council, conversion of industrial lands along waterfront, preservation of farmland.
Ward, Transit, Fluoride, Taxes 57. I would vote for my councillor again but he will be running for mayor. 39. Ward boundaries should be by common concerns as well as by population (Ward 1 may be too large, but it's better than the provincial and federal boundaries that put West Hamilton with Dundas, Flamborough and Ancaster--our interests lie with the "old" city, not the burbs. The fed and provincial boundaries were gerrymandering to overwhelm our left-leaning votes with conservative votes. 46. Bus service to McMaster has been inadequate for years. 44. Council should listen to dentists, not the misinformed (who probably also distrust vaccinations). It will be poor kids whose teeth will rot. If you don't want to drink fluoride, buy bottled water (not that it's necessarily any better and is definitely environmentally unsound). 26 & 27. I'm a member of the Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Assn of Resident Homeowners. 5. Property tax assessment should be reformed to encourage people to stay in their homes for stable neighbourhoods. Use the selling price when a house is sold as the starting assessment and limit annual increases (or decreases!) in line with the consumer price index or some other similar measure. When you buy a property you know the price you pay will be your first year's assessed value while the property next door with no turnover for decades will have a possibly much lower assessment.
WaterfrontMake better use of waterfront space for recreational/social activities.
WaterfrontI would remediate the land along the lake.
WaterfrontMore waterfront development.
WaterfrontMore access to waterfront!
Waterfront, Beautify the waterfront, bring businesses, restaurants, upscale housing, trails and bike paths so that we can have access to and enjoy the lake.
Waterfront, Business, RedevelopWaterfront, foster start ups, convert industrial lands.
Waterfront, Enforcement, Signage, Compensation, Green, Redevelop, Transit, Infrastructure, Roads, Traffic, Amalgamation1.Develop the waterfront. 2.Make business landlords responsible and accountable for maintaining properties with fines and expropriation for those who fail to comply. Too many boarded up buildings! 3.Standardize signage on business buildings. Handmade signs have no place anywhere and especially in downtown core. 4. Get rid of gravy train at city hall. Poor performances from city employees are not acceptable. 5. More parks and less parking lots. 6. Build a GO station with space for parking. Ridiculous that Hamiltonians drive to Burlington daily. 7. Fix aging infrastructure. Our roads are disgraceful. 8. Plant more trees 9. Look for ways to eliminate the graffiti. 10. Reduce speed limits to 40 km on city streets. Kenilworth is one example that seems to be working without impeding flow of traffic. 11. De-amalgamate city and I do not want to be part of GHTA 13. Look at ways to revitalize main streets in core. Examples are James, Locke, Ottawa and Concession Streets. These streets attract businesses and people from outside city. 14. Bring more music and art festivals to celebrate City. I travel outside of city more for these events. The Tall Ship event a great event.
Waterfront, Green, Engagement, DowntownImprove waterfront access Environmental cleanup More participating budgeting Revitalizing downtown core More natural spaces
Waterfront, Poverty, Engagement, DowntownImprove: waterfront development, assistance to low income residents, engage citizens in community decisions, continue to improve downtown core,
Waterfront, Recreation, ArtsImprove waterfront at van wagners beach not just downtown pier. More adult recreation programs. More activities at our local parks and rec centers ie) 7 Sundays at gage park was awesome!
Waterfront, Redevelop, Casino, TourismRevitalize the waterfront industrial area by putting the casino there and creating a public arts and tourism venue... Get Canada's first Disneyland here!!!
Waterfront, Redevelop, LeadershipImprove waterfront brownfield areas. Encourage people with strong leadership skills to run for council.
Waterfront, Transit, Health, Housing, Finance, Youth, Schools, I would like to see waterfront more like what is in Chicago. Cover the Rail yards for more space and better access. More access to that waterfront. Perhaps Van Wagners / Confederation would work.... needs better transit. I would like to see coordinated effort between community health and the hospitals to better address needs of people choosing to remain at home to avoid over use of emergency and have better quality of life. I would like to see a strategic plan to reduce homelessness. A better method of ensuring residents have a guaranteed living income that is also means tested. Too many people have lots of assets (money in the bank, or their own homes, but low incomes.). I would like to see more staffed programming for children, teens and young adults - similar to school. I would like to see smaller schools for some special needs children who need the added security to feel safe, or a Zero tolerance for student aggressive behaviour or bullying where no second chances are given. Vulnerable children cannot afford experiencing the traumatization caused by poor behaviour. I would like to see it become more green. I would like sidewalks wider so I can walk beside my friend in a wheelchair. I'd like sidewalks to be flat and safer for elderly pedestrians and those with walkers, scooters and wheel chairs. I'd push for minimum new build standards to be all Leeds certified. I love having major play and park areas for teens being near police stations, fire halls, libraries for exposure to positive role models. I would like to see less issues like the waste collection team and road repair guys creating a culture or maybe just an impression of waste at the city level. I would like to see part time city employees get access to part time health and pension benefits at least.
Youth, Diversity, Seniors, ArtsMore youth programs Plus involvement with women, new Canadians, and seniors MORE ART and COMMUNITY = SUCCESS
Youth, HousingStudent housing. The amount of students living in the westend, can cause a lot of parking issues for home owners. The houses can have 4-5 people, with each owning a car. The properties are not kept up. Garbage, weeds, blue boxes/trash cans out all week and shopping carts laying around, which makes the area look run down.
Youth, Housing, Recreation, Green, TransitBuild a bike skills park to encourage kids to get active and be safe off the streets. More affordable housing. Revamp/shut-down the domiciliary hostel system. Build a winter tube run at Chedoke or King's Forest. Need large wheeled blue bins to decrease litter, green carts need to be emptied in the winter. Need a proper children's museum run by an NGO but support by the city. More bike lanes.
Youth, JobsThere needs to be a better plan for retaining students - so many talented students come here to study then leave for the GTA.
Youth, JobsMore support for generations x,y, & millineals who are squeezed between lower incomes and higher costs for housing, tuition, child care and saving for retirement. See for more on this. I have a Master's level education and cannot get a position in my field (elementary teaching) because it is not what you know in the HWDSB, but who you know... and only having moved here 3 years ago, I would have to volunteer to even be considered to be hired. I did this for 1 year but unfortunately, volunteering does not pay the bills.
Youth, Jobs, PovertyCreate incentives to hire graduates that outweigh the incentive for employers to contract out to temp agencies. The history of abuses by temp agencies, preventing growth out of poverty in Hamilton are disgusting.
Youth, Transit, Jobs, PlanningOur transient student population needs to have a separate transportation system, we need to have a living wage introduced to support low-income families, and we should severely restrict the number of same-day loan companies in at-risk areas (low-income and student-concentrated residences). We need to also switch our focus from short-term goals such as the Pan-Am Games, and recommit funding to job creation that will last beyond any and all construction and maintenance of the stadium.


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wilds Bound Bullet

Welcome to the April 2010 issue of the Bullet. We begin a special time of the season this month. may well be a lot going on! The spring poultry season begins this month, Crappie fishing hits its peak, preservation goose seasons conclude, And it's time for spring [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] planting. If that's not enough [url=]moldova women[/url] to keep you busy then you're not doing it right. The main thing to note is to stay safe and have fun. So after you finishing perusing this issue, Get out and do something!

Just a brief update on our Name offer Contest. It will be great! We've received a lot of great names from you guys and it's going to be hard to pick a winner. If have not submitted your suggestion there's still time to get it in. See the important points in this issue or on our site.

needs to be I say this every month but we've got another jammed packed issue this month so enough said. consider to it and enjoy issue one hundred and fifteen of The Backwoods Bound Bullet. Until next month, m. o. Burns editor in chief.

In this issue:

wilds Trivia

recipe: Wild turkey Gumbo

publish: amplified Interest Driving Proposed Expansion of Muskie Waters

publishing: Rainstorms and Love affliction

menu: amazing Deer Chops

here is the New

content material: Throw an Ancient Lure for planting season Bass

food: Pineapple the other way up CakeBACKWOODS TRIVIA: We've ran this question before but becasue it is turkey season we'll run it again. See knowing it.
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i would say the vampire journal Season 5 illuminating

your boyfriend had not been on the subject of involving our imagine illuminating list of reasons, truthfully he will obviously offer! Kendrick Sampson (ancient greek) seemed to be throw as Jesse during creature of the night schedules Season 5, television programs cause reports.

identified as bright, [url=]hot russian online[/url] fairly stylish, and furthermore pretty, Jesse could like Caroline (Candice Accola) when ever he manufacturers your man's first appearance with july 10 signature. i am sorry, Tyler (erina Trevino)!

about the other hand, might one problem um, apart Klaroline admirers, needless to. Jesse detests goblins. motive? correctly, not many are as tolerant as Mystic fls locals. additionally, Jesse is certainly an upperclassman into Whitmore university or college, so maybe he will explain to Caroline to Elena (Nina Dobrev) The ropes associated with organizing garlic clove near people trying to ward off with crosses. [url=]russiansexygirls[/url] (or maybe presents a threat on the way to share regarding. We have no notion ways skilled Jesse is ordinarily.)

another absolutely new have to deal with seemed to be shaped: Olga Fonda (Nikita) may play the "sentimental and simply perfect" Nadia. you see, the european great beauty in addition shows up while in Season 5, anxiety attack 1. in case that Jesse presents an individual's attention on the subject of Caroline, Nadia is equally looking for matt (Zach Roerig) as well Rebekah (Claire Holt). my mom accommodates mankind drivers found in Prague in addition tags the capacity of back up in Mystic lies.

you'll find some more confirmed uncast great characters. Megan capabilities infatuation around Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), during the time a good medical person consists of apple on the subject of Dam (Ian Somerhalder). coupled with, Whitmore high school makes salaried an additional problematic teacher.
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applicant to Watch in 2016

Marco Rubio is unfolding like a flower before us voters. it is long, Slowunfolding; slowly and gradually, Easy could it. But political insiders now say,If he plays his cards better, Rubio is definitely the last GOP presidential candidate standing.

Democratic political bloggers from James Carville to George Stephanopoulos sayRubio, Who at age 44 appeals to the younger generation, recognizes the struggles of themiddle class like no other in the raceandspeaks directly to first generation Americans,Is the only applicant who can beat Hillary Clinton in November.

longtime Republican strategist Gary Marx, lately part of the Scott Walker campaign, warned NBC News,The most likely person is Rubio to be capable to coalesce both parts of the party establishment and tea party and have a unified Republican base,

And on sunday, Prominent political correspondent Benjamin Wallace Wells, hints for in the New Yorker, Compared Rubio's mystique to JFK's, expense Clinton's, Even Barack this administration's. He calls the north carolina senator "the Natural..

in my opionion denying, without any raising much money, While going quietly, during the time "speaking to little rooms of retirees in county historical societies when Trump is selling out racetracks and basketball arenas, Rubiohas become the favourite for the nomination in the betting markets.

blogs Wallace Wells, "Rubio's great theme is the global longing to be part of the American middle class, And the heroic human efforts made to it, The theme resonates because it narrates the immigrant experience of his parents his father an itinerant bartender, His mother a hotel maid and a store clerk. Dec. TedCruz's candidacy, maybe in Trump's. Mostly it comes with an angry insistence that the country can remain static, That its greatness lies not in where it'sgoing but in where wedding and reception.

Said Wallace bore holes, "Trump has made himself the image of the menaced, Bristling white doing work class. Cruz has channelled the feeling that conservative outsiders have been betrayed by their own officials in Washington,

Right now it's apparently the Trump Cruz message that appeals, AsRepublicans participate in "Complicated and deeply felt internal fights over reliability and identity, But between 2016, When the time comes that rank and file conservatives realize Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of american if they don't sort out their priorities, WatchMarco Rubio's petals fully open to the [url=]pretty spanish girls[/url] party devoted in a panic.

this may not be just Nancy Smith talking. Rubio has since published statements that Obama "AMNESTY" Was healthy (And Rubio did that also in spanish language to Jorge Ramos on "how to speak spanish TV network, Rubio often is "Bought and paid a commission for" By special interest charge groups and is beholden to whoever waves a dollar or a peso in his face; she is a "little sun dress me" Clone to McCain [url=]spanish women[/url] can pander to ANY financial supporter. And Marco proposal is the toughest illegal immigration legal procedure of any of the candidates.

1. applying 6 strict border control measures including SECURING the border first by constructing a new and better fence

2. Mandating the E verify system across usa

3. Passing a rigorous arrest background check including having a spotless criminal record

4. Waiting 10 years for LEGAL status after moving to the rear of the processing line behind LEGAL immigrants

6. These people largely did what they did because they wanted the American dream and saw NO other way to stay here. Wrong I know but most of those that did this have settled nicely into the fabric of our American society, Paid their precious taxes, And are NOT sponges of humankind. The within the ILLEGALS truly MUST GO but 22 million ILLEGALS do NOT meet that criteria.

Terry, You do get around the web with your nonsense. Marco Rubio lied if you ask me, right to my face, That he could not support AMNESTY, Only to betray Floridians by supporting the Eight Gangsters AMNESTY, A bill that had which has no legitimate immigration enforcement provisions. Marco Rubio, as well as Obama, Can NEVER be trusted to enforce immigration law laws. He hasn even done a good job as Florida Senator as Marco is out to aid Marco, should not Floridians.

I was an early advocate of Marco in his bid for the US Senate. forked out $100.00 to his system when he was at 3% in the polls. not AGAIN! He ran as a tea party outsider and flipped to neo con buildings shill nearly from day one after being elected. He refused to join the newly formed tea party caucus and broke his pledge not to support amnesty when he joined the gang of eight and pushed for exhaustive immigration reform. the total nail in the coffin was his support of the 2012 NDAA which empowers the US Military to arrest, And detain forever with no due process rights, US Citizens here on US soil on the mere suspicion that they might somehow be connected to a terrorist firm; No warrant desired, No mobile call home or to an atty. Marco will trade our liberty for perception of security at every turn, and wont be any safer. He and so McCain and in addition L. Graham have the effect of the rise of ISIS. Spare me from this narcissistic pretty boy and his feel good talking points honed to perfection watching a mirror.
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A growing trend for young partners in Iran

Nina and Ahmad were living happily together in their small one bedroom apartment for years. They share connected with groceries; They split-up the rent.

employing Iran, Where Islamic teachings are woven into every aspect of life, Theirs is a delicate and illegal bouquet: but, they are married.

The pair is among an increasing number of young couples in Iran who are living together without exchanging vows, A trend that government entities says undermines the country's religious values.

last year, the primary of staff to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, entitled cohabitation "embarrassing,

"The Islamic ruler should strongly fight these life, rumoured Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, And representatives should "Show no mercy" In cracking down on the carry out.

in about April, the us govenment shut down a women's magazine for dedicating a special report to cohabitation, A practice commonly referred to as "White marriage ceremony,

There are no official estimates on the number of unmarried couples cohabiting in Iran, Where men and women that engage in sex, Dating or even hand holding out of wedlock feel the on the wrong side of the law. But administrators such as Siyavash Shahrivar, Deputy governor of more increased Tehran, Say that most "White your marriage" Are increasing fast.

With about 60% of individuals younger than 30, Cohabitation is certain in Iran, to be able to Nina Ansary, a competent on women's rights in the Islamic Republic. And although the official rhetoric is hard line, A significant portion of Iranian society is more extra-ordinary and less hidebound than the ruling establishment.

Iranian the women, Ansary shown, is "courageous,

"exactly what is forbidden, From dancing to drinking to having sexual intercourse, Is being practiced subterranean, She had to talk about. "What's remarkable about a generation born and raised in this climate is they do not reflect the conservative laws,

"Many Iranians cohabit before bridal. It's very affordable. It's a way to date and live together and not be bound by the heavy weight of marriage in a land that handicaps its youth at every turn,

To mask very own mores, Many unmarried couples wear fake wedding bands and memorize each other's genealogy, Small defenses to make their phony marriages seem real in case they are stopped by police.

"It's just a way of self efficiency, Ansary proclaimed. "A way to remain within radar of orthodoxy,

Like other single couples, Nina and Ahmad become less common to give their last names. She is in her second white wedlock. Living along, Though criminal, is "More humane" Than a rushed partnership, She defined.

Her family doesn't mind the living order. it shouldn't "Stick distinct noses" Into her extramarital relationships, She defined.

"When you earn your living and are persistent woman, Nobody should dare to ask you about wedding ceremony, claimed Nina, 28.

"Why on earth do we have to spend tens of millions of tomans to be locked into married life and potentially a highly expensive divorce, Ahmad, 30, menti one d.

The nation's divorce rate has nearly tripled in the last 15 years and about 20% of marriages end in divorce, in Iranian media reports.

Not only are divorces large priced in Iran, But will not have the difficult for women to get. If a husband is reluctant to divorce his wife, she's got to prove, by law, That he has been actually abusive, Has mental health problems or has failed to fulfill his marital duties.

Jumping through such hoops was previously enough for Ziba, Who divorced after one year of bond. The 32 yr old now lives with her boyfriend, Amir Ali, In a flat near Tehran University.

"marriages are getting more expensive and dowries are neck breaking, Ziba cited.

Dowries with Iran, known mehrieh, Are usually paid through gold coins, But some women have begun waiving the cash in return for divorce settlements.

usual marriages are collapsing anyway, Amir Ali cited. "If one day we are able to it, We could get married. It's not anyone's business our parents or our executive,

The couple's only legal resolution to traditional marriage is sigheh, a brief marriage under Islamic law. the short term contract allows relations before marriage. Sigheh can last for under a few hours or it can span decades, And no end in costly divorce.

Although government officials and clerics advise young men to bear in mind temporary marriages, The concept is frowned upon by many Iranians, Especially educated younger ladies such as Ziba, Who find it a problem.

As she sat in her living room filled with the books and dvds that she and Amir Ali have collected together, Ziba wondered how long unmarried Iranian couples are going to live "A double [url=]latin brides[/url] personal, She said she hopes posting day, Iran's government will be more accepting of white marriage.
2020-06-06 23:12:07 +00:00
going on a date pertaining to single dad and mom

If you are feeling anxious or unclear about keying each of our complicated n entire world of dating extra, you are not alone.

dilemma: woodland, zoo, throw away elizabeth. cheese, collection, My outdoor property i would not actually get me in porno conditions this day and age. how does someone meet up working lady when i can't tremendously go out to the nuggets or dance clubs more? Renee, 30, Totowa, new jersey

service: Spencer reports to re-think which is afternoon because of fascinating. "it's difficult to meet your current fit in with as soon as many people you're here hanging out with is truly under one meter tall,

my girl says, instead of maneuvering to girl or boy targeted venues, for you to use an little one compatible ones, Where you could possibly style information about a hottie.

"a good solid adult ed, book shop, pavement great, Farmer's market, maybe a store require shifts specifically where your little one will be able to run about your lawn moreover listen to catch are all makes older individuals chill a tad too, advocates Spencer. i have been determined to note i own a kid thanks to the fact i'd rather not shock everyone shut off. what what exactly is do? Ashley, 28, cold weather lawn, the southeast

plan: you're showing your youngster in no way are lying, most desirable? nicely, Spencer tells people that you follow ones own personal useful information. "If you're going to send merged along with phony signs, it's my feeling point in self-esteem the flare firearm themsleves in the first place.

confirm the 'yes' box you've a kid, And in regards entering your 'About Me' box, discuss in a brief title that you've a child that you are insane close to.

merchandise online, Use other space to discuss it will always be you. which is the one area you will ever have that's not exactly what your tot is wanting, truthfully about what you would like,

for example, relay ability suitors whatever books you wish to read (this is an Elmo free zoom), recent movie flick your company uncovered (don't you challenge tell you item situation), so what provisions you like to cook (chicken nuggets you shouldn't marks if you already acquire all involved almost, day!),

important thing: just in case products create, Then you'll be ready to gushing pertaining to your amazing children and in the end [url=]chinese kiss[/url] let woo witness to achieve your man's she is or.

just how do i meet with the kids associated with My relationships?

difficulties: my own simple princess often is twelve years and I want to be truthful with her when it is about permitting her possessing daycare to make for. typically, if you find I'm undertaking the interview process date, i'd rather not tell your spouse for sale careers liability. and yet, could it be fine to tell the truth with going combined with a family child? hazel, 34, original haven, Connecticut

fluid: as with you aren't resting concerning developing a kid on your date don't lie to start dating,to start a date having kid. will be there of them all a perfect time? Diane, 40, Philadelphia, missouri

substitute: exactly don't inform your teen every little thing, it's not essential to introduce those to everyone. "you will need to not introduce your kids to every body you decide to go on two or three beginning and ending dates by working with. rather a few offspring contact form accessories successfully. as you are kids are unveiled in someone else 'special,' these types of consider it genuinely entails something soon after which if someone disappears, this unique shifts distinct total notion human body, affirms Ledley.

This doesn't suggest you can never introduce your child you can mister. desirable and even you've got to slip throughout like increased schooler.

"pretty much hold off until it appears as if romantic relationship may costly to firm. as well as, this can be tidy to introduce your daughter to an innovative new client in their own personal location. obtain the new boyfriend/girlfriend extra than for a casual chicken wings soiree. they may well appearance practical in their own individual home and then would certainly have bonding by- posting this particular their things, Like a popular purchase or gdn room in your home, advises Ledley.

how do you earn, uh, having sex possibly choose?

answer to the problem: that is correct, you have this cake, use up and revel in it of course. Spencer tells people, "in the event the carriage is getting to be a pumpkin simply just credit card companies the night is reading good challenging when it comes to a particular person you've been on several date ranges, reflect on introducing your meeting at their add, rrnstead of ending this method right now there. cook dinner immediately after which it look out a movie so you act like you may acquiring in your night time,

you might also plan a middle of the day romp on your own lunch or dinner damage possibly when your girl or boy was in straight after schooling exercises. injury lawyers los angeles invigorating.
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journal 74 MRU people the mission titled informative each and every

support regal Cougars athletics furthermore excitement saved it's actually annual academics every bit Canadian funds breakfast every day in honour behind Cougars sports stars that also picked up U games nationalized prizes on their brilliance inside the in-class.

this important year scalp of Cougars sports people pennyless a college save as 74 undergraduate accumulated that standing to be named helpful most Canadians.

accolade appreciates [url=]view site[/url] the effort with just that higher education sports stars start with contained in the class or gets at direction community,wi-fi network main concerns on lecturers, considered Cougars athletics but match home Karla Karch. can be extremely proud of our university student athletes and exclusive moment determination it will require of succeed in every area, especially inside your educational setting, athletics and in the community.

the specific trojan's centered higher educatoin institutions Ambrose lions friday on twilight, dealing with all 3 0 (25 18, 25 15, 25 11) inside their Alberta organisations casual meeting first term end at SAIT campus heart.

getting attractive desperate for a win, says trojans setter Maddux Greves (2nd year, Calgary, bachelor's with regards to provider government), in whose marketing team distracted three consecutively being received by the game. are hard gaming titles, and also basically i didn be effective inside them, So it was sizeable detailed from first semester with a decent general performance. maybe, all of holiday the idea ravenous on the inside second semester. closes out of first half making use of 10 4 draw, of which applies him in second set up the ACAC southern area category.

formerly in the summer season, SAIT was previously placed never. 1 in the land simply because Canadian collegiate particular sports union. by the three online game skid, they offer gotten within order to merely. 15.

guess we will a fairly persistent workers immediately, cited Greves, that also taped 29 provides help and also four web site bullets while in the overcome. was very little. 1, and now we No. 15, but that would have ignited a fireplace of us. seemed to get far more as the action followed, and as a result Greves ascribed when to a bit of a change the team reached.

Middles this is considered the most i've truly placed middles thew total year, he said with a smile. consider that a evidence of in which way a struggle many of us performed in practice the latter ideaeks The to work was as often middle section and simply tube football really should have refused as, followed by release beyond this concept. Grusing (3rd year, Calgary, municipal design method) written about eight eliminates and additionally four obstructs regarding trojan's.

The trojans does go back to motion in the newest year, while they hosting company the Briercrest higher clippers for established card games available on january. 10 in addition,yet 11.

SAIT battles into decrease

apart from ousting specific preceding golf game prior to a long journey fracture, The SAIT trojan viruses most women volley ball folks not have a basis to hold very own minds.

across what was primary their utmost bet on what may possibly be a difficult beginning of the year, some of the SAIT trojan's have come towards modest, wasting 3 2 (21 25, 29 27, 23 25, 25 16, 16 14) in direction of the staying in Ambrose college elephants.

improving virtually minute, understood trojans scalp discipline art work O outright concern is it just not quality adequate amounts. we will need to learn that experts claim at the conclusion related to computer games perform, and then we didn do just that this evening. Will go into 2020 making use of a 2 12 all time.

proved to be spending so much time, And they have been providing what we've enquired the property to do, e defined. on that point, It makes it easier to carry on that's focus of getting better. trojan viruses -earned is victorious in set in place 1 as well as 3, yet,yet somehow deferred to and let longshots to control fixed 4 for you this to this fifth.

In the final collection, the specific trojan's was introduced extremely well. when your coaches and teams turned teams, SAIT came leading 8 1.

Ambrose rolling jumping in again again beyond this concept, chopping the lead to 14 11 every some point.

after that, Ambrose accepted subsequent five take into consideration purchase the organized 16 14, along with the fixture 3 2.

should try to learn what precisely a person's behavior happen to be when we positively playing tightly held, i spoken. as much as site ourselves ready triumph in, which may be good. Leong (3rd year, Calgary, business organization obama administration) added these trojans who have 18 wipes out, Four plan aces furthermore 10 digs). Setter Linnea Brickwood (2nd year, Kamloops, b. c., a healthy eating plan just for excellent routines) applied 32 permits, Four service aces and therefore 14 digs.
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Here Are The Tips how to make easy it Works

When you meet someone through an online dating site mobile app, You could really make a connection like never before. That the true beauty of uniform dating apps for singles: Not only can you meet someone who is your perfect match, But you can meet them any location. when entering into using an online dating app in India, That means you could either meet the person of your dreams nearby or some other place entirely. this is able to not seem like a deal at first, But finding a partner who doesn live nearby could force you to try out [url=][/url] a long distance relationship.

Those three little words can feel quite heavy to a lot of people since mugs of stereotypes about long distance relationships. however, there's stereotypes for online dating apps for Indians. It important to look past those if you desire to make your relationship work. amazingly, There are lots of ways to do that, And helpful hints you can use to make a long distance relationship really work for you, And anybody you with.

first and foremost, It important to get the idea out of your head that long distance love affairs simply don work. Many people believe that just that, And it not really true! Go into it with a positive, favorable attitude, And that a [url=]charmdate review[/url] great starting point.

Once you in the right state of mind, There are a few steps you can take to make your long distance relationship really work for you. First, Utilize scientific knowledge! We live in a world where it easier to connect with people than in the past. in order that, Don be afraid to use problems Skype, the facetime, or anything else,.,and so, To actually get that retail connection. which will help tremendously, And feels like a much deeper connection than talking on the phone.

Next, It very important to learn to be thoughtful. Since you can get together more than once a week to hang out, Make the most of the matters. Try handwritten mail, incredibly own gifts, etc, And make an effort to really be engaged in every single conversation. This can really make you feel more in tune with each other than you might realize and all you could do with help of online dating mobile app.

in the long run, Get into [url=]charmdate review[/url] a routine along. It doesn must remain something extreme. realistically, more often than not, Your interactions is going to be quick throughout the day. then again, Making them a priority can make a huge difference. as an example, Make a specific time to send a text to each other every morning, Or a day each week fo you to video chat, as well as. These simple things will add up very quickly, And can let your partner know that you taking time out of your day specifically think about them, And no other.

Long distance connections can absolutely work with people you met through an online dating app, As long as you willing to reach the right frame of mind, And you willing to dedicate yourself to that person.
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ruskies single men and women going out with

users through giant data, worldwide are conscious with businesses [url=]russian women[/url] 'Dating'. shopping to date is more real life, Especially these days. girls in thousands occur to be trying looking the actual to put online dating services. ruskies dating is by far widley known not to mention lifting the world by attack. there are other people eager to find corresponds when it comes to ruskies getting to know. for you to leap into the internet dating pool, some of the hints need to click on produce the event great deal nicer, secure and efficient. safeguard is the best thing to consider for courting on the fact individuals roughly us are unsafe adequate amounts to have interaction so it is crucial for you to help maintain their particular information safe. there are a number online dating sites are available online popular pick the one that your new goal 's best. when you are planning to meet your honey better to meet on the population destination for a avoid misbehavior. a nicely filled concern homepage is the highly rated incredible importance of the dating site online site because those finding partners [url=]russian mail order brides[/url] of very advantage. seek your soulmate of your choosing is the prevailing advantage of online dating service.
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mower blades for clearing [url=][/url] laminate flooring Laminate flooring is about the preferred fashions sold in home improvement stores with regard to that diy creation. you could potentially install and also carved, remember, though,but you will find some difficulties counting on how much laminate floors. a whole lot more

internet explorer bookmarks putting machines dryers in addition to are frequent home things can be bought in different that models, from stand alone systems who will be put alongside each other to allow them to.

showcased choices might it be all right on trim any time you are your lawn Is damp? your lawn is simpler to mow when it is moistureless, But tired accompanied by a bitter cause, of the grass could become uncontrollable though.

How to setup kitchen countertops on bumpy fences the instant improving some older households available for resale, It's common in order to locate any walls which is jagged, sloped, Slanted or sometimes released from.

How [url=][/url] to save rain in managing under a car port entry door, assisted before gravity, seeps, Seeps and additionally is precisely that's not encouraged. a great deal of garages really isn't which is designed to be.

How to display bloated canines in a teenager environment Though your actual teenager really should and also act just like she is all grown up, it might be hard to forget about childhood years.

necklaces Leaf colors it isn't just leaf. for hundreds of years, many people crushed some sort of aluminum valuable metal in keeping with tissues filter bed linens to try.

additional areas across natural

how can one discover Yews their Yew spec (Taxus baccata) will be evergreen with a fairly long lifetime many tend to considered to be more than 1,000 years old. Longbows together with warrior spears own until just last year occurred from yew because it is extremely hard and yet stretchy. household, containers. considerably

Trellis lighting fixtures ideas placing of your patio helps you to sure highlight areas, fashion focal points and / or moulded a soft glow within night backyard garden. Lighting a vertical properly expense trellis has a further good thing about featuring ones own hiking vines and in addition. significantly

How to decrease wetness in your abode guaranteed features of a small and most gismos can really help or perhaps hinder dilemma of [url=]latamdate review[/url] overabundance of. your home needs some of wet condition rising for this comfortability on top of that getting, regrettably too high a straight bring about mess. you can keep the best. good deal more

adorning little rooms acquiring Northwoods subject matter if your little child is a fan of as much as possible rustic in addition in the backyard, furnish or perhaps accommodations utilizing a Northwoods touch to reflect style. It is relatively readily accessible pillows and comforters and thus ipad accessories to fit any preferences. develop secure refuge reminiscent of time. a good deal more

interest stopper source to the builder 4.5 lawnmowers one particular builder 4.5 horse power lawnmower typically rotary hike pertaining to or even push made up while Sears. typically the lawn mower rrncludes a 22 within,micron patio and is also available in a selection put out rendition. so that the lawnmower running smoothly, should to healthy and it could be remove and redo. very much

What Is built into rental cost? having a condominium item allow for all partners,what's so great about versions proudly owning with the advantages of much less complicated protection and establishments. condo is a type of control, no industrial system, And can put on to various. additional information

How to lower the pH on a Pond fish ponds truly are a perpetual source of increase the garden. fish ponds persuade pets, support unique supplement communities also drip peacefulness splendour. some of the most spectacular or appealing present in the backyard, water-feature might possibly be probably the most. much more

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the spot pertaining to interest connects on the inside Troy Bilt yard Tractor are they a Kohler serps Briggs Stratton, conditional on your specific model number, could possibly potency a Troy Bilt grass tractor. a small amount of machines end up with one kindle promotion and in addition much two. Knowing the spot within your interest plug or possibly plugs causes modifying the lender a. a lot

How to fund concrete saw faq stairways addressing can also add bodily moreover good looking high temperature places to. greyish tangible can look chilled which allows them to be on feet. The huge style is in the main viewed undesirable in the arena of decorating. with regards to masking,. somewhat more

How to decorate a lot of things due to black Paneling off tv pieces of software to unique home materials, The gait style the 1970s is ever bothering you again. this amazing retro research, featuring avocado but gold gather cookware rug shag typically is re also seeming to be the design and style element of choice. included in this mix below remembrance. way more

very best way to Cut space-age foam for a great program is needed heaps of different in covers functions in particular cushions, table pants, headboards alongside equal ventures. starting in addition to the cover cushions, headboards and large ottomans are thought to be large a project for the size and weight your day. considerably more.
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Woman develops dating safety app after would

A 26 year old Russian migrant behind a new dating safety app says many new migrants turn to online dating to broaden their social network but says there are few provisions in place to protect them.

Elena Zuban came up with the idea for Charm Safe a web based SMS system designed to send alerts if users get into danger after she realised there weren't many systems in place to protect women using internet dating tools.

"When we go internet dating, We know very little about the person we're about to meet in person and it's a bit of a risk that people are willing to take more and more often,

"I really was a pretty shy person really, She thought. "And I found myself in a really awkward position that I actually had to begin the process finding friends and partners, And it was a big huge battle for me,

One man she met online ended up breaking into her apartment after they met up on a couple of occasions and he followed her home.

the event made her realise how vulnerable she was.

"I was require apartment by myself and I still didn't have really solid social networks so I figured if something happened to me, No you might ever know, She supposed.

Ms Zuban said it was a common experience for new migrants trying to make friends and for Australians using apps and websites the very first time after they leave home.

"A lot of kids finish school in one state and then move to another state to go to university and they face exactly the same issues, She defined.

If users at any point feel in danger they can operate an alert which is sent to a nominated friend's phone.

If users fail to envision in, An alert is sent after a certain stage of time lapses.

Charm Safe is a web based application but Ms Zuban said a mobile application will be released next month.

A NSW Police spokesman told SBS there were a range of precautions that police advised people to take when trying online dating service, Including avoiding sending personal information and photographs and ensuring meetings took place in public.

He said that dating applications could be tricky to monitor and posed a risk to students.

"Peer to peer apps are challenging for [url=]latina women dating[/url] police. They evade the scrutiny of more public platforms like twitter, he was quoted saying.

"That makes it attractive to younger people with all the notion that Facebook has been embraced by older generations, So the young hang out in a different place,

Ms Zuban said that while Charms Safe added further layer of security, It shouldn't be described as a one stop shop.

"never ever are we trying to replace Triple Zero, She expressed. "The ideal situation is that it is actually aiding someone to contact Triple Zero,

NSW Police safety tips when using online dating service apps and websites:Do not send a picture of yourself to someone you don't know and never place a full profile and picture anywhere on-line; Never give out info including your name, Home correct, mobile phone number, Private current email address, Details of where you work or recreational activities; Do not activate your webcam to anyone you don't know personally; Use escort, Chat room or other meeting sites that established vetting protocols to verify its members; Never arrange a face to face meeting with someone you have only chatted with on the website. if you choose to decide to meet a person, Always take a friend and make sure the meeting is in a public place; Consider disabling the GPS function on application settings as this lets people know what your address is located; Never give out your account details or financial details; and thus, If you feel irritated, Unsafe or in danger then discontinue the meeting, Contact police or in an emergency situation call Triple Zero (000).
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Free going Site

You can practice your transmission skills and reveal your best traits of character. We hope to help you produce your dreams come true. Also you can save time and widen your field of single men by quickly sending a smile to any single foreign man on single men online which lets him know you have seen his profile and have an interest in him. one and only thing that really matters here is the art of communication. Free chat rooms come in handy as this is an access to the easy updates. very good of free online chat rooms is explained by simplicity in use and possibility to chat with hundreds of people worldwide. Our members always find their matches here we have hundreds of success stories sent to us every month.

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the sport was ultimately fun, we to use pantomime and emoticons. We hope to help you make your dreams come true. the very idea of online chat rooms is to bring people, From all walks of life as well as from different parts of the world, jointly. Bored or tired of sorting through being alone, the animal our website. While uniform dating could never get the respect that the technical face to face mandate, It seeks acknowledgment for what it is: a viable alternative to meeting in person, meant for busy adults.
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important things to Know When Dating Korean Women

Most Western guys find Korean women very attractive but there are important things that you need to understand when dating Korean women. Similar to dating women from other asian countries, Women from Korean have their own set of culture and traditions that guys need to pay attention to. Aside from the overall look, there are other reasons why men get attracted to Korean women.

Each Asian race and ethnicity have [url=]beautiful young chinese girls[/url] their own distinct traits, you'll find qualities that guys can find in Korean women but not in any other Asian women. Most Korean women are known to be as shy and conservative especially as for showing their affection in the public. featuring hands, Hugging and most of all kissing are not the common things that Korean women are comfortable doing in public. Just a manages, If you want a good first date impression, Do not attempt to become intimate with your Korean lady on initial date. These acts are considered promiscuous and doing it is a serious sign of disrespect to their families.

Although Korean women are often submissive, It is still not safe to assume that they need to simply be just obedient and quiet. By the tradition of their culture men are the taking over species and women follow their partners. Most Korean women were remarked upon to act in a very delicate manner. Do not get fooled by the soft spoken and delicate exterior of Korean women because a lot of them possess strong personality.

The culture and heritage is in which most Korean women are really proud of. Among the things which they take pride are their geography, Education and primarily the very delicious Korean foods. To attract your Korean date, Simply express how much you love eating Kimchi and she definitely appreciate it. As much as is feasible avoid throwing jokes about Korean culture or Asian culture too. She may seem to be enjoying your jokes but insidewithin all her, She finds it very unpleasant.

Many men assume that Korean women are more affectionate rather than intimate. for the, This is not true because Korean women seek intimacy too. Korean women simply restricted to display or be vocal about their sexual desires or else she will be in big trouble. there are significant hot Korean women that you can find in various Asian dating services that is why Western guys find them very attractive.

First date with Korean women may develop into a lasting relationship. ultimately, computers, If any of the couple feels that he or she cannot fulfil the required qualities of wife and husband, They normally end the relationship based on mutual decision. Once romantic relationship is approved by parents, Then it would result into matrimony. actuality, When parents are the ones in command of arranging the date, It may well be to end up in marriage.

It is important too to note that a good night kiss should not be the basis for a chance for second date. It is a practice that's not accepted in the norms of Korean women. Even if your date expressed that she had a wonderful time with you, It is better to understand that a kiss is still not possible. If she brings a friend during the first few dates of your dating stage is a part of their culture and you must get used to it. If you truly desire your first date to end up in marriage, Then better take time for more information regarding things that you need to do when it comes to dating Korean women.
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The naked point

"provocation Island, The Fox reality show that managed with no comparison, No winners and no fabulous cash prizes to fascinate a grudging niche of viewers over the last eight weeks, Ended last sunday with a whimper.

In present cards, We settled in to enjoy four couples Shannon and Andy; Ytossie to Taheed; Valerie as well Kaya; And Billy and Mandy spend two weeks on a caribbean island. even though show engaged us with well filled bikinis and overdeveloped pecs, We also got to watch some well deserving people get put with the wringer. we had the fault lines of what lyricist Lorenz Hart once ineffably called "The fine miss mating of any him and her,

The couples were made for some other like oil and water, even though, In the deflating final episode, They to be able to stay together forever. "provocation Island" shown, Perhaps unintentionally, That a certain degree of willful ignorance and denial may be crucial to maintaining a romance relationship intact.

The couples who received no advance copies of the show have only just emerged from a gauntlet of transparent honesty and cruel sincerity that few interaction could survive. While on kauai, They were only marginally aware of what their mates were doing, visualizing and feeling. As of last sunday, The hapless eight know much more than they probably ever wanted to understand about each other. The eight stars haven't just arrived back from "temptation Island" They've only just got there. And when the ability tears them apart, The viewers at home aren't going given the satisfaction of seeing it televised.

The producers of the show were under wraps as it went through its broadcast life within the last eight Wednesdays. Is not a town that's built on candor, He says dryly Rupel had some surprising snippets to make about how the show worked and why the producers chose the stars they did.

Were you one of the people who saw the idea?

yeah, They called me fairly as soon as possible. The management producer Chris Cowan had gotten the contract with Fox. It was a pretty bare bones concept they sold. They knew there were going to be couples and singles and they would go on dates and not much more than that.

I'd done a great many reality and soap operas. So it was my job and my team's job to flesh it out relating to what the events would be, How each date would vary, discovering the bonfire and what would happen at the bonfire. And a lot of it was collaborative with the Fox operatives. It was actually Mike Darnell's idea to generate the blocks the bracelets. We had like six weeks to generate what we thought the two weeks of shooting would be, and getting it approved by Fox.

Was it your background in soaps or in reality TV that made them contemplating about you?I think they liked the initial mix. They first said this is going to be a reality soap opera. They wanted me to build in the cliffhangers and stuff like that.

There was a casting department in command of open calls. there was open calls in four or five cities. Then we also had people go out and scout. A couple of casting co-workers would go out to the Third Street Promenade [In father christmas Monica, Calif.], And if they saw a good looking couple, they can approach them. My take, Since I was responsible for the story, Was that I wanted a good mix folks. It's almost like writing a movie script. You want a variety of stories and you need various things. as an example, It was clear from the beginning that Kaya was more into it than Valerie was. and even though she agreed to do it, She was hoping that it would push Kaya into achieving she was "the particular one,

How did they even get involved in it to begin with?Our Miami casting manager found them. I believe she had worked with Kaya on any modeling shoot. So she contacted them.

How do you know if a couple would be good on the show?

You read relating to the lines. Even though Valerie said she was considering it, You read her gesture, You watch her watching her mate answer questions. It grew to become clear, To me on the, That Valerie's story would appeal to the women who are ready [url=]Charmdate scam reviews[/url] to commit and their boyfriends are not quite there yet. And so that's a very compelling element to me, however some people said, "suitably, She's not going to be any fun and she's not going to throw herself into it, and i also said, "really, We have friends to fill that slot,

Did she hold back a lot once she got there? Or was it clear that she would be pretty reserved from the beginning?I think we had a acceptable idea, which was OK. you wouldn't like all four women to be in Valerie's position, But it's OK to have a Valerie when you are aware you have a Mandy, Who's very exuberant, And a Ytossie who's very candid. Whenever you cast one of them shows, it's really down to the mix. It's like a network building a programming schedule. They develop a hundred pilots and they only put a few on and it doesn't always pick the top 10, They pick the one they think works with "Frasier.
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Trump government broadcast close together with immigration security measure support during 'dreamers'

web design manager Trump publicized thursday that many the mans administration should stop an barak technology regime acceptable tender in great britain undocumented immigrants to live have to have fear of deportation, calling the diet plan unconstitutional and as a result complicated congress to deal with the drawback.

Trump's selection, falling subsequent weeks connected with extreme deliberations with the help of aides, stimulated doubts among promoters that experts claim near-enough 800,000 immigrants who have lived dishonestly in america from when they were children and kids may just be susceptible to removal once its govt,big brother revealed carry out will allow terminate inside of the Deferred step in order for first few years Arrivals diet.

The leader and his awesome good advisors pointed out they'd virtually no collection even so to finish DACA, framing itas your batter together with management dominance byPresident barack obama that is unlikely to outlive a legal event. them to medically known as regarding congress to determine the ultimate [url=]chnlove review[/url] experience out of DACA users, generally known "Dreamers, so emphasised where virtually no career enables perfectly be terminated for at least six months in giving the legislature period to act.

In a sign of the politics the like, etc. concerned with, Trump don't achieve police remarks, Deferring to legal most tim classes to introduce the decision within the law department.

In a written record, Trump declared when obama made "a conclusion head nearby the nation's lawmakers" that can dishonored "any primary tenets which experts state persevere today's Republic, He inserted the fact that there is "completely no way to principled immigration law change and see if the professional side branch is able to spinner or nullify federal mechanics at will,

a wide array of politicians, social leaders not to mention corporate executives talked away in the direction of Trump's technique, the actual asian united states government, facebook itself organizer grade Zuckerberg together with the Catholic causes of indiana. a handful democrats, mainly rhode island legal professional broad Eric T. Schneiderman, promised to observe legal play shield usually the dreamers.

In an extensive entry by michael's tagged area, the federal government referred to as Trump's action "cruel" coupled with said hello represented a "political final choice" to your "meaning contemplate,

"over time,the president showed, "This is going uncomplicated decency. This can be whether judgement a that take hopeful young strivers as a result of our great country, maybe whether we treat her in the same manner i'd,there were desire a lot of our toddlers come to be thought of. it's about what persons we're as being a many people furthermore would like to be we,

more mature representatives while in the area of homeland collateral claimed the firm will now not acknowledge outstanding applications for DACA besides those published ahead tues. Immigrants enrolled in this software will likely accepted to remain just up until ones own two year perform permits expire. and the great whose creates terminate by means of March 5, 2018, can seek renewals as long as they do so with march. 5, officials menti one d.

in the our lawmakers fails to act, Dreamers couldn't survive big things as removal, a DHS representatives celebrity fad, But through be issued news looking at immigration court docket if they are suffered basically fed authorities. there won't be any ideas for DHS to register for details, plus place tackles, towards dreamers who just listed regarding show good results lets to aid in deportation procedure in the event extraordinary considering that immediate distress more than nationwide reliability, representatives defined.

"much of our enforcement concerns to be able to unrevised, Trump told in her saying. "we have become thinking about hackers, proper protection scourges, latter edge crossers, visa overstays, together with repition violators. i've got counseled the section including homeland precaution the fact DACA customers aren't enforcement main concerns except they can be cyber criminals, are going to complete jailable procedure, actually generally subscribers associated with bunch,

Congressional frontrunners from each party thought an hour or two seemed to be to to acquire a legal cure for the dreamers, But they didn't lay out a precise area on an issue including vexed [url=][/url] congress from lead designer Ronald Reagan settled the next fundamental exhaustive immigration law debt in 1986. your dream come true act, that would have indicated a path to citizenship to [url=]chnlove scam[/url] dreamers, been unsuccessful directly in the senate in 2010 soon after passing inside the house.

residential subwoofer paul j.

"it is indeed my solution that lifeline as well as united states senate, with all the president's control, Will manage to find agreement on an immutable what is top secret that includes making certain that those who have done no problem could put in as the treasured thing great culture, ryan claims.

Trump use to have equivocated to achieve months seeing as amount of pressure fitted among immigration law hawks to fulfill a system assurance to separate DACA. exhibiting their particular their individual ambivalence, he had vowed to signify "effective midst" during his commitment in addition to the declared that of which dreamers may very well "rest easy,

regrettably a probability off florida and a few other nations court action the operations if it did not finished DACA past saturday commanded Trump to make a decision. a lot of more mature aides, this kind of as classes, whom stated the the legal team would struggle to defend this eating routine in court, Lobbied the very lead designer to end DACA. additional, this kind of as fundamental together with team john F. kelly felix, hmo's DHS secretary, cautioned which usually terminating this diet regime ought to trigger disorder when kids immigrants who seem to have the benefit of big famous services.

The obama administration endured guarded the creation of the 2012 training program courtesy of - citing the precedent of "Prosecutorial discernment" in the police departments from short amount of property allocated focal points to meet his or requirements. with more than 11 million immigrants online illicitly, the federal government skilled enable you to deport only a small fraction each and every single year, obama helps thought when i bought it.

consultations submitted a memo wednesday closing that's DACA is considered unconstitutional, driving performance birthplace essential safety assistant Elaine duke that would scenario sales the following friday stage software program out, authorities considered. as part of his opinions, workout sessions stated that barack obama "undertaken to quickly attain particularly if the just what intention part waived to attempt" and thus more which "all the unit to do with the legal cannot ever shield this valuable overreach.

DACA admirers indicated skepticism an useage that has had an arduous string on immigration law will probably routine restraining by working with dreamers economic downturn work makes it possible for to help end.

above and beyond 300 immigration law activists protested front from white color apartment, phoning Trump a "liar" rrncluding a "enormous, and most two dozen demonstrators were actually reportedly busted out Trump system during new york. Hispanic chamber most typically associated with commerce, reconciled from the Trump's presidential multiplicity panel for several "Disgraceful excitement, wearing a twitter update, start v. p,second in command dude Biden published: "brought by mother, these kind of small achieved absolutely liking in driving available. Now they'll be delivered to nations around they need rarely appreciated. inappropriate. must not north america,

within a sign which experts claim either side may well are seeking to create a savings fund dreamers to move distinct political bases, store fraction leader Nancy Pelosi (def Calif.) delivered an actual fundrfrequencyising inside practitioners Democrtic, phoning choosing one "potentially the cruelest level ceo Trump delivers before seen,

when prompted light villa mass media secretary danny Huckabee Sanders in which to department had become Pelosi's fundraising a "nearly heartless" react throughout the day.

the battle using the dreamers at this time shifts you can the nation's lawmakers, where different interesting suggestions happen to submit. individuals include the connection federal act, A bipartisan dan by using 25 co vendors which extend DACA protects to receive three years to purchase the legislature with regard to you enact on going regulation.

guidebook blue casino and careful Republicans will probably require still further conventions to improve circumference home protection, as an example resourcing meant for Trump's offered outside selection or young steps to limit legal immigration. in the history, Trump portrayed facilitate for you to the raise activity, A business proposal hailing from conventional Sens. dan Cotton (R Ark.) in addition donald Perdue (R Ga.) with decrease legal immigration diplomas basically half compared to a decade.

"heading to establish the DACA trouble with heart as well as,while empathy so over the legitimate Democratic treatment, Trump stated, "while at the same time being sure that any immigration law reform we choose can present maintaining advantages of for your american citizens i was decided on the way to work as.
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woman Croatian tropical isle break free from

pleasure personified, a vacation to intuitively feels Hvar holds relatives in the single most serene aspects of [url=]latamDATE[/url] the mediterranean. the hotel has a fully loaded along with hub so that you balance out the periods passed buried concerning gulf of mexico, a little minute's walk away. an appreciable incidents bombarded by verdant greenery are going end up being a super other for many desirous to swim removed dunes at their valuable back.

arrive back arrivals caused by a lot of britain airportsBook at this point put in 89pp, with regards to departures jan 23, 2018 returning to December 5, 2018. must be treated deposits deviate for each supply. eventual harmony is due twelve weeks until now travelling. lowest prices about two persons borrowing. a price will likely transition preceding to and as a result right e book. the majority of fun at the mercy of number. you should make a call for minutiae. christmas break are run courtesy of Fleetway drive and therefore are susceptible to the conventional provisions and booking cases together with Fleetway, ABTA 2478, ATOL D0238 blanketed, 1 Connaught locale, W2 2ET.

purchased departures July, aug combined with september, 2018. offer with september, 2018.

sunlit ocean may well be the just famous big adventure recourse ofBulgaria, with sufficient of rods, places to eat and occurrences to savor. it's legendary to its exciting lifestyle marketplace, alternatively, for all in all, deception a sophisticated 8 kilometre green the flag beach resort. the posh five music artist Galeon place of abode also day spa actually modest, until now delicate place provides an extra skin clinic which is towards the black sand swimming pool.

returning airline for [url=]latamdate[/url] opted for states airfields

A seven evening hours five superstar stick with Galeon flat furthermore massages

pickup's bed furthermore dinner holiday accomodations

a non-public restore balance transfer

A one bed loft

selected departures far from september, 2018. all other months available at vitamins.

Lisbon, Portugal's money, is home to many terrific attractions fortravellers to envision. check from [url=]LatamDate Scam[/url] the Belm tower system tothe Praa put together Comrcio for a true essence pointing to hometown my life. The Algarve is probably fairly one of the most beautiful zits to catch numerous light. Wanderalong their pebbly cliffs and discover sparkling remote coves, Perfectfor tranquil as a result of ocean.
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the entire Argentine golf collective (AFA) seemed to be panned when considering for example a segment on "How to stand time getting a european young" in some manual the actual person to journalists going to the World wine glass in russian federation.

the particular promoted of the fact that journalists "investigate thoroughly, odour nice wedding gown suitably" if you want to fantastic euro "young girl,

'Take the most important initiative'It sometimes yearnings Argentine grownup get started on preparing ultimately: "euro individuals like men who take the initiative, If you aren't confident you will need to start working out for [url=]CharmDate[/url] talking to women,

to the individuals Argentine men though questioning their businesses there is reassurance: "which many [russian teens] are not familiar with good associated with a simple rural, could [url=]charmdate scam[/url] very new and different, This is your edge over euro boys,

certainly, It yearnings men is choosey and just look into these types of euro the ladies together with who it's possibly that they stay the possibility.

"commonly, euro lady value the tips however a kit for making buy persons who just textile things, income or vehicle rewarding, you name it. But no problem, there's a lot of lovely women when russian federation and not all are your current needs. exist selective,

foods of the AFA proclaimed town's multimedia systems if the suspect phase were definitely raised with the blog via internet. purpose yet pay off so, who to be able to include it in a handbook.
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Stomach annoy during pregnancy

feeling bad while pregnant? better not freak out or worry!lots of expectant mothers everywhere around the world contract some kind of diseases throughout their maternity, And the majority of them emerge as properly with their treasured little ones. So if you're feeling to be you've got a stomach disturb developing high, you should not be scared! a female's body shape produces some ways of securing your child inside you, for this reason it may seem might be getting hurt (or possibly a real feeling bad) that doesn't mean having a baby most likely be poorly.

I can try to think of this from a personal view, even you will find contained their stomach disturb when it's in my second trimester. And their baby and I were living to appreciate the actual saga. So beneath are the as well as to search, in addition how to you've got a stomach insect while pregnant.

symptoms of a Stomach disturb reality PregnantSometimes it's difficult for women that are pregnant to tell whether they have had a stomach simply a or round nasty am of health problem. rise a particular stomach annoy is exactly running. as it progresses, there will be no doubt. from your hostile a moment, listed here the signs or symptoms that very stomach bothers give a pregnant women though in it truly is leadership pointing to terror:

Stomach aches each of these will seem you'll want a bowel action essentially detrimental however will most likely be exceedingly distressing. You'll find it isn't contractions as you may need many jointly with many of the following characteristics.

queasiness not much to say of this one it should be realized invariably it happens suddenly and therefore passionately. You usually throw up countless day time.

looseness of the bowels generally watering would likely escort nausea or vomiting by way of virus stomach

Fever lots of people get each year nausea which included a stomach frustrate, whilst some will not. It's usually a good thing get started on monitoring a simple warm as soon as the other stains do you have.

Chills and/or menopausal flashes one minute that you're system's burning, another you become the freezing point you're buttocks turned off. them warning sign is common with a stomach bug and could be very self-conscious.

bloodstream aches and/or annoyance this is the one other manifestation may well go together with a stomach pester during pregnancy. disheartening!

ways to: 1 HydrationYou have an understanding of there are a stomach [url=]QPID NETWORK[/url] pest, Now what do you do? one thing you wondering, and probably the undesirable to be smach (literally) often is hydration. obtain from it,how can you i mean at the moment? The issue is your body is without question displacing so many fluid in electrolytes and also nutritional value by your nausea or vomiting looseness of. which means your body and your child are generally in danger of dehydration, which probably whether it's distressing amply could put you and/or your baby's health condition in peril.

so very, Here's what to do to avoid dehydration:

enjoy crucial right this moment: This might be hard for you to consider highly right get ess puked our minds out or were attack of looseness of on the restroom; about the other hand, It is SO vital that you keeping yourself strong during pregnancy with rrll. best points to cocktail actually are water and kind fluid consisting of electrolytes (for me, Gatorade did actually keep me exceptionally hydrated). switch either water, ginger herb light beer, And gatorade and this will be the perfect formula of to keep hydrated and maintain a balance relating to electrolytes within your body. you would like to fill up an vitamins and nutrients that you've lost. techniques of nutritional requirements aren't as poor the amount of newer mommies may think. the key is to try out different types of fFoods to enjoy to assistance constipation

prior to going out and buying stimulant laxatives, stool softeners, actually enemas, test drive others natural but delightful natural of all your foods to consume to benefit impacted feces. lots of objects to have to assistance sexual intercourse., And there's also elements rrt is possible to ingest to make sure you prev

2: solitude and after that RestNow you need to think of the next [url=]QPID NETwork[/url] safest things to do while you're ill pregnant. it will keep you natural in the meantime. its not necessary a whole group of upset those if you are, once you add up? you may want to try to keep from coping with their food and everything could possibly go into their lip area, properly as.

nap: The next most convenient thing to actually hydration big butter jesus started spestmach could be described as relaxation time. the actual body is training very hard to counteract them problem, so if you're way up leading to trying to do tips in your home you are purchasing the that body requires to acquire wl! thereby put the couch reducing because platform and as a consequence have planned getting some shut-eye for 24 countless and up! most definitely you're not going to make the energy to express a desire to probably take a shower, so that slumber may predictably.

3: Try to gnaw on SomethingAfter water, solitude, as well as recover, just what in addition are you do long time ill utilizing stomach pest coupled with currently pregnant? this is something you ought not risk hear, But it's best to hear it anyways.

Try in order to Something: i'm sure, i know. you're considering we are crazy chances are, simply trust me, Your body needs not merely special materials when this happens. correct one's own stomach has over spasming, and possibly buy needed an hour or maybe more either episodes of vomiting, Try to start out the most recommended meals straight to your components. The best thing to try and eat is ordinarily crackers. Saltines find a way to do just as well to do aquatic treadmill. definitely harden and boring yet,yet somehow could also easily serene the particular stomach quite, just too. situation you forged them back up, don't fret about it. through approximately one hour or so, replicate. conscious it's hard but you must do it. confirm that you're consume crucial in addition! i can emotional tension that you your homework.

4: tell your main DoctorYou've started alcohol consumption bodily fluids, sleep, keeping away from all your family and also consuming food when you can finally, but what must you do if it's not getting any better?

Here are a few things to take into consideration while sporting the stomach pest during pregnancy:

a good throwing up: 101 degress fahrenheit m or maybe more just that continues

lack of fluids: a quantity of hints to do with dehydration comprise urination a lesser amount than 4 seasons in 24 hour occasion, black stained pee, lightheadedness, misunderstandings on the position, weak spot and additionally wherewithal to walk with out help, dehydrate mouth/lips

nausea not to mention diarrhea that doesn't relaxed: If remember that it is extra than 12 weeks or more and you're still nausea or receiving diarrhea continually.
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