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Throwing Your Money Into Garbage

Aerotropolis Update – We are VERY close to the 200 signature point for the Aerotropolis petition. Please take a few moments from your Family Day to forward this email to family, friends and colleagues and ask them to sign the petition today. With your help, we will continue to build awareness and momentum to direct Council to abandon the 500 million dollar Aerotropolis. Approximately 40 people recently registered as participants for the Aerotropolis OMB hearings and the deadline to do so has been extended to mid April. An opportunity to learn more about taking on participant status will be offered soon.

A campaign for a Flouride-Free Hamilton is now underway. Please visit the website for details.

The Hamilton Civic League meets 7 pm, Tuesday, February 21st at Homegrown Hamilton, 27 King William St, Hamilton. lawn signs are now available at our meetings. They can also be picked up at Volunteer Hamilton at 267 King St East.

The following message is from our friends at Environment Hamilton.

Let Your City Councillors Know How You Feel About the Garbage Issue!

Before February 21st, we need YOU to call or email the mayor and your ward councillor to let them know that you want a ‘2 bags every 2 weeks’ waste collection system for Hamilton!   Note that we are talking about a ‘2 bags every 2 weeks’ approach for waste (the stuff that can’t be recycled or composted) and that we support weekly pick-up of recycling and organic waste via the blue box and green bin.  

At Environment Hamilton, we are concerned about the direction some city councillors are trying to take our waste management system.  A motion put forward by Councillor Whitehead and seconded by Councillor Jackson would see the bag limit for garbage INCREASED TO 2 BAGS EVERY WEEK and garbage collection continue on a weekly schedule.

We believe their motion will take us backwards, creating a system that is more costly to implement, won’t increase waste diversion levels, and will reduce the life of our landfill.  That motion will be considered at the Tuesday, February 21st General Issues Committee meeting.  Click here to read the mo tion.

So, please, take two minutes to call or email and indicate that you believe Hamilton needs a ‘2 BAGS EVERY TWO WEEKS’ waste collection system.  We’ve included a list below of the key reasons why this is the right thing to do.  Feel free to mention any of these in your call or email to our municipal politicians.  And tell your friends, family and neighbours – anyone you know in Hamilton who wants an environmentally friendly, cost efficient waste system, to do the same!

Click here for telephone numbers and email addresses for the mayor and city council members.  

If you’re not sure which ward you’re in, click here to view a map showing the city’s ward boundaries.  

Here’s why we need to demand the city adopt a ‘2 bags every 2 weeks’ system for our non-recyclable, non-organic garbage:

  •     It will lead to increased diversion rates – 2 bags every 2 weeks will increase the diversion of waste from landfill by 6% or more.  Other municipalities have found that picking up garbage every two weeks encourages residents to use their green bins and blue boxes – which are still picked up every week – more extensively.
  •     It will maximize the life of our landfill – The increased diversion rates that come with bi-weekly garbage collection will extend the life of the Glanbrook Landfill by 4 to 8 years.  The costs associated with siting, securing approvals, and building a new landfill or incinerator are exorbitant and a new facility would impose new environmental impacts.
  •     The cost to taxpayers is less – The cost for a 2 bags every 2 weeks system is almost $1 million dollars less per year than the 2 bags every week proposal being promoted by Councillors Whitehead and Jackson.  Over a 7-year contract with a private collector, this is a significant cost to taxpayers.  
  •     It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions – 2 bags every 2 weeks means fewer garbage trucks on the road and reduced levels of emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants from these trucks.

    The majority of Hamilton households are already complying with 2 bags every 2 weeks – City staff have collected information confirming that 99% of single family homes in the city are complying with the one garbage bag per week limit.   Hamiltonians have demonstrated that we are ready and capable of responsibly managing our household waste!  In fact, many single family residences are already achieving diversion rates of >85% through participation in the city’s green b in, blue box and yard waste diversion programs.  

Let’s encourage Council to stop throwing our money into garbage. Recycling and green bin collection will continue weekly but Let’s Call City Hall to tell our Councillors to support two garbage bags every two weeks to save taxpayers millions of dollars over the next seven years. If you have contacted City Hall about this issue in the past, please make contact again to reinforce your message at this critical point in time.

Call 905-546-CITY (2489) during regular business hours. (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm).

Call 905-546-2730 outside regular business hours. (Councillors’ reception).

You can also tweet “Two bags every two weeks. Don’t throw our money into garbage! LetsCallCityHall” to individual Councillors.

You can also send an email to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Send an email to to confirm you contacted City Hall. We will update the LetsCallCityHall website with the number of calls confirmed. The Hamilton Civic League welcomes proposals for future Let’s Call City Hall campaigns. Pick up a free lawn sign at Volunteer Hamilton or at an upcoming Hamilton Civic League meeting.

Join / re-join the Hamilton Civic League to guarantee receipt of future updates and please forward this email to extend our invitation of free 2012 membership to your family and friends.

Best regards,

Larry Pomerantz

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