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Hamiltonians Democravise!

The Hamilton Civic League (HCL) is crowdsourcing questions for our 2013 Community Values & Priorities Survey. HCL has partnered with Democravise, a Hamilton-based company with an online solution that permits users to pose new questions and to vote up questions to appear on the final survey.

The City of Hamilton attempted a similar initiative to determine spending priorities when it contracted Ottawa based, Dialogue Partners to conduct a survey at a reported cost to Hamilton taxpayers of $376K. That effort fizzled when credibility for the project was lost during the initial implementation phase. In contrast, the HCL/Democravise partnership gives ownership of the project to participating Hamiltonians and is absolutely free.

Results from the Values & Priorities Survey will be used as an accountability tool when compared to the voting records of our Council. When a similar process was followed in Guelph back in 2006, voters learned that their Council had not been voting along widely held community values and priorities and the subsequent election witnessed the majority of Councillors and the Mayor replaced.

Hamiltonians without access to the internet are welcome to mail survey questions to the Hamilton Civic League, 17 Head St., Hamilton ON L8R 1P8.

1 comment to Hamiltonians Democravise!

  • Adrian Hodgson

    great survey, this is a great use of technology for the greater good.

    A few of the terms in the survey could have used a definition (i.e.: REVITALIZE: this term could be used for non-beneficial/unethical/unrepresentative development projects too!)

    Also: regarding the question “…is it important to…CAPITALIZE on new immigrants, new Canadians….”. I would have used the term VALUE because it does not limit our value to capitalization.)

    Also: the police taser question should be broken up because I do not support dangerous/deadly weapon use (taser, gun, baton, sound cannon, chemical gas, water cannon, tank, rubber bullet…) at all but would surely insist on training if a taser were to be utilized by the police.

    Thank you for asking my opinion.

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