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Q04 : Hamilton City Employee Salary, Wages and Benefits

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  • Since amalgamation, compensation at City Hall has increased at a much higher rate than inflation and population growth combined. These increases were approved by the majority of council, year after year. The 2014 budget identified $720 million dollars for Employee Related Costs (ERCs) which include salaries, wages, benefits and pensions. With approximately 7200 Full-Time Employees (FTEs), the cost to taxpayers averages out to $100,000.00 per employee. We know seasonal staff earn minimum wage and that many front-line employees earn far less than the $100,000.00 average. How much are we paying senior staff and managers and how many of these people do we employ? If the average cost of an employee was reduced to $90,000.00, we could hire 800 more employees without increasing taxes.

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