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Election Resources Leading To Informed Decisions

The Hamilton Civic League is pleased to share a variety of election resources to assist residents to make informed decisions on Election Day, Oct 27th. Please consider sharing this information to encourage your network of contacts to vote and to provide them with full access to the following resources.

We have declared October 27th as Take Your Parents To Vote Day and have produced both English and French versions of our video. The video has been widely distributed through our Twitter account, @HamCivicLeague using #TYPTVD.

The results of our 2013/2014 Values & Priorities Survey are now posted at Click on any question or graph and then scroll to the bottom to add your comments. How do your values and priorities compare to those of the 1550 survey participants? How do the results compare to the major planning and spending decisions made by your Councillor?

1060 residents submitted ideas to improve our city through the Values & Priorities Survey. The ideas are posted at, where they can be searched based on theme or keyword.  Want to know what people are thinking about term limits, tasers, taxes or transportation? … just type in the keyword and review the related comments that appear.

A list of Mayoral and Councillor candidates is posted at A list of School Board Trustee candidates is posted at In both cases, clicking on a candidate’s name will provide access to their profile and provide residents with an opportunity to submit comments. What knowledge or comments would you like to share about the candidates? We are continuing to update profiles, so please feel free to forward missing information.

The People’s Platform is a visioning process involving residents across Hamilton from Flamborough to Winona. How will your vision and platform compare to those of the candidates? Check in the weeks ahead as we ask all candidates to complete a questionnaire and then measure their responses to the People’s Platform. is running a series of articles that compare the voting records of Mayoral candidates Clark, Eisenberg, and McHattie. Learn about the spending priorities of these three candidates through this resource. CATCH has also provided us with access to their data and we are currently developing a searchable database of Councillor voting records. This data will be posted soon.

Additional voter resources are posted at These include The Spectator’s SpecVotes, Cable 14’s Election Debates, Raise The Hammer, The Hamiltonian,, Bay Observer, Hamilton CATCH and People’s Platform. Please let us know if we have missed any resources that should be posted on our website.

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