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Q20 : Farmland around the City should be preserved


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  • The AEGD, Airport Employment Growth District, also known as the Aerotropolis was approved by Council just ahead of the 2010 municipal election. It represents the single largest urban boundary expansion in our history and increases the size of the city by approximately 20%. A shortage of available industrial lands was cited as the reason for approving this mega-project. Organizations and residents challenged the project at the OMB but the plan was approved. When fully implemented, the project is estimated to generate $50 million dollars in taxes per year. Taxpayers however will be on the hook to provide services throughout the expanded urban boundary. In general, the City spends approximately $3.5 million dollars per day. A fully implemented AEGD will only generate 15 days worth of spending at City Hall. Was the loss of thousands of acres of farmland worth covering 15 days of spending at City Hall? The OMB hearings are entering phase 3 immediately after the 2014 municipal election during which time landowners (developers) will have an opportunity to argue that their lands are better suited for residential development. Council promised us that residential development would not be permitted within the AEGD, however that decision is now in the hands of the OMB. A newly elected Council may not be able to reverse the decision to approve the AEGD, however they can set spending priorities and choose not to spend a dime on the AEGD. Did your councillor approve the AEGD?

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